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December 1, 2000

Merry Christmas, anti-vaccinationist liars (1/12/2000)
To make Christmas vacation planning easier for people who oppose vaccination, here is a picture of a holiday camp for children with polio.

What it was like for polio victims

Speaking of anti-vaccination liars … (1/12/2000)
Aren'tThey want your child to look like this. they vile? One of them said this on the Australian Vaccination Network's mailing list recently: "Wow, thanks so much for posting this! It's an invaluable article for our anti-vaccinations cause. I will print this out and take it with me to the doctors when I have to go in a few months". You might wonder what "this" is that was so invaluable. It was a news item that said:

"The Hunter Public Health Unit, in New South Wales, has confirmed a fatal case of whooping cough in a baby. It is the first confirmed death of a baby in the epidemic that has ravaged the state since mid-2000".

To these people the death of a baby from a preventable disease is "invaluable" for propaganda purposes. And you might wonder how the writer knew she was going to the doctor in "a few months". Well, that was when her child was due to be immunised and she was planning how to lie to get conscientious exemption. Conscientious? She wouldn't recognise a conscience if it bit her on the face.

But wait, there's more … (1/12/2000)
I awarded the 1999 Anus Maximus prize to not-a-medical-Dr Viera Scheibner for her claim that shaken baby syndrome was really caused by vaccination. You would think (and hope) that there wasn't room on this earth for another person so mad and evil, but I have found another one. It seems that this is the latest piece of folklore being peddled by the child killers. Why do these people hate children so much? Sane people want to know.

Harassment update (1/12/2000)
Things have been quiet lately. Maybe a new shipment of medication has come in. Highlights of the last couple of weeks are:

Cancer quackery update – they're still running (1/12/2000)
Those wonderful people with the cures for cancer are still failing to accept the Cancer 100 Challenge. It must be either that they are too shy to accept a Nobel Prize or they can't cure cancer. Of course, the fact that they are frightened of any criticism suggests that they can't back up their claims, and you can see an example of that naked fear here. While we are talking about cancer quackery, here's what I think about "cancer curer", Stanislaw Burzynski. Here is a web site where the tragic illness of a young boy is being used to create sympathy for quacks. Here is another advertisement for Burzynski which, even if true, preys on the grief parents could expect if they lose a child. Pardon me while I throw up.

December 8, 2000

Merry Christmas, anti-vaccination liars (8/12/2000)
For people who oppose vaccination who are looking for suggestions for pets to give as Christmas presents, here is a picture of a rabid skunk. If it bites your kids you will, of course, refuse the vaccine. The smell will also remind you of people who say that shaken baby syndrome is caused by vaccination.

My tribute sites (8/12/2000)
In a positive plethora of prolific praise for my personality, people have been prompted to produce pathetic pages about Peter. Please peruse this parcel of prurient prose:

Good news for AIDS patients (8/12/2000)
Not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark has beaten the rest of the world to a possible cure for AIDS. You can read about her appeal for people with AIDS to participate in a trial by clicking here. Bring your wallets and purses with you. In a strange example of deja vu, it was claiming a cure for AIDS that got not-a-medical-Dr Clark into trouble with the law back in 1993.

A new competition (8/12/2000)
The American Society for Microbiology has a page listing significant events in medicine over the last 125 years. (I know it starts in 1861 and that's 139 years, but …) As Chiropractic has been going for about that long and Homeopathy even longer, I invite members of those professions to provide similar lists of advances arising from research in their disciplines. A suitable prize will be awarded to the person who lists the most breakthroughs. Everyone else is invited to predict the results. Pick a number between zero and one …

Speaking of competitions … (8/12/2000)
The entries for the "don't bogart that joint" competition were universally awful, exceeded in badness only by ones I tried to write myself. I will publish the best of the worst here next week.

Detumescence update (8/12/2000)
The harassers (including Mr O'Neill of CCRG) have dropped the campaign to below even the level of Nuisance, but I would love to hear more from the cretin who told me: "stop hiting the bong and you'l be OKEY dokey!!! cut a load of YAKYAK horseshit by blowboy. flying the same old crapola, hoiw great the dooctros are. i like the ratbags part of your secret handle blowout you beloong in a pile of trash".

December 12, 2000

Special Announcement (12/12/2000)
No truth. No courage. No value.It's full moon and it looks like GAL is back!! Another gutless anonymous liar has appeared. Only time will tell if it's the same one, the one referred to with reverence and capital letters as the Gutless Anonymous Liar. The first couple of messages don't show the dramatic literary ability which came out in episode one, but there's a glimmer there. And GAL (or is that "gal"?), tell Guillaume at to fix his software. The \\\ is annoying. And "" is not a working email address and typing it in is not breaking my site.

Date sent: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 02:11:07 +0100
Subject: Time to review your code!
From: "" <>

You are a complete sphincter! Once it was the eyes are a relection of the soul. And, now it\\\'s your web site is a reflection of your soul! You are so fucked up!

Here\\\'s the litmus test: Show your site to your kids and your wife.

By the way, your site has been broken…check the code. (how we\\\'re able to use your email address!)

December 15, 2000

Coming up to Christmas (15/12/2000)
There may not be an update to The Millenium Project next week because the staff want to go home and talk to their families. Doubtlessly, some idiot will announce that I've given up, but he will be wrong. I will be back before the end of the year with the 2000 Millenium Awards (see last year's here). In the meantime, don't forget the Millenium Bookshop, where you can buy excellent books exposing the nonsense targeted here. I wish everyone a happy whatever it is that you want to celebrate at this time of year. Drive safely, drink safely, and do them on different days.

Merry Christmas, anti-vaccination liars (15/12/2000)
To make Christmas shopping easier for people who oppose vaccination, you can get this excellent antique sign for the kids' bedroom door at eBay. You don't really need the sign, of course, because you can hear them coughing even with the door closed.

Harassment update (15/12/2000)
It is appropriate that in the week following the twentieth anniversary of the murder of John Lennon we should be reminded of John's words: "Strange days indeed". It seems that the Gutless Anonymous Liar has done the resurrection shuffle, although it is merely a pale shadow of its earlier incarnation. You can see the new stuff here. In really strange matters, though, I have been unsubscribed from a newsletter called "High-Voltage Personal Defense" which deals with stun guns, pepper sprays, and spy products. I didn't know I was even a subscriber, and I know someone else who got the same message and, remarkably, had the same subscription details as me. Weird. Also, someone downloaded some software and gave the vendor my email address. I got the unlock and registration codes. I assume (and hope) they got the credit card charges.

My tribute sites (15/12/2000)
In a positive plethora of prolific praise for my personality, people have been prompted to produce pathetic pages about Peter. Please peruse this parcel of prurient prose on the Tribute page.

Speaking of tributes … (15/12/2000)
Arch netloon John Hammell has told the world that my friends and I

"are in constant communication with the FDA, and the FDA's international counterparts which are all networked via the UN's International Council on Drug Regulating Authorities- which is run directly by the Council- the Illuminati- the small group who seek total control of our lives and who are pushing very hard now to impose a dictatorial world government on us via the UN, whose chief is Satan, the father of lies- who is making a major bid right now to control all of our souls as he seeks to force us into a microchipped, psychocivilized society under mind control".

Thanks, John

Speaking of competitions … (15/12/2000)
In September, a correspondent told me "don't bogart that joint". As this meant less than nothing, I asked people to send short stories containing the expression. The entries below are better than the ones I wrote myself, but only just. One writer chose anonymity and I will extend that courtesy to the others. None of us should give up our day jobs.

Guru MisMas died while smoking a cigar he had made of $1,000 bills to celebrate his profitable cancer cure scam. Down to Hell he fell, doomed to an eternity of sucking poisonous gases from his ill-gotten gains. He landed next to H. W. Mudgett, famous asphyxiator, who saw the cigar and wheezed, "Don't bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me!"

Scene: a college dorm:
Tommy Lee: "I will become a famous actor!"
Algore: I will become President!"
Tommy Lee, laughing: "Al, don't bogart that joint. Pass it over to me."

Like I said, I'm a private dick. I was about to introduce Bugsy to one of my best friends: my Colt .45. As for my other best friend, I didn't think my bottle of scotch would like Bugsy. I tended to agree.

Just then, a goon burst through the door and practiced for his chiropractic degree by playing my spine like a xylophone.

"I'm gonna play you again, Sam Spade, " growled the goon. "Especially the upper cervical region."

Just then, a rag-tag band of snake-oil vigillantees burst through the door. "Don't bogart that joint!" cried the leader.

December 31, 2000

The 2000 Millenium Awards (31/12/2000)
Now that the end of the millennium is here (see – I can spell it when I want to), it is time to announce The Millenium Project Awards for 2000. Award winners are free to mention the award on their sites and even display the award graphics. If they want to complain, they know where to find me. The quote of the year (from someone who was pleased that a child had died, slowly and gasping for air) was not on a publicly-accessible page, but you can read it on the Anti-vaccination Liars page.

Thank you (31/12/2000)
I would like to thank all the people who visited this site during the year. Special thanks go to all the people who wrote in with suggestions and comments. I try to answer all mail but I know there were some I missed, and I apologise for that. I suppose I should also thank the owners of the thousand sites for giving us something to talk about, and the harassers and abusers for giving us something to laugh at. I owe thanks as well to the people at 50megs, Angelfire, Big Pond, Crosswinds, FortuneCity, FreeYellow, Geocities, Top Cities, Tripod and Yoderanium for hosting mirrors of this site.

Special "thank you" mention (31/12/2000)
A special "thank you" goes to the most unlikely mirror host of all. I thought that putting up a copy of this site at Yoderanium (a racist and white-supremacist hosting service) might test the strength of the commitment there to free speech. I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Millenium Project was not only accepted, but was chosen as a Hot Member Site! I declined an invitation to join the user management committee, however, as I thought that meetings which included skinheads, nazis, klansmen, other assorted racists and me might be uncomfortable for all of us.

Harassment update (31/12/2000)
Nothing has been heard from the harassers for some weeks. I don't think this has anything to do with this being a season of good will, so I suppose it could just be that the crayon ration has dried up at the asylum. Maybe it's cyclical and I can look forward to another spate at the next full moon. In other harassment matters, there are still some promised law suits. The best of these will include me in a conspiracy to cause the "suffering and deaths of millions of people worldwide". This will go up in lights as "Bigger than Nuremberg", and I have no doubt that ringside seats will be the most hotly-sought tickets of 2001. I will be disappointed if these suits turn out to be as mythical as previous threats.

Speaking of disappointments … (31/12/2000)
I am terribly disappointed that nobody with a guaranteed cure for cancer took up the Cancer 100 Challenge. I would have thought that it would have been easy for anyone who had cured thousands of people to produce just one hundred examples, but it seems that all these humanitarians really are quacks who just lie about their "cures" and steal money from desperate people. Just as I thought, really. Another disappointment was the long-awaited tribute site to me by Mr William O'Neill. It was not the site that disappointed but the fact that it disappeared after only about one day. Luckily, I was able to download a copy of it and you can see it here.

Coming up in 2001 (31/12/2000)
 Next year will bring more of the same, with many more commentaries on the sites listed here. I hope to have some guest writers provide both background information and articles about specific sites mentioned here. I have no doubt that harassment, abuse, threats and lies about me will continue to appear in my inbox and in newsgroups and mailing lists. I will continue to point out the hypocrisy of these idiots who want to be able to say anything they like but don't like me doing the same. I will also continue to highlight the terror and paranoia that some of these people exhibit when their ideas are subject to even the slightest challenge. (You can see an example of this here.) I think I can safely predict, however, that nobody will be able to shut this site down and nobody will actually follow through on any threat to sue me.


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