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2014 Millenium Awards


First Place – The Anus Maximus Award
Anus Maximus Award  2014

Mountain View Organic Dairy


Quote of the Year

"Nutritionist" and author Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi O'Meara was interviewed by the Sunshine Coast Daily for an article about what they called the "appalling vaccination rates on the Sunshine Coast". She is a nutritionist, a title which, unlike "dietician", has no legal protection so anybody with or without training or knowledge can use it.

"People are beginning to question immunisations and the amount we are having. Maybe they are not as safe as we have been told and they are no longer sure if they should sacrifice their child for the greater good. Social media is telling us the truth now. A mother put up how a daughter went to get her cervical cancer vaccine and three hours later she is dead".

She said she wasn't against the "philosophy behind vaccines", but did question "dubious ingredients". I wish she had been asked to name the ingredients, because it's always good fun when an anti-vaxxer dives into that particular pool.

Oh, and there have been no confirmed deaths from the HPV vaccine, but an anonymous friend-of-a-friend-of-a-cousin's-jockey unsubstantiated anecdote is evidence.

Highly Commended
Highly Commended  2014

It should be noted that "Highly Commended" does not mean "Highly Recommended". Quite the opposite, in fact.

Conspiracy – And suppressed & hidden information


RMIT University – Complementary Medicine


The Food Babe


Encouragement Awards
Encouragement Award  2014

Complementary Medicines Australia


Homeopathy Plus!


Joint award - Westboro Baptist Church and the Eisenstein Medical Centers





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