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November 3, 2000

Apology (3/11/2000)
No, I am not apologising for anything I have said or done here. Don't be silly! I am apologising in advance because this site may not be updated for the next two weeks. I am going to the Cyberhate conference and the World Skeptics' Convention so time will be a bit tight. Of course, if I come across a particularly egregious site or there is an unusual paroxysm of harassment, I will make the effort to report it.

My Tribute Web Site (3/11/2000)
A new web site has been created to tell the world about me and my perfidy. You can see it by clicking on the button:

Not here yet!!!

Oops! It looks like there is nothing there. It must be like the two previous sites that have been announced by Mr O'Neill and the Gutless Anonymous Liar.

Attention, cancer curers (3/11/2000)
The Nobel Prizes for 2000 have been announced, but there is plenty of time to get in for the 2001 awards. Anyone who can cure cancer is guaranteed fame and fortune, so why not have a go at The Cancer 100 Challenge? Just pass this simple test and I will help with the Nobel paperwork and make sure your nomination gets into the right hands. What have you got to lose? You can cure cancer, can't you?

Another competition (3/11/2000)
Back in September, someone pretending (not at all convincingly) to be Dr Stephen Barrett advised a supporter of mine to "don't bogart that joint!". I will give a small prize to the person who submits the best short story (no more than 50 words) using this expression, to be emailed to me by 30 November, 2000. Please keep entries suitable for publishing on a family web site.
(Normal competition rules apply – judges' decision is final, no correspondence entered into, not valid where not legal, etc.)

The 99 names of …

"99 Names" update (3/11/2000)
Mr O'Neill has exceeded all expectations and has now created forty-two kindergarten versions of my name. (You can find them at various places in the CCRG Correspondence File). I had said that if he got to thirty I would think about making coffee mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads with the list of names on them. I hope he stops soon or I will have to do barrels, car covers and throw rugs instead.

November 13, 2000

"Start spreadin' the news, I'm NOT leavin' today" (13/11/2000)
In response to yet more announcements that The Millenium Project is closing its doors, more mirror sites have been created. This site is now on nine servers and will be on another two within the next week. One day the harassers will figure out that the more they lie about closing me down the more likely it is going to get that people will find all this stuff through the search engines.

Harassment update (13/11/2000)
This is fabulous! Suggestions have been made that The Millenium Project is under scrutiny from Internet hate-monitoring organisations. I received the following email, but somehow I don't think it came from Cyberwatch at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (I have a reasonable suspicion, though.) I will email the SWC (not at the address in the message, of course) and ask them about this. If it really is SWC, they might like to explain why they use a free (and anonymous) mailing service, the true nature of the "compliants", which other "juridictions" they informed, and who they spoke to in the Australian Federal "Poice". I notice it says that some users were "mildly disturbed". I don't think "mildly" is the right word here.

Date sent: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 19:09:00 -0800
Subject: Cyber Watch Notice

Dear Webmaster:

We are a Washington based internet watch service, providing support to users who have general concerns about the internet including, but not limited to, pornography, hate, violence, stalking, and harassment. We have formalized relationships with a variety of international agencies including government and police and actively liase with users and authorities.

We have received a number of compliants concerning the website from a number of users. These compliants ranged from users being mildly disturbed through to many expressing a need for legal action. We have reviewed the site in question and communicated to those who have complained and referred them to their respective juridictions for action. Given the domicile of the website, we have also forwarded these same complaints and our communications to the federal poice agency in your jurisdiction.

In the event you are no longer the webmaster for the site in question, please disregard this notice. In the event you would like further information concerning the complaints naming your website, or require any information, kindly email us.

Thank You

Cyber Watch

Get a Free Email, 15MB of Free Disk Space, Diary and Chat @

November 18, 2000

Why are they so frightened? (18/11/2000)
Something that has always puzzled me is why people who offer guaranteed cures for diseases like AIDS, diabetes and cancer are so frightened of anyone who speaks out against them. Surely, if they could do what they claim they can do, riches and fame beyond imagination would be theirs and any opposition would be ridiculed if not ignored. The really amazing thing is … (See the rest of this, and an amazing rant from a quack's PR man, by clicking here.)

Speaking of Tim Bolen and Hulda Clark… (18/11/2000)
Tim Bolen, PR flack for not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark, was awarded a free ticket to the World Skeptics Convention for his journalistic efforts. Unfortunately, Tim failed to show up and I had to eat two meals on the harbour cruise. In other Hulda news, someone said on a mailing list that the "N.D." in "Hulda Clark, N.D. PhD" stood for "Not Doctor" and attributed this observation to me. While I am flattered, it wasn't me that thought of this. I wish it had been, though.

Harassment update (18/11/2000)
The funniest thing I have received for some time has to be the claim from some anonymous clown that they were an organisation called "Cyber Watch" and were processing "compliants" about me. Join in the fun and read the nonsense on the Mailbox page. In other harassment news, Mr O'Neill has contributed a few items of drivel which can, as usual, be found in the CCRG Correspondence File.

Speaking of Christmas… (18/11/2000)
Don't forget the Millenium Bookshop, where you can buy excellent books exposing the nonsense targeted here. You can even buy some books by quacks, fools and liars if you like.

November 23, 2000

Merry Christmas, anti-vaccinationist liars (23/11/2000)
To make Christmas shopping easier for people who oppose vaccination, here is a picture of some useful gifts for children with polio.

Aids used by polio victims

Speaking of cancer quackery … (23/11/2000)
Here's what I think about another "cancer curer", Stanislaw Burzynski. Here is a web site where the tragic illness of a young boy is being used to create sympathy for quacks. Here is another advertisement for Burzynski which, even if true, preys on the grief parents could expect if they lose a child. Pardon me while I throw up.

Harassment update (23/11/2000)
Mr O'Neill has exceeded all expectations and has now created about fifty kindergarten versions of my name. (You can find them at various places in the CCRG Correspondence File).

November 26, 2000

NEWS FLASH: My tribute site (26/11/2000)
It's finally arrived! Mr O'Neill's tribute site to me has appeared, so now everyone can join in the fun. I announced it to the world's media a few minutes ago via the following media release. If you are new here and wonder what it is all about, everything is explained in the CCRG Correspondence File.

And the very next day it is gone (no, I didn't ask Tripod to remove it – it was just tooooo funny!), so it is lucky that I captured the tribute and you can see it right here.

Media Release 26 November 2000
for immediate release

Mr O'Neill Has finally delivered on one of his promises and the web site about me actually exists! That requires more exclamation points, so here they are!!!!!!!

It's at and it's fabulous. I haven't had time to read it all yet because I couldn't wait to share it with you, but if the rest is as good as the first page then I think we are looking at a masterpiece. Congratulations go to Mr O'Neill and all the CCRG web development team for the excellent effort.



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