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May 1, 2021

Brevity, brevity. All is brevity. (1/5/2021)
Annual flu shot today and my immune system is busy doing its job of building up all the resistance it needs. (This is what anti-vaccination liars call "Getting the flu from the vaccine", something which is of course impossible when dealing with a vaccine made from virus fragments, not a live virus. They know this. They have been told this. They lie, because that's what liars do.)

Because of this temporary self-induced "illness" I'm taking it easy and resting, so all you are getting this week is a joke.

Next week will be even sparser, because I'll be doing my other thing and standing in a pine forest taking photos of rally cars. Back in two weeks.

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May 22, 2021

I'm back! If you want to see where I was and what I do in the rest of my spare time you can go here.

MindBodyWallet Festival (22/5/2021)
One of the great disappointments of 2020 was the cancellation of the semiannual MindBody$pirit Festivals. The organisers tried to hold them in virtual space but everything became dominated by Reiki Masters doing healing at a distance. (I am making this up of course. As a fully qualified Reiki Master myself (I did a three day online course) I wouldn't want to denigrate the profession as a group of money grabbing charlatans.)

The shows are back this year, although numbers of visitors are limited. I was very pleased to see that there were no obvious stands offering a cure for COVID-19 or alternatives to vaccination, but I've discovered in the past that these things are usually under the counter and have to be asked for. (At a show directed at parents and children I was told by a representative of the peak homeopaths' association that they couldn't legally offer homeopathic vaccines but if I rang the office on Monday someone would tell me where to get them.)

Much of it was very familiar, but there were a couple of surprises. I was attracted to this one by a woman and her daughter who were almost in hysterics*.

Yes it was a stand selling ceramic dildos, in many shapes, sizes and colours. Something for every woman. (Women were well catered for at the festival. Two stands away from this one there was one offering a means to increase menstrual flow. The fact that they also sold very fancy and very expensive pads and tampons might have suggested a conflict of self-interest.)

* The word "hysteria" goes back to the idea of women being too stimulated in the sexual organs, but I'm using it here to mean laughing. It did seem appropriate, though.

But wait, there's more …

Crystal dildos! Probably even more powerful than ceramic ones. This stand also offered what they called Yoni Balls (and the sex shops call Ben Wa balls) designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and was taking bookings for nude yoga sessions. I tried to think of how I could open a conversation with the woman personing the stand but the words wouldn't come. (I know, I worded that badly. Sorry.)

Foodless food! If they took anything else out you probably wouldn't have been able to see the donuts without a microscope. (I bought a sausage roll for lunch and didn't realise until I bit into it that it had some sort of vegan filling that had never been near any kind of animal. I wonder where the shortening in the flaky pastry came from. I ate it and haven't died since but I hope my local bakery stays with real meat in their products.)

Real doctors looked a bit out of place, but if they managed to raise a few dollars towards the work of this excellent organisation then the embarrassment of being surrounded by medical quackery would have been worth it. I had a similar feeling about a a stand for the cancer charity Canteen.

I was attracted to this stand because they sell ways of handling the dreaded 5G radiation, but as I've only had one of the two COVID vaccine shots so far my blood concentration of 5G antennas might not yet be high enough to worry about.  They also had things that you plug into a power point to counteract the radiation from your WiFi router, but I'm not sure they would be as effective as the wire cages sold a little while ago.

As someone with T2 diabetes I'm not sure I need any more ketones in my body. I'm also not sure that drinking acetone and related compounds really helps with health (your body makes them, just as it does cholesterol, and doesn't get them from your diet). Also, as ketones are made in the body from fat and as that's human fat and as humans are animals, maybe they are not as vegan as might be desired.

And would I got to the MindBodySpirit Festival in the future? Of course I would. As I said to the man on the Canteen stand, I need to reinforce my prejudices occasionally.

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Actions have consequences (22/5/2021)
This is a fact often ignored by those who seem to think that they can do whatever they like and there will be no retribution or punishment. In September 2019 I reported on a loon who threw menstrual blood over legislators in the California Senate Chamber.

It took some time, but eventually the moron was charged with one felony count of assault on a public official and one felony count of vandalism. You can read about the court appearance in the Los Angeles Times (and lots of other places if you do a search). I can't find any later report so I assume she was dealt with in a suitable fashion.

And just for reference, here is what the moron Rebecca Dalelio looks like. The mug shot really captured the vacuum behind her eyes.

Far away a lonely Belle was smirking (22/5/2021)
In an article in Australasian Science magazine in 2015 I mentioned a liar named Belle Gibson who had made a lot of money by claiming to have found a cure for cancer. She even deceived companies like Apple into supporting her lie until it was revealed that she had never had the cancer she was supposed to have cured herself of. In 2017 she was prosecuted for what amounted to fraud and dealt a heavy fine as a penalty.

Two years later in 2019 she still hadn't bothered to pay the fine and was summonsed to appear in court to explain why. At the time/a> I assigned  the probability of 0.000000 to the prediction "Belle Gibson will pay the outstanding fines before the heat death of the sun". Fast forward yet another two years and the headline reads:

Was I right? The absolute contempt that Gibson showed towards the people and companies she deceived is reflected in the contempt she has shown towards the courts. The one bright spot is that contempt of court is an imprisonable offence without a time limit and regardless of the original charge or any verdict, so maybe now something can be done about her. I hope I don't have to come back to talk about her in another two years time unless it's to comment on how she is liking her cell.

You can read about the latest developments here. And I know the ABC's legal department have approved use of the word "fraudster".

And while I'm in the mood to show photos of criminals, here's Belle Gibson on one of the times she deigned to appear in a courtroom.

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Liars gotta lie (22/5/2021)
Things have been a bit quiet on the climate change denying front recently, possibly because even the looniest of loons haven't tried to connect the COVID-19 "hoax" to the climate change "hoax", but the attacks on Greta Thunberg have started up again. I saw one thing comparing her age and academic qualifications with those of a prominent denier, the classic Argument from Authority logical fallacy, but the latest is such an obvious fabrication that one has to consider that they aren't even trying these days. Anyone knowing even the smallest smidgen of how such things work can detect the Photoshop influence on this picture. (The original I was given has no camera data in it, showing that it was created from scratch in an image processing program and is not an original photo. If you click here you can see the camera metadata for the "Donuts" photo above. The only manipulation was resizing from the original 6000x4000 pixels.)

May 29, 2021

This gets my back up (29/5/2021)

It's Spinal Health Week, when everyone is being encouraged to seek out a chiropractor to have their back fiddled with to make it healthier. The picture above is being used to promote the week, and all I can say is that if I ever considered a chiro it would indicate a slump in my mental health.

I preferred it when the week was called "Subluxation Awareness Week" because it was an opportunity to make people aware of subluxations and how mythical and non-existent they are and that the only reason for them ever being suggested is to move money from your bank account to that of a chiropractor.

And speaking of chiropractors, some of them have been complaining that health insurers are asking for such trivial things as patient notes and justifications for services. It seems that some chiropractors have been billing for many more visits than would seem necessary and are resisting audits to examine records of the treatments provided. I should point out that real doctors are also audited but they are trained to keep the necessary paperwork.

One chiro whined that the insurer had baulked at paying for one patient who had had only 13 visits in a year. I have an incurable chronic condition (Type 2 diabetes) and I have been to the local medical centre five times this year (collect a prescription and a referral for blood tests (arranged over the phone), attend for the blood collection, meeting with the doctor to discuss my diabetes management plan, first COVID vaccination, flu vaccination). (I actually saw my doctor on another occasion, but it was at the shop when we were both buying something so it doesn't count.) I know someone with both indolent multiple myeloma and Parkinson's and she doesn't see a doctor 13 times a year.

Of course, as one of the principles taught to chiropractors is that they should work to market and sell their services it should be no surprise that one way of "building a practice" is to get customers, sorry, patients to keep coming back. I find it informative that real doctors don't seem to have the need to attend practice building seminars.

An old friend pops up Part 1 (29/5/2021)
When my friends and I get together for a few beers (drunk through plastic tubes passing underneath our face masks, of course, and sitting a separate tables in the pub to maintain social distancing) one regular topic of conversation is the ineffectiveness of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The TGA might make the rules but it rarely does anything to anyone who breaks them. They seem, however, to have a particular dislike of ex-celebrity chef Pete Evans and like to pay occasional attention to his bank balance with the aim of reducing its size. Here is the latest announcement about Paleo Pete on their Facebook page.

You can see the full media release here..

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An old friend pops up Part 2 (29/5/2021)
I haven't laughed so much since reviews of the NVIC's Facebook page were blocked because Ms Fisher didn't like the ranking I gave them.

Here it is for the search engines, with the usual yellow marker applied to the inevitable lies

NVIC Suspended from Twitter Yesterday

The 11 year-old Twitter account of the 39-year old educational charity, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). was suspended without warning on Sunday afte5rnoon, May 23. 2021. NVIC's Twitter handle was @NVlCLoeDown and the account had about 21,000 followers at the time it was suspended. In March. N'v'lC's account with Facebook was terminated and, in April, NVIC's lnstagram account was terminated without explanation, together affecting over 300.000 followers.

No other major non-profit organization that reports on vaccine science. policy. law and ethics has been removed from ail three social media platforms.

NVIC Co-founder and President Barbara Loe Fisher said,

"Those who fear the truth have no option but to censor it. Big Tech and Big Pharma are business partners, just like the federal government and Big Pharma have become business partners over the past four decades. Now political operatives and Silioon Valley profiteers trying to control the public conversation on the world wide web are targeting truth tellers in order to silence them. NVIC has served as a voice for the vaccine injured since 1982 and we will continue to tell the truth about vaccination and health in all forums, no matter who tries to stop us."

Fisher urges everyone to leave social media platforms that engage in censorship and use platforms that do not censor. Follow NVIC on MeWe, Telegram, Gab. Brand New Tube and Bitchute.

Some points:

  1. The NVIC has nothing to do with vaccine science and Ms Fisher wouldn't recognise an instance of ethics if it jumped up and bit her on the face.
  2. "Those who fear the truth have no option but to censor it" – Ms Fisher once tried to sue people for hurting her feelings by telling the truth about her. The law suit was triggered in a jurisdiction designed to maximise the costs and inconvenience of the respondents. She is a hypocrite.
  3. The term "truth tellers" does not describe Ms Fisher or the NVIC in any known universe.
  4. "NVIC has served as a voice for the vaccine injured" should read "NVIC has continually lied about vaccine injuries in order to attract donations and deter parents from vaccinating their children".
  5. To continue to tell the truth about vaccination and health, NVIC and Ms Fisher would have to actually start doing these things. There has been no sign of this in the last 39 years.

Quintessence Nook (29/5/2021)
What can you say about May 2001? It started the annual sequence of months without an "r" in the name. It had 31 days but it does that every year. It probably wasn't named after my grandfather's sister, Aunty May. It was an extremely ordinary and unexceptional month, but it still had loons to look at.

Here are some memories from May 2001.

The Horse Diaper
I have paid some attention before to the hygiene needs of animals. There was the Doggy Diaper which won Loon of the Month back in April 1999 and the toilet trained cats in March 2000, but these just addressed minor irritants. Sure, dogs can make a bit of a mess and it's a pain in something or other when the cat scratches the back door to go out, but for real inconvenience to humans you have to look at the horse. (I know, the elephant offers a bigger disposal problem, but who keeps one of them around the house?) It's good that someone has finally done something about this, but there is a downside. It seems that the horse diaper is causing some mental distress among the female equines, largely induced by what is apparently a massive sense of disappointment. Imagine a mare looking out of her stall at a stallion grazing in the field. The next day she is taken out to meet him, but when she gets there she has another look and says to herself, "Oh, it's only one of those". Sad, really.

Globe in Transit
There has been a long tradition for parents to hate the music enjoyed by their children. Often they describe it not as music, but as noise. For a long time it was thought that the trends in music represented rebellion against traditions and the creation of a new identity for each generation. Now we know that all of this was guided. It was not just an evolution of musical styles, as, for example, rock growing out of the blues and then begetting funk and disco. We now know that these changes, particularly in rock music, have been teleological – directed towards a goal. There now seems to be incontrovertible proof that music has been hijacked by aliens and is being used as a means of establishing control. Leo Fender and Les Paul didn't know what they were unleashing when they invented the electric guitar. Or did they? Is it a coincidence that a guitar plectrum is shaped like an alien's head? I think not!

The Resurgence of Natural Law theory and the Human Rights Act 1998
MMy neurologicalsluice makes me incapable of writing better words than the original: "Ultimately,the technology including x-rays of wrists at birth and facts statistically shown by neurologists and psychiatrists in the USA, would point to the fact that individuals who are usually imprisoned usually have a neurologicalsluice which allows a large volume of Mind with a large 'M' to flow into their minds with a small 'm', a neurotheological condition which is rare in women,and given the neurological explanation that the brain transmits consciousness these individuals are the engines of society (rather like electricity turning on light bulbs which transmit light) and in turn our Natural Law theory of consciousness involved in the science of legislation".

Even the Wayback Machine was thwarted by the death of Geocities. Sorry.

Earth Link Mission
Every business seems to have a mission statement, so it is not surprising that an enterprise called "Earth Link Mission" should also have a mission statement. It says: &"To globally link Earthworkers to a common cause which will enable coordinated efforts of group consciousness to unilaterally and simultaneously perform energetic realignments of the Etheric Earth on the physical earth, thereby accelerating the Ascension Plan in its perfection". In fact, it is so important that it says it twice. I'm glad that the people here take this mission doubly seriously, because I see unenergetic misalignments around me every day and I can't fix them all myself. It was an enormous relief to me to read that Chandra is "a polarity therapist and Energist who is sensitive to both the Earth, Human and Cosmic energy fields". Up until then I had not met anyone who could manage both of the three./p>

International Academy of Vibrational Therapy
I like my vibrations to be in order. I hate just lying around, vibrating randomly with an occasional twitch of my root chakra and a shiver up my meridians. I have been wondering for a long time how to fix this, and conventional methods just weren't working. No matter how many weasels I smoked or how much astrology I rubbed on my head, things just stayed discombobulated. This site finally gave me the answer. Funnily enough, I had tried a combination of pyramids and crystals before but I guess joining a multi-level marketing plan and sprinkling a lot of salt on my food wasn't the right way to go about it. Now I have the fancy box with the pyramid sticks and crystals in it, I can go anywhere and as soon as I set it up, people leave me alone to relax.

Human Understood Reincarnation or Resurrecting the Dead
This site says: &"God is the Gravitational and electromagnetci field in which the Universe is situated. Prophets or seerers look into the future and fortell Events as fortold by God by resonating to the time tunnel or vibration in the Earth's Electromagnetic field, as modulated by the planets and the Sun. The Human body is made up of C, N, H, NH4 groups, sugar, carbohydrates, DNA, RNA, CHromosomes, Glonoids, Glands, etc which ACT AS Transistors, IC, (Integrated circuits, Resistors, capacitors, which renders the body to act and respond as a Transponder, Broadcasting Human Radar and Computer. The brain broadcast out 'life force ' or human bio life cycle waves which is reflected by the Van Allen's Belt as (it in turn) is induced and / or modulated by the planets". Sadly for a site dedicated to bringing back the dead, the founder of the movement died and has not as yet come back. Immediately after this announcement on the site, it says: "loading, please wait...". We are waiting.

And speaking of resurrecting the dead, look what happens when you go to the site

World Record Gum Wrapper Chain
Think of humanity's achievements. We have taken men from Earth, landed them on the Moon, and brought them back. We have taken hearts from people and transplanted them into other people so that the recipients may continue to live. We have wiped out smallpox. Some of us have written Macbeth, painted Guernica or composed a 9th Symphony. We have invented machines that can fly, and machines that can swim under the sea, machines that let us communicate over vast distances, and machines that can destroy cities in an instant. We have instruments that can observe and measure the farthest galaxies or the internals of the atom. We have discovered fire, agriculture, religion, and love. But something was always missing. Out there, on the edge of visibility, was something more, something not yet attained. Until now ...

This site triggered Loon of the Month in May 2001. The citation said:

Loon of the Month

It was no contest this month for Loon of the Month. We are all used to things being measured in football fields, that universal unit of measurement that is exactly the same everywhere and transcends imperial measurement, metrics, soccer, rugby (both union and league), American football, Gaelic football, Australian Rules, and the Eton Wall Game. The gum wrapper chain is 122 football fields long, but what guaranteed the prize was the introduction of a new unit of measurement – the 747 cruising altitude.

In the intervening 20 years the length has grown to 356 football fields, although it now makes a distinction for soccer fields and is only 323 of them.

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