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More anti-vaccination madness

Many of the anti-vaccination liars are well aware that their arguments against vaccination will not stand up to any sort of scientific scrutiny, so one of the tactics they use to get parents to avoid their responsibilities to both society and their children is to frighten parents by what might happen to them personally if their children are vaccinated. The campaign on behalf of murderer Alan Yurko is an example of this, where the implication is that parents may end up in prison if they vaccinate their children. Another example is an appeal on religious grounds that suggests that parents who vaccinate their children may either be themselves committing or be complicit in some some horrendous sin. The one I saw recently was the suggestion that Catholics who vaccinate their children may be condoning abortion. Sane people may wonder how any such link could be made, but it is easy if you lie and say that vaccines are prepared from the bodies of aborted foetuses. The message below was sent to an anti-vaccination mailing list. I have no idea how anyone can invent stuff like this, but then I have no idea why people organise into groups devoted to the killing of children. (To their credit, several people on the list suggested that this might not be true, although it was suggested by one of them that it was propaganda intended to make the anti-vaccinators look bad.)

These aborted fetuses are the third trimester abortions.. These are viable babies that are forced delivered vaginally but are turned around to become breech births. When the feet are delivered first and the head is still unborn this baby is considered a "fetus" At that point a pair of scissors is poked into the base of the head at the spinal cord to make the baby unrespondsive.. This way when the baby is born it still can be placed onto life support if the organs are needed for transplant or the baby can be used immediately for any experiments or tissue havesting that is necessary for vaccines, Parkinson Disease research and drug therapies and cord blood harvesting for brain injury victims or spinal cord research...


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