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May 5, 2007

Taking a break (5/5/2007)
The Millenium Project will be taking a short holiday during May, returning at full strength on June 2. There might be some updates to the front page if something spectacular or noteworthy occurs during May, and if you want to be automatically notified of changes you can register your email address with ChangeDetection. I will still be attending to email, so please keep writing. Also, don't forget the Back Issues and Commentaries. There are several reasons for the hiatus:

  1. I have added a completely new activity to the work done by my company, and this new activity requires me to learn new things, develop some management systems to make the work run smoothly, and establish a new rhythm of my life around different working hours. (I haven't had to get up this early since I was in the army!)
  2. The change means that I have to make some alterations to the accounting practices of the business and the tax man never sleeps. Bookkeeping is reputed to be the most boring way to spend time ever invented, but, as a good skeptic, I am open to evidence that it is possible to be more bored. And no, because it is a restructuring I can't simply flick it to an accountant and say "Do it".
  3. I want to make some changes to the database and other technologies which drive this site. These sorts of changes are invisible to visitors but make it easier for me to maintain the site. Once the work is done it doesn't need to be done again, but doing it takes time.
  4. I will be doing some more management school teaching, and experience has taught me that if I don't prepare the lessons nobody will. While I don't mind being only an hour ahead of the students I am a little uncomfortable being only five minutes ahead.
  5. There is this book I really have to do some writing for if I want it to be more than a pamphlet.


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