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April 7, 2001

Brain-dead MLMer of the week (7/4/2001)
Why would anyone who could read send me an invitation to join a pyramid scheme, especially one to sell some quack medicine? (Why would anyone who could count join a pyramid scheme anyway?) I received an invitation which told me:

Ground Floor Opportunity!

Hear for yourself the complete UNCENSORED story "they" don't want you to hear! So controversial some doctors banned "the tape" and information about the product from their practices.

Mark Yarnell says, "The Genie is now out of the bottle". This information will alert you to what could be the most important health breakthrough of our lifetime! Discover what many world-renowned doctors already know!

Mark Yarnell was the scamster who admitted to looting $13 million out of Nu Skin. Now he wants more of your money. The tape mentioned in the email is available at many places on the web, usually with the statement "This tape is banned". (It's so banned that you can get it at hundreds of places!) But be warned! Mark says it is so dramatic that you should not listen just before bed or you will not be able to sleep!

Speaking of the brain-dead ... (7/4/2001)
Someone posted an announcement to the member introduction page for the Healthfraud discussion list pretending to be me and saying

I just wanted everyone to know that the Australian High Court has officially ruled that my site(s) are illegal and their content deemed as hate! Therefore, They will be shut down in accordance to the law.

This obviously did not come from me, because a) I know the real name of the court and b) I am not shutting down anything. (The list owner removed the page, but you can see it here.) Shortly afterwards, the Gutless Anonymous Liar put crayon to cardboard and said:

Date sent: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 20:00:26 +0200
Subject: Oops! Time\\\'s up!
From: "" <>

In the news today,the Australian High Court,has set a true precendent against hate on the world wide web.The most honorable Judge Jackson has ruled in favor of a certain Canadian,against a one Peter Bowditch,the Kingpin of that grand icon of commerce\\\"Gebesse\\\" computer consultancy!(Apparently,this Peter believes he is royalty!)Said,Jackson,You are outta here!!!! There is no place for hate in Australia!

As the web site for the High Court of Australia (for that is its name) does not list a "Judge Jackson" (or even a "Justice Jackson", which would be the correct form of address), I suspect that I have little to worry about. Perhaps GAL was thinking of Judge Judy.

Son of Mind-it (7/4/2001)
Mind-itThe people who run the Mind-it service that notifies visitors of changes to sites have decided to charge too much for the service. I have replaced it with an announcement list at ListBot, and you can join the list by following the instructions elsewhere on the page. This list will only be used to announce changes and updates to RatbagsDotCom sites and I promise never to remove anyone without their permission, no matter how nasty they are to me.

Speaking of mailing lists ... (7/4/2001)
Earlier this year, the management at Yahoo! announced that they were donating a few million dollars for vaccination programs. This caused hysteria and fainting spells among the anti-vaccination liars because many of their putrid mailing lists were hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Some of the lists were moved to other list hosting services because they didn't want to do business with the vaccinators. It was this idiocy that made me decide to use ListBot for the alert list here rather than Yahoo! (I run several lists at Yahoo! and find the service excellent). You see, ListBot is owned by Microsoft, and while Yahoo! gave a few million, Bill Gates gives hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccination research and implementation.

But wait, there's more ... (7/4/2001)
The madness of subscribing me to mailing lists has started again, probably because of the full moon this week. Attempts have been made to subscribe me to all sorts of pornography lists among other things. All attempts have failed, of course, because I am asked for confirmation and never give it. One of the confirmation messages told me the IP address of the person trying the trick. Silly AOLer!! But – wasn't it an AOLer who posted the message supposedly from me to the Healthfraud page? Surely a coincidence.

April 14, 2001

Missing In Action (14/4/2001)
I ran my regular link check for this site this week and found that four perennial Millenial favourites have gone missing. Unlike the idiots who gloat whenever they think this site has disappeared, I assume the missing sites are having some technical difficulty or are in transit to somewhere else. I hope that is the case, because these are too good to lose and I have to waste time trying to find where they are now.

Mailing list madness (14/4/2001)
A few days ago, the Healthfraud discussion list stopped working because of some technical error. The list owner sent a message to list members about the problem, in the process unfortunately revealing the email addresses of list members. Quicker than a maggot could get to a pork chop, some lowlife grabbed the list of members and subscribed them to a list called "Quackbusters" at Yahooo! Groups. Some list members were fooled into thinking that this list was actually set up to address medical quackery, but it is owned by a crowd called Talk International who are into quackery up to their eyeballs. The invitation to join the list does not say who the list moderator is, but suspicion is pointing at our old friend Tim Bolen. To nobody's surprise, the Gutless Anonymous Liar was lurking on the Healthfraud list and had this to say to me:

Date sent: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:33:36 +0200
Subject: where\\\'s healthfraud?
From: "" <>

hey stupid-ditch! where are your buddies?
guess why they\\\'ve disappeared?

mmmmmm.....could it be?
and speaking of rancid monkey dung.....

Brain-dead MLMer of the week (14/4/2001)
TheIs this a pyramid? invitations to join pyramid schemes just keep flowing in. Here are a couple of examples from this week. I notice that the scamsters at SkyBiz are having a recruitment campaign at present, and I have received several offers of immense wealth to be obtained through pyramids of web sites. Most of these invitations forgot to mention SkyBiz but the language was familiar. Lying is all part of the sales method.

Subject: Make Over $100,000 Per Month!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally... make money at home and a Web~Site Opportunity that everyone can afford! will allow Families and Businesses to Communicate through the Unlimited Possibilities offered by the Internet. For the Low Cost of $100.00 (US) plus a $25.00 processing fee, your Family or Business can have a Personalized Web Site that you Create and Edit at your leisure, from the Comfort of your own Mouse (I mean House).

SkyBiz 2000 has also created a Home Based Business Program (driven by the Retail Package, the 35 Meg (Unlimited Pages) Web~Site, that you can offer your Family, Friends and Businesses, where everyone can potentially profit from the Internet. Now is your chance to participate in this Global Explosion , utilizing the Internet. Never again will anyone have to miss another Important Event! If you would like to put your "Family or Business on The Web" Now is the time to do it! For the Low, Low price of $100.00 (US) plus a $25.00 processing fee, you will receive a 35 Meg (Unlimited Pages) Web~Site, Plenty of Web Site and Windows Education and Much Much More. and it will be a money machine too ,can make mony on line


Get a" REVOLUTIONARY" mony making web site from us and we will make sure you make A LOT OF MONEY. You do not pay for your site until YOU start earning over $ 14000.00 a month If you do not, we will give it to you FREE.

None of them charge surfers for access but you still get paid major commission per visiter. We HELP YOU

Child murderer update (14/4/2001)
Chiropractor Bruhl, who manages the fund for the "hero", wrote to me about Alan Yurko, in prison for killing a ten-week-old child by holding him up by the feet and bashing him to death, to tell me that I should research things before I accuse someone of murder. I don't think I will answer the email. After all, it was a Yurko supporter who told me about the bleeding in the child's brain, eyes and spinal column.

Date sent: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 17:28:00 EDT
Subject: You should research the facts before you make pages about people who are impriso

Dear whoever,

I am Dr. Warren Bruhl and you should research this case before you make judgements. Please call me.

Dr. Warren Bruhl

Mr Bruhl should research the facts about who he is writing to so that he doesn't have to rudely say "Dear whoever". Perhaps if he researched intracranial bleeding and other signs of physical child abuse he wouldn't be so quick to start collecting money for an animal who murdered a child.

April 21, 2001

Child murderer news (21/4/2001)
Who says there's never any good news in the papers? Two lunatics who wrapped a 10-year-old girl in a blanket and kept her restrained until she died have been found guilty and look like spending the next few years locked away where they can't do any more damage. The next time someone tells you that alternative therapies are harmless, remind them about Candace Newmaker.

Read a transcript of the murder here (warning – be prepared to be outraged)
Read how the murderers show no regret and blame the victim
Read the good news – guilty and facing 16 years

I could be rich! (21/4/2001)
Yes, it's finally happened. I have received an email version of The Nigerian Letter. I've received many paper copies before, and even a couple of faxes, but this is the first by email. It is interesting to note that the letter says that I have been checked out as a suitable partner but goes on to ask for my fax number. A better investigator is needed. Unfortunately, this offer only involves $18 million, far less than the $32 million last time, so I won't be taking up the opportunity.

Laugh of the week (21/4/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!The following message came in from someone who won't say who he is and who uses an anonymiser service to hide his shame. My copy of Roget's Thesaurus lists 22 words like "hypocrisy". It goes without saying, of course, that I don't forge or spoof my email. I am honest about who I am.

Date sent: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 00:26:26 +0200
Subject: netaus has no ISP!
From: "" <>

hey rat-ditch! have been logged!....spoofing and ip/email hijacking is a criminal offence even in \\\"australia\\\"...

logs have been faxed to acs....

I wonder what this sad thing is dribbling on about. Netaus has no ISP because Netaus IS an ISP. (They merged with a company called Webmail recently, but all the people I know are still there.) The fact that you are seeing this shows that Netaus/Webmail exists, because they host this site. And what is this "spoofing and ip/email hijacking" nonsense? I connect to the Internet through Telstra Bigpond, and any IP address that anyone sees from me will be one of theirs. Need I point out the massive and almost unbelievable hypocrisy of a gutless anonymous liar who posts through an anonymiser service even daring to mention deceitful practices.

Speaking of email forging … (21/4/2001)
Some pyramid scheme promoter has been sending out spam for the last two weeks using forged email addresses with my employer's domain name in them to hide where they came from. I don't know whether this is some pathetic attempt to inconvenience me but it doesn't work, because as soon as the first bounce message turns up we just block the address. Takes about two seconds. Nobody is surprised that someone selling fraudulent medical cures through pyramid selling would lie about an email address. They lie about everything else. See my general feelings about multi-level marketing here.

Resurrection Shuffle (21/4/2001)
50% back from the dead
Last week I mentioned that four perennial Millenial favourites had gone missing. Well, two of them – Fred Phelps with God Hates Fags and Stan Burzynski the Cancer "Curer" – have reappeared unharmed. Whatever was wrong was obviously temporary, and the attacks on faggots and wallets can continue. A couple are still MIA, though.

Mailing list madness update (21/4/2001)
A week or so ago, the Healthfraud discussion list stopped working because an upstream ISP went broke and cut off Internet connections to clients earlier than expected. The Gutless Anonymous Liar almost immediately announced that the disappearance was permanent and that somehow it had been responsible. Considering the source, this was an almost certain reassurance that the list would be back before long, and so it was. Not giving up, GAL has now informed me that it and its friends and associates are maintaining vigilance. It's really sad, isn't it? Does it really think that anyone will believe that it has any friends?

Date sent: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 23:18:01 +0200
Subject: HealthFraud....
From: "" <>

Seems the HealthFraud list has found an offshore ISP to host them! Fortunatley,We are on to them,They cannot hide from us!! We monitor everything. Neither can you hide from us or your misfortunate victims,either! Rat-bitch bowditch! Remember,we know everything and guess what? With every pixel,you give yourself away!

April 28, 2001

Why "alternative medicine" irritates me (28/4/2001)
Over the last few months, I have commented here and in other places about the deaths of children. The responses I have received to my comments have been appalling, even to someone like me that sees the dark side of quackery all the time.

In two of these cases anti-vaccination liars exploited the death of a child. One of these followed a news report about an unnamed child who had died of whooping cough. This was called "an invaluable article for our anti-vaccinations cause" and when I commented on this I was accused of misquoting and lying. You can see the exact words of the exultation here, showing that I was quoting correctly. Not one person wrote to the relevant mailing list to suggest that the writer may have been too extreme. The other anti-vaccination case is the adoption by the anti-vaccination movement of Alan Yurko, who murdered a ten-week-old baby. When I commented on this travesty it was suggested that I should commit suicide. Again, there seem to be no messages to any of the anti-vaccination mailing lists dissenting from the idea of using a murderer to further the cause.

That the anti-vaccination liars should be dismissive of children's deaths is not surprising, as most sane people would recognise the entire anti-vaccination campaign as an attack on children's health and well-being. In a sense, the death of children is their raison d'être and the inevitable result if they get their way.

The other two cases were of children who died while receiving "alternative" treatments. The first was Liam Williams-Holloway who died in a Mexican cancer quackery clinic. Liam had been removed from a conventional treatment program and was kept hidden. He was the subject of an Australian television show which revealed the idiocy and venality of the people who were "treating" him. When he died, no criticism was offered by the supporters of "alternative medicine" of the people who "treated" him, but instead I was accused of "cashing in" on the tragedy by mentioning it. It wasn't me who hid Liam from the doctors. It wasn't me who asked his parents to sell their house and borrow all the money they could to pay for useless treatment. It wasn't me who had him cremated immediately after he died to avoid an autopsy. None of these things, however, mattered to the "alternative medicine" believers.

The final case is Candace Newmaker who was murdered by people practising what they called "rebirthing". In the last week I have been told that it wasn't "rebirthing" that killed her but something else, that it wasn't alternative medicine that was being practised, that I am an idiot, that I am unconcerned about her death (?), that her death is insignificant when compared to the "100,000 needless deaths" in hospitals, that I can't do basic arithmetic, that my opinions are bought and paid for, that mentioning the tragedy is just part of a pattern of attack on alternative medicine. What I haven't been told is that the particular practice that killed this girl is beyond the limits to which "alternative medicine" should be allowed to go.

The common thread through these is that the opponents of medicine (I refuse to use the term "conventional medicine") accept no limits. Nothing is beyond the pale for them. No "alternative" to medicine goes too far. But let a real doctor make a mistake ...

For victims of the Chemical Con$piracy (28/4/2001)
An old mad loon went riding out
One clear and windless day,
Upon his arse he rested as
He went along his way,
When all at once a mighty grid
Of poison clouds he saw,
A-stretchin' 'cross the ragged skies
Above the desert floor.

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost streamers in the sky.

The chemicals came floating down and
The crystals shone like steel,
The grit was black and shiny and
A hot rash he could feel,
A bolt of fear shot through him as
He looked up in the sky,
For he saw the toxins comin' hard
As the airplanes thundered by:

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost streamers in the sky.
There's foot and mouth, they're burning cows
The wind blows from the south
There's fluoride in the water now
And merc'ry in his mouth
Autistic kids from MMR
His wife's tits leak, but why?,
Aspartame in his Diet Coke
Just listen, hear him cry:

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost streamers in the sky.

The Monarchs fluttered past him and
He heard one call his name,
If you want to save your soul from hell
And not turn out too strange,
Stop eating GM food today,
Or with us you will die,
And you will see your kids deformed,
Your testicles will fry.

Yippee-yi-ya, yippee-yi-yo,
Ghost streamers in the sky.

Laugh of the week (28/4/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!What would a week be without some new insanity from the Gutless Anonymous Liar? I have been informed that The Millenium Project has been closed down again, although you may be deceived by the illusion that you are currently looking at, which has all the appearances of an unclosed-down site.

Date sent: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 18:28:46 +0200
Subject: huh?
From: "" <>

hey ass-ditch!

where are your \\\"mirror\\\" sites?....shut down, were they?

by the way, your isp has an isp, and your isp\\\'s isp has ordered your site to be shut down!

good luck and god bless you fucking asshole!

So someone else has ordered this site shut down? It wasn't very effective, was it, because anyone reading this can see that it hasn't happened. All except one of the mirror sites are still there. The other one was at a hosting service that closed down taking all its client sites with it, not just mine. The owner had been looking for a buyer for some time, but I guess he didn't find one. All the mirrors were mentioned previously in The Millenium Project, and as GAL has told me that it monitors everything I do, it will have copies of the site at the relevant date. Oh, I forgot. GAL said it had copies. That means it doesn't.

Date sent: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 03:34:00 +0200
Subject: Who are you?
From: "" <>

You think You know me! But,au contraire,you do not know me! I know you though!

Wow! It knows me! Not in the Biblical sense, though. Not in the way it "knows" rats.


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