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May 6, 2001

Brain-dead MLMer of the week (6/5/2001)
They're Pyramids of riches!at it again. Well, they are always at it, but I find it enormously amusing when some spammer writes to me with promises of great wealth from a pyramid scheme. Some of these messages look like they actually come from real people, not just spambots, so I guess their desire to have me in their downlines exceeds their ability to read. I will collect all the MLM invitations I receive over the next month and put them together on a page here so we can all have a good laugh. I liked the one that came in this week and started off "Dear Multi-level marketer" and then went on to tell me how I could get rich by spamming, but my favourite would have to have been the one which had the subject "Recieve Your Blessing", told me it was not MLM, and said:

In today's society people are looking for that "Get Rich Quick Scheme" and feel they shouldn't even have to work to create any kind of wealth in their lives. You should know by now, this is simply not possible unless you win the lotto! You must be asking yourself "Well, what is possible then? If you have a strong desire and a good work ethic, you can change the situation you are in, and you can create wealth in your life!!!

Speaking of "recieving" blessings … (6/5/2001)
A few months ago, I mentioned that a site called "Java for Jesus" had a link to The Millenium Project which said "this man and his site need to be redeemed -- please help this man". They have revised the site and I can't find this any more. I greatly appreciated the concern and I hope they are still looking out for me.

May 12, 2001

Linkery Foolery (12/5/2001)
You would wonder why anyone would have a business web site and then try to stop other people publicising it. I don't mean the sort of places linked to from here – I mean legitimate businesses and organisations that have something worthwhile to sell or say. I have heard of two of these this week. The first was Ansett Airlines, the second largest airline in Australia, who don't want anyone linking to them at all. I run a web site for a business organisation and it has a link to Ansett so that members can buy tickets. I guess I'll just have to remove the link and send the members to Qantas instead. The other organisation affects The Millenium Project and it is the American Cancer Society. Because of other content on this site, apparently I can't say something like "Here is a list of people lying about how they have the cure for all cancers. You can go to the American Cancer Society to see the truth". Bizarre!

Attention, anti-vaccination liars (12/5/2001)
Please explain the following figures in light of the continually repeated lie that there are no benefits from vaccination. Saying that these figures are not true because they came from the CDC will just be another example of your lies, so don't bother with that one.

  • The average annual number of smallpox cases in 1900-1904: 48,164. United States cases per year since 1950: 0. Worldwide cases per year since 1977: 0.
  • The average annual number of diphtheria cases in the U.S. in 1920-1922 (the three years before vaccine development): 175,885. U.S. cases in 1998: 1.
  • The average annual number of pertussis cases in 1922-1925 (the 4 years before vaccine development): 147,271. U.S. cases in 1998: 6,279.
  • The estimated average annual number of tetanus cases in 1922-1926: 1,314. U.S. cases in 1998: 34.
  • The average annual number of paralytic polio cases in 1951-1954 (the 4 years before vaccine licensure): 16,316. U.S. cases of wild type poliovirus in 1998: 0.
  • The average annual number of measles cases in 1958-1962 (the 5 years before vaccine licensure): 503,282. U.S. cases in 1998: 89.
  • The number of mumps cases in 1968 (the year reporting began and the first year after licensure): 152,209. U.S. cases in 1998: 606.
  • The average annual number of rubella cases in 1966-1968 (the 3 years before vaccine licensure): 47,745. U.S. cases in 1998: 345.
  • The estimated average annual number of cases of congenital rubella syndrome in 1966-1968 (the 3 years before vaccine licensure): 823. U.S. cases in 1998: 5.
  • The estimated average annual number of Hib cases before vaccine licensure: 20,000. U.S. cases in 1998: 54.

Brain-dead spammer of the week (12/5/2001)
The MLM stuff keeps coming in, but I loved this bit of spam from a fool pretending to be someone that I might want to do business with. Hey, idiot, I already HAVE a web site.

I was referred to you by one of your clients, and after doing a bit of research at what's already on the Internet (in regards to your type of business), I came to the conclusion that your company could greatly benefit from getting an online presence. This would be even more effective if your web site was professionaly developed to match the services of your company and welcome your clients on the web.

May 19, 2001

It's been a quiet week (19/5/2001)
They're sleeping!There must have been a new shipment of tranquilliser darts at the asylum because everything has been quite peaceful lately. Oh, there was the usual knee-jerk reaction from the Gutless Anonymous Liar when the email here was broken for a day or so, but its effort was so feeble that it was hardly worth its while to put crayon to cardboard. Another fruitcake has taken to posting slabs of content from The Millenium Project to various Usenet newsgroups and then asking questions which show that she hasn't read what she quoted, so I might start a special section soon to display that particular collection of idiocy. The high point of the week was hearing that the owner of an anti-vaccination mailing list had removed a list of corrupt doctors who were prepared to violate professional ethics and issue fraudulent vaccination exemption certificates to parents who want to harm their own children and endanger others. The list owner removed the list because the "ratbags guy" might be watching as a spy! If they were right, they wouldn't be so frightened of little old me, would they?

Where have all the racists gone, long time passing? (19/5/2001)
Racists live in a sort of Wonderland.I once had almost three hundred racist sites listed here, but the number has dropped over time to less than two hundred. Part of this fall off is because I have been concentrating on other things and haven't been actively looking for replacements for the ones that have gone, but there seem to be a general wilting away of racism on the web. has closed down and, at the other end of the spectrum, has been coming and going like the Cheshire Cat. The web seems to have failed to meet the expectations of either the racists or their opponents.


Linkery Foolery (Update) (19/5/2001)
Common sense has broken out at the American Cancer Society and they have relaxed the rules about who can link to their site. I won't claim that this backdown was because of what I said about them last week, but I can only assume they responded to public opinion. Under the old rules, the content of The Millenium Project would have meant that I couldn't say something like "Here is a list of people lying about how they have the cure for all cancers. You can go to the American Cancer Society to see the truth". Now I can. Congratulations, ACS, on realising how the web works.

Attention, anti-vaccination liars (Update) (19/5/2001)
Last week I challenged the anti-vaccination liars to explain some figures in light of the continually repeated lie that there are no benefits from vaccination. I pointed out that saying that these figures are not true because they came from the CDC would just be another example of lying, so they needn't bother with that one. I also posted the challenge to a couple of newsgroups, and you can read the subsequent conversations that happened in and A couple of the participants don't believe that bacteria or viruses can cause disease!

Brain-dead spammer of the week (19/5/2001)
Last week I mentioned some fool who had been "referred to" me by "one of [my] clients" who suggested that I might need a web site. This week's fool is even better! Here's some idiot offering me a domain name. Hey, spammer – I own eight domain names, one of them being the one you addressed the spam to.

We were referred to you by a friend and understand that you may be interested in securing your very own domain name. Did you know that domain names are being registered at the rate of more than 30,000 per day? You should reserve your name domain now before someone else registers it. Do you want an email address that will suit your name, business or personal interest? If so, you need to secure your domain NOW

Speaking of the brain-dead ... (19/5/2001)
Go anthracite! Go anthracite! go anthracite!My collection of MLM spam is coming along nicely, and I should have a fine page of this stuff up next month for all of us to laugh at. Unless, of course, I decide to take up some of the offers and go into the pyramid selling business myself, in which case I will probably be retired to Monaco with all the other people who have made millions in just a few days.

May 26, 2001

Brain-dead spammers of the week (26/5/2001)
I don't want this to become the place where everyone goes to see more copies of the spam they have already received during the week, but sometimes the trash that comes in is just so funny. It's not that the content is funny, or the fact that clowns keep sending out unsolicited messages. What is funny is how these experts in mass marketing seem to get the target markets so badly wrong. The stuff isn't just a nuisance to the recipient – it's a waste of time to send stuff to where it will never be accepted. A classic example of this is this message sent to the Healthfraud mailing list advertising a snoring cure. If you want to sell quackery, don't pitch to the unconvertible.


Tired of waking up at all hours?
Tired of not getting a good nights sleep?
Tired of waking up every morning to hear how you snored the night before?
Tired of sleeping in separate rooms?
Just TIRED of being TIRED?

It is not your fault, there is a solution!


SNOR-GON is a safe, natural solution to your snoring problem

* Works first time, every time
* All natural
* No side effects
* Guaranteed results

Over the last couple of weeks I have mentioned people who wanted to build a web site for me or to get me a domain name. Here's someone who wants to link to my site, but he would like me to send him the URL, just in case he's forgotten it. (As an added bonus, it was sent to an email address that is associated with no web site at all.)

Hello, I am impressed with the overall design and layout of the website where I found your email address. I would link to link to this page (if it is your website) from . I offer various low interest credit cards with instant approvals so I do not think we will cost each other anything in lost revenue. I would be most greatful if you could link to my site as well. If you are interested, just send me your URL to and I will post it at soon as possible.

This one is just confusing. It was sent to a group of people who all have "ratbag" as part of their domain name. Could it really be true that the handbag makers, the computer games coders, the comic strip writers, the others and I are all too fat?


Hello! My name is Tara Simon and I would like to share my experience as an inspiration to many who may feel there is no hope.

It's amazing how long you can avoid dealing with a problem that you simply don't want to face up to. I managed to ignore my weight problem for the better part of a decade.

My life was going from the bed to the sofa and from the sofa to the refrigerator.

Food was my escape, and the weight piled on until I hated the way I looked. At my top weight of 282 pounds, I felt worthless, with no desire or energy to respond to life. I would look at old pictures, and wonder If that thin, sexy, woman, in that short black dress was really me? (My husband proposed to me in that dress 10 years ago) I didn't even feel like that happy woman in the picture I was exhausted and so depressed.


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