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NextUpdates made to The Millenium Project in July 2000

July 8, 2000

It's everywhere … (8/7/2000)
Last week I promised that every time someone announced that this site was about to be closed down, it would be mirrored elsewhere on the web. As I received two such messages during the week, this site has been reproduced in two more places and both have been loaded into the major search engines. That makes four copies. The harder Mr O'Nonymous and his friends work to silence me, the easier it will get for people to see this site.

July 15, 2000

Censorship time (15/7/2000)
Some religious bigots are objecting to the Harry Potter books which have seized the imaginations of our children. Anything that gets them imagining and reading looks good to me, but it seems that these books contain dangerous ideas. So dangerous, in fact, that the books have been banned from schools in Kansas and Colorado (and some other states in the USA are still thinking about it). As my way of assisting the bans and making it easy to get fuel for book-burnings, you can buy the books by clicking on the names:

July 18, 2000

Dateline 18 July, 2000.
News Flash!! You are reading this!
On 4th July, the gutless anonymous liar said, in an email to me:
14 days and counting......
Fourteen days have now passed and I am still here.

July 22, 2000

Another contest (22/7/2000)
The Australian Skeptics are hosting the World Skeptics Convention in Sydney in November 2000. The Millenium Project will be there, paying particular attention to the sessions dealing with medical fraud and the lies told about vaccination. I am offering a prize of one free ticket to the full three days of the convention for the best piece of hate mail I receive about this site before 30 September, 2000. The winner will have to pay their own travel, food and accommodation expenses, but I will buy him or her (or it?) a beer. Normal conditions apply: the decision is completely up to me, employees and family not eligible, not valid where not legal, yada yada yada.

July 29, 2000

New commentaries (29/7/2000)
I have had time once more to start writing commentaries about the various sites listed here. This week I have added a general commentary about Multi-Level Marketing. (This is derived from the content of the Multi-Level Mirage site which used to be part of Ratbags.Com. Other people have sites devoted to this and I decided there was no need for me to duplicate their work.) I have also added a commentary about cancer-curer Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. I hope Dr Burzynski can find time out from his busy schedule to take part in the Cancer 100 Challenge.


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