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February 22, 2022

Worrying times! (22/02/2022)
It's difficult to think about crazy people when we are looking at a possible start to World War III. I did, however, like the suggestion that if the Russians want to take back parts of the world that used to be part of Russia they could start with Alaska. Of course, the last time Russia invaded a neighbouring country it ended badly for them, but Kipling could have told them about Afghanistan.

Look at that date!! (22/02/2022)
Numerologists, conspiracists and coincidentallists have been slavering at the thought of today's date. Just look at what it looks like on a calculator.

Then turn your calculator upside down, and what do you see?

Coincidence? Hardly.

At this point I must apologise to residents of the USA who think the date is 02222022. I know the calculator business above might be confusing but everything from now on should make sense to you.

News media leapt on the story that a baby had been born just after 10pm on the day. At 22 minutes past ten. At 22:22. This must have been an amazing coincidence because only about 270 babies are born somewhere in the world during every minute of every day, but I'm a paid up member of the journalists' union so I know to never let the statistics interfere with a good story.

The best thing about this is that it has been noted that palindromic dates only occur at most once in a person's lifetime, which is why none of us here have lived through any of:


Actually, that's only the second best part. The really best part is it all happened on a Tuesday. TWOSDAY!!!!

Some amusement in these troubled times (22/02/2022)

All over the net, so my conscience is not disturbed by stealing it.

I have no idea who I stole this one from either.

And speaking of batshit crazy … (22/02/2022)
Our old friend and master of hyperbole, Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination-[mendacity] Network, decided to compare the reaction of the Canadian government to morons blockading the border with the US with terrorist organisation ISIS murdering people. As she has refused to apologise for equating vaccination to rape I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at her latest dive into the cesspit, but I guess I just don't have the imagination to dream up such appalling similes

The protests in Australia generated more bullshit than the effluent sluices on a live cattle export ship, with nonsense increasing on a daily basis. The capital city Canberra has a population of about 400,000 but crowds of protestors were supposedly a million strong. Except that the next day there were two million people in the park. (And yes, Ms Dorey was there with the Vaxxed plague bus. Never miss an opportunity to spread the lies.) Complaints were made that the police closed the toilets and this was the cause of diarrhea and conjunctivitis, not being crowded into a park with a lot of people who deny the existence of germs. There was an outbreak of coughing, sneezing and sore throats probably caused by chemtrails and nothing to do with a horde of unmasked and unwashed people gathering in the middle of a COVID epidemic (mandated mask wearing and vaccinations were the things being protested against). People reported red and sore skin and feelings of being burnt, obviously caused by authorities aiming EMF and sound waves at the crowd and nothing to do with standing in the sun all day without using sunblock (which causes cancer, you know) in a town 567 metres above sea level.

Do you think I'm joking about sunblock causing cancer? I have been informed that as Australia has both the highest usage of sunblock and the highest rate of skin cancers in the world the connection is obvious. To sane people it's the risk of cancer that has us all doing the slip, slop, slap when we go outside but to quackonauts it's the other way around, with Big Pharma getting us to cover ourselves with stuff that makes them rich from chemotherapy drugs. Or something.

One nice thing did come out of the three-times-Woodstock sized protest. Each year there is a motoring festival held in Canberra called Summernats. The protest was almost immediately dubbed "Dumbernats".

Quintessence Nook (22/02/2022)
Almost exactly twenty years ago, Quintessence of the Loon carried the following obituary;

Goodbye Chuck and Spike
The last week of February 2002 saw the deaths of two people who brought enormous pleasure to many people for a long time. They are relevant here because Spike Milligan raised loonity to an art form without ever losing the ability to make us laugh with him, and Chuck Jones gave us Wile E. Coyote, who symbolises the obsessive futility that fuels so many of the sites here. It may be a cliché, but it is true to say that we are richer for having known them.

But the news wasn't all bad. There was fun to be had, so let's look back at some of it from January and February of 2002.

Related-Images: Paralell Worlds All Around Us
It has always been a great disappointment to me that I have never been abducted by aliens. Some of my friends have, and they tell fabulous stories of long mental conversations with mighty intelligences, love affairs with delicate grey entities, food that is literally out of this world, and many more amazing experiences. Sure, there is the probing and the minute examination of abductees' genitals, but this is not much worse than what you get at airports in these security-conscious times. I am so envious of these friends that I have to pretend not to believe what they say. I keep a little bag next to my bed, packed with pyjamas and a toothbrush just in case, and I have another similar bag in my car for when I drive along long deserted roads at night. One day my ship will come!

Perhaps the spelling "paralell" is used in a parallel world.

Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found
I have a vested interest in this because I have a business connection with the travel industry and we are always looking for new and exotic places to send people for their holidays. My associates will be very pleased to hear that not only has Atlantis been located, but also the Garden of Eden, the true location of Troy and the site of the New Jerusalem. Actually, if I were the person running this Atlantis site I wouldn't mention the other places I had found because it takes away the impact of the great discovery of the lost continent. It looks as if it is easy to find lost places and civilisations. In any case, surely the Garden of Eden deserves its own web site.

Angelic Consciousness Network

I don't really know what this is all about, but Victor has some nice photographs in the family album.

Trance Formation of America : WARNING!!!
This is awful! Just read where it says "On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA's TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. TRANCE Formation of America exposes the truth behind this covert government program and its ultimate goal: psychological control of a nation". How could you not be convinced? As an additional bonus, this site hints at the reason why Dick Cheney is always called "Dick", never "Richard".

Antigravity Propulsion, Levitation
It has always been a dream of mankind to be able to fly, to be free of the invisible shackles which bind us to the ground and cause us to look at birds with envy. Well, not at emus, but you get my point. It is good to see that so much progress is being made in the offensive against gravity. Why should gravity be the only force we cannot control? Just because we don't really understand how it works doesn't mean that we should give up and let it have its way with us. I don't know how my toaster knows when the toast is cooked but that doesn't stop me eating breakfast. Speaking of toasters, the people who make them must know how to overcome gravity because the toast pops up when it's just the right shade of brown. Maybe that's the answer - to defeat gravity you just need to wear toast-coloured clothes.

That picture over at the right isn't just any old picture. It is very special. If you print it out on your inkjet printer and then burn the paper near a crystal, the crystal will start to emit gravitational waves. If you use the picture as your computer desktop background you will gain great benefits and you will "feel much more comfortable working on the computer". There is even a little version that you can download into your mobile phone to stop the EMF frying your remaining brain cells. This last fact is particularly important to me as the gravity from my mobile phone has been causing a big tidal bulge on one side of my head and people are starting to notice and stare. All of this is true - you read it on the Internet!

For further information about related matters, you can go here to read about the speed of gravity.

Something new that's actually something old

I've written a lot of short articles and news items here over the last two decades. Each week a couple of these pieces will be randomly selected and displayed at the bottom of the week's update. They might not always still be relevant, but that's the way history works.

I must have offended someone (18/8/2012)
Candidates for election to public office in Australia have to comply with certain rules. Some of these rules apply to the way candidates publicise their policies and positions and the way they interact with voters and the public. Jane Beeby is a regular contributor to the flow of misinformation and lies that comes from the Australian Vaccination Network and she has announced that she is a candidate for a position on the Clarence Valley Council in the local government elections coming up on September 8, 2012. As part of her promotional activities she created a Facebook page, where she soon announced that she would have no communication with anyone who did not live within the Council boundaries. This is a clear violation of the requirement for candidates to interact with the public. Anybody can ask any question of a candidate and residency is not a restriction. I thought I would ask a question, so I attempted to post this to the Facebook page:

Ms Beeby, why do you refuse to answer the simple question – are you associated with the Australian Vaccination Network, Australia's leading anti-vaccination organisation? As councils often have initiatives promoting vaccination and public health it is only fair that the residents of Clarence Valley know your position on this. They might not like to find out too late that they had elected a councillor who opposed something that could save the lives of their children.

I received an immediate response saying that my message could not be posted to the page. I assumed that, as for so many of the AVN's "public" forums, I had been blocked. Shortly afterwards I found out that the entire Facebook page had been deleted. This is yet another possible breach of electoral legislation, as all publicity material is supposed to be preserved.

I posted a comment about being unable to post to Jane Beeby's electioneering page to another group and thought no more about it.

Then, suddenly, I was automatically logged out of Facebook and asked to log in again. When I did I was faced with this:

As I can see nothing there that would have been detected by any automatic filtering system at Facebook I have to assume that someone complained. Remember that these people claim absolute freedom of speech to spread lies about vaccination and squeal their heads off at any attempt to criticise them as if criticism is censorship. It is further evidence of their hypocrisy that they have been engaged for more than a year in a concerted campaign of complaining to Facebook about posts, making false claims of copyright violation and causing people's accounts to be suspended or even cancelled. A few weeks back all the administrators of the Stop the AVN Facebook group were suddenly locked out of Facebook following a mass complaint. I was one of the lucky ones as all I had to do was identify myself with my mobile phone number to get back in. Others were not so fortunate, with bans ranging from days to weeks, with at least one person having his account cancelled.

These people are pathetic, but they join a long tradition. In all the time I've been running this site I have almost never had anyone challenge me by providing evidence to show that I am wrong. Lots of legal threats, copyright claims, trademark claims and so on. Anything to silence criticism rather than respond to it. I talked about this in my SkeptiCamp Sydney presentation in 2011. I don't think it's a tactic that is going to go away. Absent facts, it's all they've got.

See everything that appeared in 2012 here.

I must be an expert! (23/6/2007)
IA suitable anti-vaccine witness? mentioned last week that The Trial of The Century had started, where the parents of 4,800 autistic children are being encouraged to abuse the legal process in order to bolster the claims of the anti-vaccination liars. The witness for the plaintiffs called on the fourth day was brilliant, and she has decided that the first case was definitely caused by the MMR vaccine, plus thimerosal for good measure. Her name is Vera Byers, and the fun started when opposing counsel started asking her about her CV. It seems that she is "board eligible" as an allergist with the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, but unfortunately the board doesn't recognise the term "board eligible". Strike one. She says she is on the faculty of Nottingham University, but the University says this is not so. Dr Byers says "I think I dropped off". Strike two. She claims to have been the medical director at Immunex for the Biological License Application for the drug Emberel, but sadly her name does not appear on any documentation filed with the FDA. Strike three. The best, however, is her justification for including an affiliation with the University of California – San Francisco on her CV. I can do no better than to quote the words she said on the stand: "I use their library and I go to their parties". Is this woman a good witness or is she a joke? Even Dr Boyd Haley couldn't be as silly as this one. Read and enjoy here.

I checked my wallet and I found that I have the qualifications to be an expert witness in court cases such as this. The Westmead Hospital library is actually part of the University of Sydney's medical school, so all I need now to call myself "Doctor" is to go to a few parties.

PB's an expert

See everything that appeared in 2007 here.


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