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August 21, 2021

Still missing (21/8/2021)
I might have mentioned that I'm employed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to work on the 2021 census. This has been a full-time, seven days a week job for the last few weeks and will continue for the next few weeks so I won't have time (or the energy) to do much else, let alone write stuff for a hobby web site, until probably the middle of September. Like General Macarthur and The Terminator I will both return and be back. Eventually.

Meanwhile here's some nostalgia to keep everyone occupied and amused.

Quintessence Nook (21/82021)
June, July and August all combined, appropriate for the only three months of the year with "u" as the second letter (and they are all together on the calendar too).

Here are some memories from JJ&A 2001.

In a long tradition going all the way back to 1999, Quintessence of the Loon spent the month of June 2001 looking at conspiracies. This was done to honour the memory of Earl Gordon Curley who held the dual distinctions of being the world's greatest psychic and the net's nuttiest loon. Earl died on 26 June, 1998, having confidently predicted that the Pope would die during that year (he didn't). Earl did not, however, predict the death of Earl. It is people like Earl who make sites like QotL possible, and we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Dealey Plaza Cam
Here's something you don't see every day – a sniper's viewpoint. See real pictures from the place where Oswald would have been when he shot Kennedy, if he had shot Kennedy. Really, this site is a scam because it shows the view from the sixth floor of the book repository and everyone knows that Jackie shot John from across the car using a gun hidden in her garter. John had just had a haircut and Jackie was reading Catcher in the Rye while she waited. Hang on, that was someone else …

Freemasonry is… Corruption is… Injustice is… Freemasonry
What would a conspiracy collection be without something about the Masons? From the look of this page, everyone in England is a Mason except the author of the site and a couple of people at the top of the Catholic Church (the archbishops probably are closet Masons but they can't admit it because their job descriptions say they have to oppose Masonishism). This site also has a bonus, because not only does it demonstrate the ubiquity of Freemasonry, but it manages to get in the fluoride conspiracy as well. Of course, this is not news to all of us. I was at a Royal garden party once and shook hands with the Queen. Our eyes met and as I looked into those reptilian eyes above the strong, fillingless teeth I felt her thumb press on a certain knuckle …

True story – a week or so after this appeared in QotL I received an email from the top man at the Masons in the UK expressing his delight at the garden party story.

The Majestic Documents
Things were a lot better in Washington in the old days. Today, a President can't even share a cigar with an office worker without the story getting into the papers, but 50 years ago you could have committees with large numbers of people on them and they could discuss the truth about UFOs and nobody ever knew what went on. I put it down to the way smoking has fallen out of favour. Back then, a man could come home with a cigar in his pocket and his wife just assumed he had been smoking the things. But I digress … I notice that this site features one of my favourite scientists, Stanton Friedman Nuclear Physicist, who proved the existence of UFOs by the simple method of asking people to vote on it.

For those who doubt the power and reach of conspiracy, I assembled the photo of the committee from two pictures on the site. When I finished, the joined image was 666 pixels wide! A coincidence. I think not! Click here to see for yourself.

Math, Science, Education, Ancient Egypt, and Atlantis
I like a bit of mathematics. I don't always understand it, though. For example, how is it that no matter how much I add to my bank account, there's never enough in there? This site has been a great help, because it has introduced me to the number 360. It's very handy to know that this is almost exactly the number of days in a year, although I feel that if I built this number into my plywood and string SpaceHenge calendar I might miss some birthdays. It's also exactly the number of half-degrees between freezing and boiling points on the Fahrenheit scale, one fifth the number of cubic centimetres in my car's engine and the number of notes in 45 octaves. And this site has Atlantis, too! Between Darwin and Singapore! How convenient is that?

The passage of 20 years seems to have removed the mentions of Atlantis from this site, but as it now a frontrunner for "Most Self Congratulatory Web Site In Existence" it is still relevant. SpaceHenge is still there.

Astronumology Mathematics Syntax
It fascinates me how people can be so lucid when explaining complicated things. There are some areas of knowledge which are so complex that you wonder how anyone can understand them, let alone talk about them, but then an example comes along that shows that there really are people out there who not only know what they are talking about but can actually talk about it. Consider this: "An instance of a XORS Pomtudel Operator,in figure 3, is the classical astrological sextile relationship. The XORS Pomstruct operator is what an Astronumologist analysts does when considering these equations to produce a Result Attribute ; where a Result Attribute is the "meaning" that has been assigned to a given set of aspect equations. The subscripts of the letter R, which stands for the Result Attributes, is a particular Result Attribute. The superscript of the Result Attribute (R) indicates the philosophy of the analysis. In this way one can compare more than one "interpretation" of a given equation by different Astronumological phylosophies". And to think that some people wouldn't know a pomtudel if it bit them.

It looks like the result attribute of this site is now "null". PB October 2003

Planetary Headquarters
It's good to know that there is a headquarters for this planet. If you look in the paper or watch the TV news, you would think that nobody is running the place, so it is quite exciting to find that Caligastia, the Planetary Prince of Earth/Urantia, is out there with his hands on the levers. Of course, when I say that nobody is running the place I realise that this is only an illusion because there are any number of secret societies actually pulling the strings, but Caligastia has a focus and a single-mindedness that the Illuminati, the Masons or the Salvation Army can only wish for. When it comes to the final showdown, he will thwart the pretenders. He has the angels on his side.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's Sacred Science
John Keely is famous for inventing perpetual motion, although nasty people pointed out things like the fact that his machines did not move perpetually and even needed a bit of hidden help at times. All that is forgotten in the excitement of Keely's discovery about the nature of music. It seems that music has something to do with vibrations. I am not sure why nobody else has noticed this, but as it says on this site "This complex and dynamic STATE of energy is really a neutral state which manifests with bipolar (positive/negative) characteristics. Motion or liberated force comes from the interplay of these three states all of which originate from the Full Harmonic Chord or what I call the Grand or Prime Neutral. This is also the so-called Zero-Point energy state, again a poor descriptive. The word vacuum is good as long as one does not forget there is no such thing a no-thing. This Prime Neutral State, manifesting bi-polarly, is superconductivity in essence brought about by the dynamical characteristics of sympathetic vibration which of course is a result of harmonized propagated vibrational phenomena". Got that?

Hermetic Alchemical Order of the QBLH
I enjoyed studying alchemy at university (yes, I went to school a long time ago, which is why I need some of Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings), but I never made it into the Hermetic Order because I was always a little outside the mainstream. For example, while my teachers were concentrating on finding a way to transmute lead into gold I went off on a tangent and used a machine (called a "shotgun") to turn lead into duck. There were good times and bad times, of course. There were disasters like the time I left the lid off the phlogiston barrel and the lab's pet rook fell in and was bleached to an unattractive shade of yellow, and great times like the day that Philosopher Stone and I got drunk and painted the dean's horse black and white and swapped him for a handful of magic beans with someone who wanted a cow. Aaah! Memories!

Susanna Thorpe-Clark
Have you ever wondered about the connection between colours, invisibility and your big toe? I sometimes wake up in the night thinking about two out of the three, but I have found that many people prefer to avoid the issue and not talk about it. For example, I have tried to discuss the matter with people who sit next to me on long plane flights but usually they are so embarrassed by their lack of knowledge that they ask the cabin crew to move them to another seat. My family simply will not recognise the problem and whenever I mention it they pretend to be deaf and turn up the volume on the television. Faced with such negativity, I was really pleased to find Susanna's site where some of it is explained. I am still trying to work out the big toe part, but the link between colours and invisibility must have something to do with yellow writing on a white background. If you still don't get the connection, I will repeat the bit about yellow writing on a white background. Is it clear now?

The PORTALS of LIGHT: Channeling Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy
Have you ever wanted to have your very own copy of an interview with a Yeti? I have, and this is where I finally found it. He even "tells how he teleported his family to a place on Earth where all ones of his race. (Uhtarians) come together with ones of the Ashtar Command to discuss Earth events, the role of the sasquatch now, and their part in the changes to come". Fabulous!


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