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Conspiracy – And suppressed & hidden information

The owner of this site, Carole Hubbard, won Quote of the Year in the 2010 Millenium Awards. This is what the award citation said:

Carole is the owner of one of the best resources on the Internet for people doing research into the murky world of conspiracy theory – It contains a vast repository of links to sites so kooky that you might think that many are parodies, but Carole believes them all. In her universe anything said by a government, a corporation or an educated individual (universities and schools are parts of a plot to "dumb down" society) is immediately suspect. Experts say what they do because they are either part of the conspiracy or just regurgitating dumbed-down science or logic. Everything is assumed to be part of the conspiracy until proven otherwise, and as Carole said in response to an accusation of relying totally on preconceived ideas: "Another interpretation is preconceived, meaning opinion formed beforehand WITH adequate thought and evidence". It is hard to argue with logic like that.

Carole makes Quote of the Year statements on almost a daily basis, so choosing the best was always going to be a problem. I finally selected one which I believe is representative of the genre. Explaining how someone she was conversing with was completely under the influence of the orthodoxy, she said:

And one day they might find a cause for your lack of cognitive ability in putting 2+2 together and coming up with 4 instead of 3 or 5.

Arithmetic is part of a mind-control conspiracy! Is there anything we can believe any more?

Highly Commended  2014Carole built on her 2010 success by going even further and being Highly Commended in the 2014 Millenium Awards. The award citation read:

Like those "find your ancestor" sites which are advertised on late night television and which claim to have billions of records that you can search and get information from, Carole's website is a cornucopia of the extreme fringe of conspiracy information. There is stuff here that you would not believe, or at least I would hope you would not believe it, and Carole seems to have put together one of the most comprehensive collections of this sort of nonsense that you could ever hope to see.

The only problem is that Carole believes all of it. Did I say all of it? Did I suggest that there is a conspiracy theory that Carole might not believe? Well, yes, she does believe all of it. Carole has never come across a conspiracy theory too bizarre, too inconsistent with reality, or even too inconsistent with other competing or contradicting theories for her not to believe it fully.

This is an amazing resource.


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