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October 4, 2000

Another day, another threat … (4/10/2000)
Another CCRG faxMr O'Neill has sent me another fax demanding that I remove all mention of him from this site. Less than 24 hours before sending me the fax, he told me that "you wanna see hate...look into your fucking wife's eyes!.......". This is not a way to make someone sympathetic to your cause, so I can only say:


October 8, 2000

Mailbox update (8/10/2000)
I have revised the Mailbox page and archived some of the older messages. The latest mail includes a couple from someone who seems to have confused me with someone else and someone who accuses me hiding my identity but who does not provide theirs. "Irony" is not a method of getting the wrinkles out of shirts.

Speaking of mail … (8/10/2000)
Everyone who is a bit visible on the Internet gets some spam mail. I get my usual share of Viagra offers, get-rich-quick chain letters and links to places with sexy babes, but this week I got something completely different. Someone must have responded to one of those spams which offer a method of finding out everything about someone else, because I received an email with the title "Dear Cooking Enthusiast, The Chicken Rocket is Here !!" which started out by saying:

There is a new method to grilling chicken on your barbeque pit or cooking turkey in your oven and it is called "The Chicken Rocket". Launch you next barbeque by visiting:

I didn't read any further because it would have spoiled the mental picture I had of lighting the blue touch paper on the end of a NASA rocket and hosing a chicken with the exhaust flame.

I think mine is bigger than yours … (8/10/2000)
Someone wrote to me asking why I didn't like a site where people claim to be able to enlarge breasts and penises with hypnotism. I don't like them because they are liars, of course. Here it is.

October 14, 2000

Another conference (14/10/2000)
A conference called "Cyberhate: Bigotry and Prejudice on the Internet" will be held in Sydney, Australia, on 5 and 6 November 2000. Speakers will include Ken McVay of The Nizkor Holocaust Education Project and David Goldman of Hatewatch. Details about the conference can be found here.

News Flash: Nobel Committee gets it wrong again (14/10/2000)
It's Nobel Prize season again. I was a bit disappointed that the Physics award did not go to one of the inventors of free energy devices, but I was bewildered by the Physiology or Medicine prize. Instead of it going to one of the many people with a guaranteed cure for cancer, or even to a leading iridologist, acupuncturist or homeopath, the Committee chose to give the prize to three men for their discoveries concerning "signal transduction in the nervous system". Don't they know that chiropractors are the experts at this? In fact, one of the prize winners claims to know about Parkinson's Disease, but I heard just this week about a chiropractor who treats this very condition by twisting necks.

Speaking of prizes … (14/10/2000)
I'm still waiting for people with cures for cancer to take the Cancer 100 Challenge. I know it's too late for the 2000 Nobels, but there is plenty of time to get nominations in for next year. So come on Stan, Hulda, Sam and the others. Get those filing cabinets out and start winning.

A word of thanks (14/10/2000)
I would like to thank all the people who have written to me over the last few weeks with kind words and encouragement. Some even offered to contribute money if I needed to set up a legal defence fund (your money is safe). I try to answer all email, but I think I missed responding to a few. If you haven't received a reply, I apologise.

Harassment update (14/10/2000)
Shhh! They're all asleep. It's been more than a week since anybody has called me names, threatened to sue me or close this site down, or even promised to tell my friends about me. You can see what I am talking about by looking at the Mailbox page.

October 22, 2000

Censorship alert (22/10/2000)
It is again my unfortunate and anomalous duty to complain about the treatment of Dr Frederick Toben and his ghastly Adelaide Institute web site. The Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has ordered him to close the site and apologise to people he has offended. Dr Toben may be a daft buffoon for all I know (I have never met him), but all there is on the site is a collection of words. Dr Toben denies that the Holocaust happened (or at least that it happened in the manner and scale that most people think) and he is wrong, but closing his site will not stop people talking the way he does and will only make him look like a martyr.

Rulings of the HREOC are not enforceable at law, but this ruling will encourage people to use the Commission in attempts to silence critics rather than use what I believe to be more effective tactics such as highlighting their nonsense, ridicule, or even offering convincing counterarguments. I am often asked why I use this site to "publicise" things I don't like, and my answer is that the first step to combat something you don't like is to expose it to examination. As Mohamed Ali said, you "can't hit what [you] can't see".

Missing In Action (22/10/2000)
For some weeks now, I have been unable to access the web site at to read about how Hitler conspired with the Jews to create the political environment that allowed for the establishment of the state of Israel. Is anybody else having this problem, or is it just me? Also, the perverts at the North American Man/Boy Love Association still have the doors closed on their execrable site. This was done to protect themselves because some child rapist is in court claiming that he only molested children because the NAMBLA site told him how good it was. Come back, NAMBLA. All is unforgiven.

Harassment update (22/10/2000)
The regulars are having a sabbatical (or maybe the modem in the asylum is broken) and it has been over two weeks since anybody has called me names, threatened to sue me or close this site down, or even promised to tell my friends about me. There may be more coming, however, as Tim Bolen (winner of the ticket to the Skeptics Convention – see below) has emailed "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters" (including me) with a message that says "I want to again thank everyone for all of the information coming in. The "quackpot" file is getting huge, and almost ungainly. Team members are sorting and charting, and a new guidebook (first revision) outlining, and detailing, the conspiracy is underway. Website coming soon." I can't wait to see that website, Tim. I want to feature it here. Tim then went on to ask if anybody knew whether a couple of people were posting their anti-quackery stuff from work. Well, Tim, when I say "Hulda Clark is a fraud and a quack", I say it using an Internet connection paid for by my boss. You might like to contact him and complain. You can get the address from Mr William O'Neill. I think you know each other, because you once both wrote to me on the same day using almost the same words.

Speaking of Mr O'Neill … (22/10/2000)
The Canadian Government has a new Minister of Foreign Affairs (there is no Minister of External Affairs). Perhaps Mr O'Neill should send copies of his faxes about me to the current holder of the office, the Hon John Manley, in case the originals got lost in the handover.

October 27, 2000

That court case … (27/10/2000)
Followers of the saga at the CCRG Correspondence File may remember that Mr O'Neill claimed that I could not prove that it was him writing to me because an Australian court had ruled that IP addresses were not admissible as evidence. I have now located the relevant judgment and, while Mr O'Neill (or Mr O'Neill's lawyer) may have been mistaken about the names of the parties, the jurisdiction, and the content and intent of the judgment, at least he got the country right. You can read about Rindos v Hardwick here.

Speaking of court cases … (27/10/2000)
Where are all the court actions that have supposedly been commenced against me? Surely all those court officials can find me to give me the paperwork. I'm assuming that the law suits exist, of course, and that people were not lying about filing them.

The 99 names of …

Harassment update (27/10/2000)
Mr O'Neill has returned from wherever it was that he went to and is again making unsubstantiated statements about my health and financial status and my relationships with people in positions of authority or power. As is customary around here, all this is recorded in the CCRG Correspondence File. As he has now created more than thirty kindergarten versions of my name, I am looking for someone to make mouse mats, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Mr O'Neill has also created a web site devoted to me.

Speaking of web sites … (27/10/2000)
No Truth. No courage. No ValueMr O'Neill (using the pseudonym peterbowditch666) first said that he had created a web site for me on 26 March, but I never saw it. On 18 August, the Gutless Anonymous Liar also said that there was a tribute site to me out there somewhere. Again this has proved elusive (and I know how to use search engines). Now Mr O'Neill says there is another one. I eagerly await the discovery of the address of this site so I can feature it prominently right here on the front page. While I am waiting, I have created yet another mirror of The Millenium Project in response to yet another claim that the site is being closed down. That makes eight servers holding this site now, all out there in the major search engines.


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