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Authentic Tahitian Noni Juice expands your health naturally.

(This site has disappeared.)

This person came to my attention when she posted the following message to the Usenet newsgroup

From: Anne from Australia
Subject: Australian Aboriginals Eat Noni Fruit
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 19:15:02 -0700

Australian aboriginals traditionally eat one whole Noni fruit to treat asthma, coughs, the common cold and similar symptoms. According to their experiences noni fruit was the best natural treatment to alleviate these and other symptoms...

Ever heard of Noni Fruit? I hadn't heard of Noni until a friend of mine showed me some literature just about a year ago. Since I have read lots of stuff about what Noni Fruit is and how it works in the body to help treat many diseases naturally.

So what is so special about Noni Fruit? Noni is an evergreen shrub (small tree) that produces fleshy fruit called noni fruit. The plant is widely distributed throughout Asia Pacific including Hawaii and Polynesia and down to the regions of northern Australia. It is the juice of the noni fruit which possesses the most valuable healing elements. Noni contains over 140 natural active ingredients (or nutraceuticals) which makes it one of the most effective natural herbal remedies known to man.

Some of the most important nutraceuticals in it are: – <i>Scopoletin</i> which helps open up constricted blood vessels thus lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation – <i>Xeronine and Proxeronine</i> which are excellent for sluggish digestion. – <i>Anthraquinones</i> which gently stimulate the large intestine to help constipation. – <i>Natural antihistamine</i> – <i>Damnacanthal</i> which inhibits the development of certain cells that are the precursor cells to some types of malignant cells (cancerous).

The list goes on and on. I can't begin to tell you all about the goodness in noni fruit. For further information you can visit the following URL <a href="http://"></a> or you can email me and I will share with you the knowledge and experience I have on this herb.

I have witnessed this natural medicine work successfully to eradicate many problems. I am not a medical practitioner nor a naturopath. But I am a consumer of Noni Fruit Juice and have made a commitment to promote its health benefits to everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Posting this sort of apparently innocuous messages to newsgroups and mailing lists is one of the hallmarks of spammers and purveyors of quackery. They pretend to be offering unsolicited testimonials when they are, in reality, just advertising their products. When you go to the site, you just happen to find somewhere where you can buy the stuff, and, either by remarkable coincidence or enormous generosity, the domain name of the site just happens to match that of the person sending the message.

When challenged and told that the newsgroup was not for advertising, she replied:

You are right, this is a News group, and I believe Noni fruit is a newsworthy topic worth sharing with anyone interested in the latest findings in alternative health.

In my original posting, I did not mention a brand name associated with Noni, nor have I suggested anyone can buy it from me. What I do offer is my knowledge and firsthand experiences with this fruit. That is all.

How can anyone can claim that sending someone to a website belonging to the writer is not suggesting where to buy the stuff? I suppose you just have to redefine "truth" when you get into the multi-level marketing scam business.

See Morinda Tahitian Noni® Juice & Noni Products Information for another example of "innocent abroad" deceitful marketing. By coincidence, it is selling exactly the same product.


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