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August 4, 2001

Time to mention the Cancer 100 Challenge again (4/8/2001)
As I am being sued by the publisher of a book that contains the claim that the author has cured more than 100 people of cancer, it is time to mention the Cancer 100 Challenge again. Simply put, I will assist in obtaining a Nobel Prize nomination for any "alternative medicine" practitioner who can offer evidence that they have cured 100 people of any form of cancer. You can see the details here. As not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark mentions the number 103, I can only assume that it will be easy for her to open a filing drawer, get out the records and make a list. She must be able to do this, otherwise the part of her book which says "all cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke. And if you kill this intestinal parasite, the cancer stops immediately. The tissue becomes normal again. In order to get cancer, you must have this parasite" must be considered to be the work of a liar, a fraud or a seriously deranged person. We don't want to think those things about not-a-medical-Dr Clark, and we won't after she produces the cured people.

When lawyers and quacks go bad (4/8/2001)
Along with several other people, I am being sued by not-a-medical-Dr Clark's publisher (which is owned by not-a-medical-Dr Clark). The set of defendants is not limited to natural persons or corporations, but includes a mailing list at Yahoo! Groups, two real domain names and a non-existent domain name. You can see the contents of this ludicrous law suit here. Defendants are drawn from at least four countries on three continents, and one of the defendants is a strong supporter of the person bringing the suit. You can see more about this madness here, but you can get the smell of it by looking at the list of charges appearing in the box below.

Harassment rebound (4/8/2001)
The full moon rose and the attendants, cowering under a hail of crayons and pieces of cardboard, were unable to prevent the rush to the computers as the inmates fought for access to the asylum's last working modem. The Gutless Anonymous Liar was first there, hastily pecking out messages to me, some with no content at all. Afterwards, an attendant sadly wiped the keyboard with a towel. In an amazing coincidence, simultaneously and somewhere else Mr William P O'Neill took time off from the strangely quiescent Canadian Cancer Research Group to both write to me and to create a new tribute page for me. Adding to the coincidentiality, Mr O'Neill chose to pretend to be not-a-medical-Dr Clark's spokeslout, Tim Bolen, when he wrote to me to tell me about the tribute page.

Tim O'Ranter

Speaking of Tim Bolen … (4/8/2001)
A Patrick Timothy Bolen is being sought by the US Internal Revenue Service and the State of California for unpaid taxes. I have been told that someone is offering a reward of $500 for the whereabouts of said Patrick Timothy Bolen, and this reward will be in addition to the fee paid by the IRS for handing in tax avoiders. If you know where the IRS can find Patrick Timothy Bolen there may be some money in it for you.

August 11, 2001

Administration stuff (11/8/2001)
There's not much new here this week because I have been doing some under-the-hood work. To make things easier to find in the various listings, I have changed the sorting process so that the words "a", "an" and "the" are ignored if they appear at the start of a site title. Also, there is now a new page that just lists the web addresses of all the sites listed here. This may be useful for people who want to suggest a site and can't find if it is already here through the search engine or alphabetical listings.

(As this got very little use it was deleted in January 2016. Fifteen years was a good innings.)

Harassment hiatus (11/8/2001)
The regulars have gone back to sleep. Some vaccination denier sent me a tirade through the anonymous remailer that the Gutless Anonymous Liar has been using lately but it was obviously not from GAL. Still worthless because of the source, but much more literate than a GALdrool. As I predicted, Mr William P O'Neill has removed the latest tribute page he created for me, but you can see what it looked like here.

Some more religious idiocy (11/8/2001)
Could there be a more insane government than the Taliban freaks who are running Afghanistan? Even the vacuum-headed clowns who have run North Korea for the last few decades aren't this mad. They just have stupid economic policies and institutionalised paranoia, but the ragheads in Kabul seem to think that the Stone Age was too progressive. Funnily enough, they don't seem to be able to point to the bits of the Qur'an that allow them to drive around in pickup trucks but I suppose they have some intellectual who can prove that they are really camels. I was inspired to talk about the Taliban because of the arrest this week of some aid workers. Apparently some of them will be killed for owning Bibles. I looked for a Taliban web site but it is broken at the moment. Maybe a woman looked at it.

More anti-vaccination madness (11/8/2001)
The Australian branch of the anti-vaccination movement is campaigning to force doctors to report anything that might have been caused by vaccination no matter how long ago. That is, if something happens and the person it happens to has been vaccinated at some time in the past, they want it mandatory that it be recorded as a possible vaccine adverse effect. The idea is to produce enormous numbers of these spurious adverse effects so that they can show how dangerous vaccination is. One of the things on the list is "death", so presumably they want all of the 130,000 deaths that occur in Australia each year to be recorded as vaccine-related if the deceased person had ever had a shot at any time in their life.

August 18, 2001

They want pictures ... (18/8/2001)
The President of the Australian Vaccination Network posted a request to some newsgroups asking people to send her pictures. Here is my first contribution, and I am sure it will make her nostalgic for the old times and the diseases that she would like to see brought back for our children.

Click for larger view

Something we can do (18/8/2001)
For reasons beyond the imagination of sane people, the anti-vaccination liars are opposed to research to find an AIDS vaccine. (Further evidence, if any was needed, of why these despicable people must be treated with contempt.) As AIDS will soon surpass TB as the single greatest killer disease in the world, the search for an answer is a test of our humanity. There is money available (the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Support vaccines for AIDShas recently pledged $100 million) but little will happen without the commitment of politicians and governments, and politicians won't act unless they think people want action. The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative is collecting signatures on a petition to be presented at a conference in 2002. Please sign.

Brain-dead spammer of the week (18/8/2001)
How come this psychic couldn't work out in advance that I might be a bit skeptical? He can't be a very good psychic, and I don't do business with second-best.

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The lengths to which spammers will go (18/8/2001)
I collected all the spam I received in a month offering to make my penis bigger. See the sordid details here.

The 99 names of …

Harassment update (18/8/2001)
Just a single newsgroup message from Mr William P O'Neill (calling himself Lawrence Silverstein for some reason) this week. Hardly worth turning the computer on for, really.

Google archiveFrom: (Lawrence Silverstein)
Subject: The Peter Bowditch Death Watch
Date: 16 Aug 2001 14:24:38 -0700

To those of you, of which I'm sure are many, who have been watching and particpating in Mr. Bowditch's therapy (sublimating his obsessive compulsive need for attention through public displays of indecency by wanking off on his Atari computer), I was intrigued by Mr. Bowditch's intuitions as I trolled usenet with a recent commentary about he and his bum buddies: Barrett, Baratz, and Polevoy.

Firstly Mr. Bowditch there is more than one computer on the IP that you solely attribute to one poor man for whom you propagate outrageous lies, deception, libel, and fraud. Given your pathology, you would be incapable of concluding otherwise. Secondly, I take, as does your ISP, and your ISP's ISP exception to the utter filth and lies that you so blatantly publish on your web site and in various usenet groups.

So here's the challenge (and god knows you are incapable of not rising to it you stimulus-bound pervert): just try to save your web site! You see, I have taken the liberty, as I have encouraged others, to visit your web site and pass it on to those who really care. I see, by your own admission, your governing "professional" body, the Austrlain Computer Society supports hate, libel, defamation and fraud on the internet (surely they must support pornography as well!), so they'll likely not be interested. But, I assure you others are.

And by the way, I was very intrigued by the Tripod tribute sites. Staff were kind enough to search their logs and report back that, as a matter fact, you were the author. My, my, such deception!

Thank you Mr. Bowditch for responding to my troll. But more importantly, thank you for cranking up your psychoses so that others are now free to sanction that crazy son-of-a-bitch from the world's largest prison.

August 25, 2001

Why no politicians? (25/8/2001)
I received an email this week from someone querying the inclusion of a site which expressed an extremist political position. I had another look at the site and I couldn't see why it was included, so I have removed it. The nature of the site was such that the content changes frequently, so it is quite possible that the latest version is nothing like what it was when it was added to the list a couple of years ago. I know that things change over time, and it is impossible for me to check all these sites on a regular basis, so I appreciate it when I am told that something no longer seems to fit.

Having said that, though, the particular site still contained political opinions which are far different to mine. When The Millenium Project was young there was a category for Mad Politics, but I deleted it when I observed that there were other categories, such as racism and religious bigotry, which were the real reasons why I didn't like the politics. I have no problem with honestly held opinions, and there have been many people who have, with good faith, given cogent and thoughtful intellectual justifications for all sorts of political views from the most lassez faire rightists to the looniest of communists, from monarchists who believe that kings are gods to republicans and democrats who believe in the absolute power of the people. (Please note that it is almost a universal truth that the words used in the name of any political party have nothing to do with what those words really mean. They are brand names.) I won't list political sites just because their politics differ from mine. I will, however, continue to list racism, bigotry, lying and stupidity.

They want pictures ... (25/8/2001)
The President of the Australian Vaccination Network posted a request to some newsgroups asking people to send her pictures. I intend to send her one each week, and this is my second contribution.

Click for larger view

A moment of sadness (25/8/2001)
I have made the Book of the Week this week in honour of Varro Tyler, who died on Wednesday, 22 August, at the age of 74. It always seemed to befuddle the true believers of "alternative" medicine that we supporters of real medicine respected Professor Tyler despite the fact that he researched and wrote about herbs. Either that, or they derided him for being a tool of the pharmaceutical companies. What they fail to see is that there is no resistance to the scientific study of herbs and herbal remedies. What we object to is the wild claims and miracle cures. Professor Tyler was a scientist, the quacks are not. It is that simple. My thoughts are with Professor Tyler's family at this time and I extend my sympathy to them.

Harassment update (25/8/2001)
Shhhh!Mr William P O'Neill – nothing! The Gutless Anonymous Liar – nothing! (Well, maybe something.) Lawyers for quacks – nothing!. The following message was sent to me through the Millenium Project Harassment Assistance Tool and it has a familiar ring to it. Try as I might, I cannot work out why someone who is too ashamed of their name to say it can think that insulting my family is going to get me to do anything. In another email, the same lying moron pretended to have a vaccine-damaged son.

Date sent: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 11:39:31 +1000
From: (you are suck a fucking moron)
Subject: you're right!

You've publsihed on your site that your wife is "butt ugly cunt". I found the photo. You're right. She is a butt ugly cunt. I also found the photos of your daughter. I see the apple hasn't fallen too far form the tree...has it?

Do you like that?


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