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Millenium Awards

The Millenium Awards

Each year, the worst of The Millenium Project's target sites are given suitable awards. The awards are the Anus Maximus Award for the worst of the worst, and other awards in the Highly Commended and Encouragement Awards categories. The sites winning awards are ones that I remember and are not necessarily the worst sites here, because my brain and stomach could not take looking at and reading every one of the thousand sites again. Please note that "highly commended" is a prize-giving expression and does not mean either "highly recommended" or "highly commendable". Just the opposite, in fact.

A site can only win the Anus Maximus Award once, unless it undergoes a complete makeover and becomes in effect a new site. There is no limit to how many times a site can win in either of the general categories, although it would be exceptional for a site to win more than twice.

There is also an award for Quote of the Year. Again, except in exceptional circumstances the same person cannot win this award more than once. Personal attacks on me are not eligible, no matter how stupid or egregiously evil they are.

Winners each receive a tube of haemorrhoid cream and a wire brush applicator. Prize recipients must come to where I live at their own expense to collect their prizes, which will be awarded (including the haemorrhoid cream application) at public ceremonies in a busy commercial district at lunchtime. I will arrange press and television coverage.

Award winners are invited to mention the award on their sites and to display the award graphics.

2020 Winners

2019 Winners

There were no 2016-2018 awards because The Millenium Project took a sabbatical year or two (three?) off after 17 years of activity.

2015 Winners

2014 Winners

2013 Winners

2012 Winners

There were no awards announced for 2011, for reasons which don't matter any more.

2010 Winners

2009 Winners

There were no awards made in 2007 or 2008. This was not because there was nothing bad enough but because I had other things on my mind at the relevant times.

2006 Winners

2005 Winners

2004 Winners

2003 Winners

2002 Winners

2001 Winners

2000 Winners

1999 Winners


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