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Part 1

January 16, 2021

Happy New Year.
Well, it's got to be a happier year than the last one.

Keep wearing masks in public, please.

Happy New Year (16/1/2021)

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The 2020 Millenium Awards (16/1/2021)
But first, just to get you in the mood for the announcements.

Because of the ongoing COVID emergency I had to cancel this year's celebration event with its Red Carpet and legendary Afterparty. As with cancellation of other award ceremonies such as the Oscars and BAFTAs couturiers and cocaine dealers are devastated, but It's not just tourist spots and CBD sandwich shops who have had to suffer the pain.

You can read all about it at the 2020 Awards page.

Oh, noes!!! AVN does a flight to fantasy. (16/1/2021)
Free speech champion, Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination-[lies, lies, lies] Network, has announced that following some crackdowns by various social media sites, the AV-[fu]N is leaving Facebook and heading for the cesspits occupied by other examples of human filth. Of course, Ms Dorey's total commitment to free speech has seen her block me from Facebook pages, remove me from mailing lists, block me on Twitter and spend a year trying to get a court to remove my freedom of speech but if you took away her hypocrisy there would be a massive hole in her personality.

You can read the whole announcement by clicking on the picture over there on the right, but I thought I would quote a couple of pieces of it.

The AVN Committee has made the decision not to remain on Facebook where we are already shadow-banned and suppressed for sharing factual, referenced information on the harms and ineffectiveness inherent in our one-size-fits-all vaccination program. We cannot support a platform that is so blatant about silencing us and so many others.

But later

We will, however, no longer be responding to any messages sent to the FaceBook page nor will we be replying to comments except for the rare FaceBook Lives we put up and of course, Under the Wire every Saturday morning at 10 AM AEST

So they are leaving, except when they are not leaving. To misquote Paul Simon "I am leaving, I am leaving but the liar still remains".

Maybe I should quote that first paragraph again, but this time apply The Yellow Marker of Lying.

The AVN Committee has made the decision not to remain on Facebook where we are already shadow-banned and suppressed for sharing factual, referenced information on the harms and ineffectiveness inherent in our one-size-fits-all vaccination program. We cannot support a platform that is so blatant about silencing us and so many others.

Ms Dorey and her ilk just can't help themselves. There is a theory that they have to include lies in everything they say just to meet the daily quota.

Homeopaths diluted and succussed (16/1/2021)
With great sadness I have to report that the UK Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care has suspended the accreditation of the Society of Homeopaths. Oh, sorry, did I say "sadness"? I meant "joy".

From the media release:

In February 2020 accreditation was renewed, subject to a Condition that included making its position statements clear that registrants must not practise CEASE, practise or advertise adjunctive therapies that are incompatible with Society registration, or provide advice on vaccination.

But …

We found the Conditions were not met and that the SoH did not fully meet a number of our Standards. In view of the recurrent nature of the concerns, and that several Conditions had already been imposed on the SoH since February 2020, we decided to suspend accreditation.

Unfortunately the suspension is only for a year, and I doubt that it will be announced to the customers of homeopaths or will make any difference to what homeopaths do or say. As many (a majority? most) of them are quite aware that what they do is both medical and financial fraud they don't need accreditation to carry on as usual.

There is a reasonable argument that instead of suspending the quacks for a year the suspension should have been for a nanosecond (or whatever short period of time they are measuring at CERN these days). Applying the Law of Infinitesimals would make this a much more powerful penalty. Well, it "works" for homeopathic "medicines".

And speaking of CERN … (16/1/2021)

Not really a joke, but hilarious anyway.
(CERN is an acronym of Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire,
or European Council for Nuclear Research in English.)

Are they barking mad? (Rhetorical question) (16/1/2021)
Back in August last year I mentioned how kooks decided that "5G" as used to describe acceleration forces was the same thing as "5G" when talking about telecommunications. They have now gone one better and have proved that 5G and Covid-19 are intimately connected, something long suspected in Conspiracy World. To support this the circuit diagram for the nanochips to be included in the COVID-19 vaccine has been discovered. "5G FREQ" is right there, so nothing can be denied.

The image is a bit blurry because the photo had to be taken with one of those tiny Minolta cameras that spies use in movies and this camera was missing that chain that hangs down so that you can get the correct focussing distance by letting the end of the chain just touch the document being photographed.

Oh, and one other thing – it's actually a schematic for a pedal used to switch on a particular effect for an electric guitar. Or so the "skeptics" say. They point to the footswitch and ask why one of those would be necessary on a tiny chip floating around the body, but that's just camouflage. The guitar effect is supposedly called "metal" and everyone knows that "metal rock" is the invention of Satan and therefore fits in easily with the Gates conspiracy to control the world through 5G and vaccines. And you can't deny that "5G" must relate to the five points of a pentagram. (I'm practising making things up.)

I know this might be something planted in relevant places to confuse and excite loons, but I've been around long enough to know that they will believe anything.

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Facebook Fouls Up (are you sure you meant to type "Fouls"?) (16/1/2021)
In December 2013 and again in January 2014 anti-vaccination liars and associated vermin went on a rampage of complaining to Facebook. The complaints relied on Facebook's opaque yet flexible interpretation of their "community standards". Several people, myself included, had their accounts temporarily suspended.

It looks like it's started again. I was typing something into Facebook on January 2 and this popped up.

There is always the possibility that this attracted the attention of the famous Facebook "algorithm" and wasn't triggered by a complaint, but I know that in the past the kooks have resorted to trawling history to look for things to whinge about. Happily, the post was restored after I disagreed with its removal, but November 2016?

Now consider this image of a Facebook thread from January 2, 2021 (is the date a coincidence?).

You might notice that it seems that "Carol Thompson" has twice replied to something that I said, but in neither case are my words there. That's because she was stabbed in the feels and had to complain. Here is my first comment in a different context

And the second comment to which she replied before complaining:

My objections to both complaints were rejected and I was then banned from posting anything for 24 hours.

And by the way, someone (not me) reported "Carol Thompson's" two messages mentioning me to Facebook for harassment and her objections were upheld and her comments stayed there for public viewing.

"Community standards". Yeah, right.

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