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[This site disappeared in 2022]

But not this wacky! (5/10/2013)
Sometimes I come across something on the web that causes even my eyebrows to go up and my mouth to murmur phrases abbreviated to such things as "WTF?". This is such a case. What I thought was just a mildly insaner than usual quackery site suddenly dropped me into this page:

This is even madder than mobile phones frying brains, or wind generators causing 300 diseases (yes – an academic I know has gathered at least this many). Now photovoltaic cells on your roof can be harmful because of the very nature of the electricity they make. To the rest of us, electricity is electricity and once the electrons start flowing there is no way to tell what sort of generation system got them moving. It could be possible, of course, that a new physics is being discovered in wooland to go with the new chemistry of homeopathy and the new biology of reflexology and acupuncture, but somehow I doubt it.

I continually return to the problem of a scientifically illiterate population. Anyone with even the most basic understanding of what electricity is would laugh at this nonsense, but unfortunately most people don't have that knowledge. And while they don't, they can be deceived. If the deception just stops them from saving power bills by putting a few panels on their roof then not a lot of harm is done. But it never stops there.


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