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July 25, 2015

Where's he been? (25/7/2015)
I took a sort of a break during July. I've had family visiting (I live a long way from everyone now) and for a while my entire town was cut off from the rest of the world by the heaviest snowfall for 40 years. As my car was buried in snow in my yard I wasn't about to go anywhere anyway. Fun times, but in the immortal words of Arnie the music store employee when he was asked where to find a CD of the Brandenburg Concertos: "Aisle B. Bach". I also had problems with a tooth that had received a root canal job and a crown about 15 years ago. It acquired some infection underneath it and had to be taken out. It decided to crumble, so the dentist had to remove the roots using methods that I'd rather not think about. This was an exception to the fun times.

I found the car after the thaw.

The mail trickles in (25/7/2015)
I was particularly attracted to the ambivalent spelling in the subject line.

From: Dquinonees
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 14:53:23 -0700
Subject: You're opinion is only your opinion

Interesting article though disturbingly angry. I've started taking minerals he prescribed and am seeing improvements of symptoms I suffered from for years. In the end the proof is in the evidence versus any persons opinion

Thank you for your comment. It would help if I knew which quack you are talking about.

The new standard Facebook keyboard. Suitable for all Internet forums.

A polite anti-vaxxer (25/7/2015)
Chris Savage is a retired Queensland police officer, although whether his retirement was voluntary is a matter for speculation. He spoke at one of the recent rallies where people complained about not getting benefits to which they were not entitled and is a regular contributor to various anti-vaccination liar pages and groups on Facebook. Because Facebook sometimes considers it to be a breach of its community standards to mention people by name (even when replying to them – see here, here and here) some of the sane groups insist that names should be blanked out in screenshots, but my view is "You said it. You own it".

And here it is for the search engines to find.

Chris Savage
SHOULD VACCINATORS BE SHOT if they try to inject babies like this one? I say yes but its hard to think about using deadly force to protect innocent babies from deadly vaccines because we have been ingrained with the perception that doctors and nurses should be respected as a profession that helps us when our bodies are broken. We live in a horrible world whereupon innocent babies can be put through torturous agony, injury and only saved with breast milk but certainly not enjoy the health and vitality they would otherwise have achieved. For parents who have made this fundamental mistake...please visit Dr. Sircus and discover the healing power of magnesium chloride.

You can see some of the work of the remarkable Dr Sircus here. He also wants to kill people.

Liana Finck's web site turned Chinese sometime in 2016


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