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January 7, 2001

A new special page … (7/1/2001)
Tim O'RanterOne of our favourite people here at The Millenium Project is Tim Bolen, spokesapostle for not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark. Tim issues press releases addressed to "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters" crowing about the successes of "alternative medicine" (whatever that is). Tim has been wetting himself about a law suit which will include me in a conspiracy to cause the "suffering and deaths of millions of people worldwide". This will go up in lights as "Bigger than Nuremberg", and I have no doubt that ringside seats will be the most hotly-sought tickets of 2001. I, and the other conspirators, look forward to this suit with great anticipation. In the meantime, you can see some of the collected works of Tim Bolen on the new Tim O'Ranter page.

Not up to standard … (7/1/2001)
In a pathetic attempt to emulate the Gutless Anonymous Liar (or maybe it's just GAL trying to get back into form), some cretin has been sending me anonymous messages using an anonymiser of such abysmal quality that it keeps putting backslashes all over the place. The anonymiser is owned by someone called Guillaume, which is French for "William" and they speak French in some parts of Canada. There's a coincidence for you! Here's an example:

Date sent: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 21:21:18 +0100
Subject: Vaccine Injury
From: "" <>

\\\"I have never claimed....just said its very unlikely\\\" This is what is called a \\\"claim\\\".

How unlikely? You haven\\\'t a clue do you.

Tell you what you remarkable uninformed man, get the facts and we\\\'ll chat. Can you?

Didn\\\'t think you could.

Fucking wind bag!

By the way, I see from perusing your \\\"organ\\\" and the web that you have alot of detractors. Can you figure it out yet? Didn\\\'t think you could.

Still waiting … (7/1/2001)
With nominations for the 2001 Nobel Prizes closing soon, I am terribly disappointed that nobody with a guaranteed cure for cancer has yet taken up the Cancer 100 Challenge. I would have thought that it would have been easy for anyone who had cured thousands of people to produce just one hundred examples, but it seems that all these humanitarians really are quacks who just lie about their "cures" and steal money from desperate people. Just as I thought, really.

And waiting … (7/1/2001)
The American Society for Microbiology has a page listing significant events in medicine over the last 125 years. (I know it starts in 1861 and that's 139 years, but …) As Chiropractic has been going for about that long and Homeopathy even longer, I invite members of those professions to provide similar lists of advances arising from research in their disciplines. A suitable prize will be awarded to the person who lists the most breakthroughs. Everyone else is invited to predict the results. Pick a number between zero and one …

January 14, 2001

They cannot help themselves (14/1/2001)
I gave an award of "quote of the year" to someone on an anti-vaccination mailing list who said "Wow, thanks so much for posting this! It's an invaluable article for our anti-vaccinations cause", referring to an article about how a child had died of whooping cough. (You can see the original article here.) Someone accused me of misquoting, and said that the words I quoted above should be the "misquote of the year". If you click here, you can see a screen capture of message number 11492 to the AVN list at eGroups. You will notice that the words "Wow, thanks so much for posting this! It's an invaluable article for our anti-vaccinations cause" appear in message number 11492. I did not misquote anything. Saying I did is lying, but I suppose lying comes naturally to these people.

For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolators, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. Revelation 22:15

Speaking of whoremongers, murderers and liars … (14/1/2001)
I once naïvely thought that there could not be more than one person prepared to say that people who murder children were innocent because the signs of violence were really just the results of vaccination. Now I have found a discussion on an anti-vaccination mailing list about finding or inventing appropriate slogans and sound bites to use when campaigning on behalf of murderers. A suggestion made by Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network, was "Shaken Maybe Syndrome". Here's my suggestion for an extension of this campaign. Not all child abuse is violence, many children are abused sexually. With the experience they have, the anti-vaccinators could easily fabricate a connection between vaccines and genital damage and start defending child rapists as well as murderers. Think of the publicity! Think of how you could use this to frighten parents. Think of the expert witness fees.

Speaking of madness … (14/1/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!Tuesday passed and the full moon came and went. In Turkey, people fired rifles at the eclipse of the moon, and in Nigeria they shot at each other. In the GAL Wing of the Bedlam Home for the Terminally Clueless all was quiet. A crayon was taken from a new box and one of the inmates wrote a single message on a rectangle of recycled cardboard. The other inmates looked away in embarrassment. Along the corridor, a fluffy white dog played sad harmonica, softly.

Date sent: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 21:49:52 +0100
Subject: The viagra is not working?
From: "" <>

The only possible reason for your \\\"great\\\" effort in your organ can be that the Viagra is not working. Otherwise you\\\'d likely be fucking your Bichon Frise instead of all these poor innocent victims.

Run, rabbit, run! (14/1/2001)
I have mentioned before how frightened the supporters of not-a-medical-Dr Clark are of any form of criticism. Well, now they have gone beyond that and not only are they paranoid about criticism but they are frightened of even being looked at. They have honoured me and several other people by banning us from their mailing list at eGroups. One person was removed for challenging Clark's nonsense; one was removed because she said her friend with terminal cancer was not being helped by Clark's methods which were promised as "the cure for all cancers"; one was removed for asking if Clark would like to participate in an outcomes study (which is a scientific analysis similar to my Cancer 100 Challenge); I was removed for being me. Many of the 65 messages sent to the list after I was banned were either addressed to or talked about banned people. And how do I know there were 65 messages? Well ... .

Comparative badness (14/1/2001)
I had mentioned murderer Alan Yurko when discussing the similarities between people abusing children by murdering them and those who sexually abused children. A proponent of quack medicine criticised me for this and suggested that sexual abuse was a serious matter, implying that beating children up and denying them life-saving medications were not serious things as well. This was my reply. The portions in italics are drawn from the Buttram and Yazbak web site. There is a mention at the end of how the anti-vaccination liars are planning more exploitation of murdered children for propaganda purposes.

From: Peter Bowditch
Subject: The shaken baby I was talking about
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 12:39:27 GMT

HHere are some parts of the article, and my comments.

>The baby's 7-day hospital course was complicated by continued
>respiratory distress, spending 3 days in the intensive care unit.
>3 daily chest X-rays showed persistent pulmonary infiltrates

Remember the bit about chest X-rays. It will become important later.

>On November 11, l997, at approximately 8 weeks age, the baby was
>simultaneously administered 6 vaccines including DPT,
>Hib, OPV and Hepatitis B. As related by the mother, about 10 or 11 days
>following the vaccines the baby developed a high-pitched cry, which
>she had been told might ensue following the vaccines; also the skin
>became warm to touch, and there was an increasing lethargy with
>a falling off of feeding patterns, which had been a combination of breast and formula.
>This pattern continued until 3 days later, on November 24th, when
>the father was home alone with baby Alan and his 4-year old sister.
>In rapid succession the father noticed that the baby began wheezing,
>next spit up, and then stopped breathing. In attempts to restore
>breathing, the father first slapped the baby's face, then held it by
>its ankles and spanked its bottom, all without success.

Note – the baby had been crying for a few days before the father held it by its feet and hit it.

>Post-Mortem Findings included minor contusions of both temporal
>areas of the head, small ecchymosis of the right lower eyelid, fresh
>subdural hemorrhages of the right and left cerebral hemispheres
>and at base of brain and some areas of spinal cord, and retinal
>bleeding. The brain was grossly edematous. In addition there were
>several old, healing fractures of the 5th, 6th, 7th and l0th ribs, all
>posterior and on the left.

Hmm. Retinal bleeding. Blood around the brain. Bleeding in the spinal cord. Bruises on the head. Everything except cigarette burns.

>The Issue of the Rib Fractures: At autopsy four rib fractures were
>found, all on the posterior left. All witnesses agreed that these
>fractures were at least l0 to l4 days old, as indicated by the degree
>of callus formation. However, the state witnesses pointed out that
>there was a difference in the sizes of the calluses, which (they
>suggested) indicated that the rib fractures had occurred at
>different times, thus indicating a pattern of child abuse.

>There are several considerations which weigh strongly against
>this. First, the difference is sizes of the calluses might just as readily
>be explained by a difference in severity of the injuries as a
>difference in time of occurrence. Next, if there had been serious
>chest injuries the baby was brought home from the hospital, the
>mother, who was breast feeding, would surely have noticed some
>indication of pain and distress in the baby when he was handled,
>and this was not the case.

Now here's the bit I like

>It was the suggestion of the defense witness that the rib fractures
>took place during labor, prior to birth.

I'll repeat that, so that you don't miss the point.

>It was the suggestion of the defense witness that the rib fractures
>took place during labor, prior to birth.

But, but, but – while the baby was in hospital he had

>3 daily chest X-rays

over a period of at least 3 days, which surely would have shown broken ribs, and

>if there had been serious
>chest injuries the baby was brought home from the hospital, the
>mother, who was breast feeding, would surely have noticed some
>indication of pain and distress in the baby when he was handled,
>and this was not the case.

So the defence witness said that the mother would have noticed broken ribs (but she didn't) and the baby had a least 3 X-rays showing no broken ribs, but the broken ribs happened during labour.

I'm not surprised that the jury found the father guilty, but I am surprised that the judge didn't notice the obvious evidence of perjury.

Other pages on the web site that these quotes came from make it quite clear that at least one of the authors of this paper is opposed to vaccination, which is why he has taken up the case of Allan Yurko (the father of the dead child). Further support for Yurko comes from Sheri Nakken ( seems to be very well respected in the anti-vax cult. Her site contains a very long letter purportedly from Yurko (but more likely written by some PR flack) telling of the horrors of vaccination.

Yurko is also a cause célèbre for other campaigners. Examples are The Portia Project ( which treats everyone in prison as political prisoners or something like that and someone running a list of people in prison for victimless crimes, caught up in the war on drugs ( Prisoner%20List, drug.prisoners). It looks like Yurko has a good PR operation going for him to try to get him out of prison, and the anti-vaxers are only too pleased to help. (The last two have a different prison address, but the name "Allan (or Alan) Yurko" can't be all that common in the US prison population. I am prepared to believe that these do refer to someone else if evidence can be produced for this.)

The next case taken up by Nakken is a couple in Australia who (luckily) had their child grabbed by the welfare people before they could kill it. They are using Scheibner and Kalekorinos as expert witnesses (K is the man who reckons that vaccinations are part of a WHO genocide program). In another case, Nakken has offered the services of Buttram (who wrote the article referenced above), Yurko (huh? the man's in high-security lockup), Michael Horwin (Burzynski's PR man), Scheibner (of course – keep them fees coming in) and some others.

And while we are at it, here is the latest thinking:


>entertain alternative answers right away.
>Unless and until there is a better one (and there may be), I recommend:
> To be effective, the catch phrase must be short, ideally repeat the key
>word of its opposite number, AND speedily provide an alternative, all at the
>same time.
> "Shaken from the inside" is the best I can come up with now and it does
>"speak" to me. We are SO very far behind the curve in the international push
>to publicize and prosecute SBS, minus, of course, any consideration of
>devastating internal adverse reactions from vaccines. Even a reasonably good
>autopsy will not "find" either vaccine-induced death or genetic metabolic
>errors when knowledgeable professionals are not invited to participate.


>I just read this out to my husband who is great with catch phrases and he
>suggests – Shaken Maybe Syndrome. I like Shaken from the inside too – both
>are good. And a great thought – you are right – sound bites have it. And as
>my 16 year old niece would say – that bites!

January 21, 2001

Another tribute site (21/1/2001)
There's another web site about me! I don't think it's quite as good as Mr O'Neill's last effort (that one made me blow coffee out my nose when I laughed), but it's a lovely green colour scheme. In fact, the green slime reminded me strongly of people who make anonymous web sites and send anonymous email, but I digress. The spelling's still poor, but I supposed I should be used to that by now. It must be hard to be anonymous and smart at the same time. (I just thought – maybe they aren't spelling mistakes, maybe they're lies about how words are spelled. It's consistent with compulsive lying.) You can see the new page here, but as the author of these tribute sites gets ashamed and takes them down after a few days I have taken a copy which you can see here.

And speaking of gutless anonymous liars, my mail program tells me that there are some messages filtered into the "anonymous cretin" folder. I wonder what they say. Click! I guess I'll never know now. And it's three days now since some liar told me that the local paper had interviewed it (for four hours!) but nobody from the paper has talked to me. No surprise, really, as it was pretty safe to assume that the liar was lying about that too.

Date sent: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 22:20:23 +0100
Subject: The Sydney Morning Herald
From: "" <>

We\\\'ll see who the coward is, won\\\'t we. Spent 4 hours being interviewed today. They know you and agree your site is obscene. They have contacted the ACS which is claiming they were not aware of your activites. (Correspondence suggests otherwise.)They also plan on contacting your ISP.

Looking forward to introducing myself to you in the press!

Anonymous Liar Moratorium (21/1/2001)
The use of anonymising services to send email tells me three things about the senders. The first is that they are prepared to lie, because they are already indisputably lying about their names. The second is that whatever they have to say is worthless, because they do not even believe in it enough themselves to put their names to it. The third is that, because it is impossible to reply to the messages, they show that they are frightened of engaging in debate. Because of this, I have declared a moratorium, starting now and continuing until I decide otherwise, on receiving anonymous mail. Messages coming from email addresses which do not allow a reply or which do not originate at a traceable IP address may be deleted unread. This doesn't mean that people cannot write from Hotmail, for example, but only applies to anomymiser services. I'm not going to waste any more time on lying cowards who are ashamed of what they have to say. They can talk to someone else, I'm not listening.

January 28, 2001

Harassment Pathos (28/1/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!I suppose I should be grateful that smells cannot be transmitted over the Internet, otherwise I would experience something like the stench rising from the carcass of a long-dead animal whenever something from the Gutless Anonymous Liar arrived in my inbox. These messages, which would be sad if they were not so hilariously funny, are collected for your enjoyment in the GAL Chronicles. Another long-time complainer, Mr William P O'Neill, has been quiet for some time, although the sentiments he expressed have been carried on by GAL, often in the same style of language and even using the same expressions. They must know each other.

Speaking of harassment … (28/1/2001)
One of the things that some harassers do is create web sites about me. I don't think the latest one is quite as good as Mr O'Neill's last effort (that one made me blow coffee out my nose when I laughed). The spelling's still poor, but I supposed I should be used to that by now. It must be hard to be anonymous and smart at the same time. As usual, the author of these tribute sites got ashamed and took it down after a few days, but I took a copy which you can see here. A full listing of tribute sites can be found at the new Tribute Sites and Awards page.


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