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Anus Maximus Award 2005Comment and Opinion

Alive & Well

This site won the Anus Maximus Award in the 2005 Millenium Awards.

The award citation read:

Could you imagine using your own children as weapons in the lunatic denial of the connection between HIV and AIDS? Could you imagine being HIV positive and publicly breastfeeding your baby as a statement that the possibility of causing harm to the child was non existent? How you would feel if your three-year-old daughter died of an AIDS-related illness, something which you denied could happen?

Sane people like you or me would do nothing to harm our children, and we would be horrified at the death of one of them. If we didn't believe in the disease before the child died, we would certainly believe in its existence afterwards. But we are not AIDS-denier Christine Maggiore, whose web site was still talking about her two healthy children months after one of them had been killed by the mother's stupidity and arrogance.

The usual collection of clowns pretending to be doctors has been brought out to say why Eliza Jane died of things that she did not die of and the usual lies have been told about what was in the autopsy report. To nobody's surprise, familiar names from the anti-vaccination crusade have appeared here as well, such as Harold Buttram and Mohammed Al-Bayati who were both waist-deep in defending murderer Alan Yurko. To these whores working for expert witness fees it is almost irrelevant that a child has died as long as they can use the death to further their agendas and line their pockets.

AIDS is a serious illness, and anyone denying a link between AIDS and HIV is complicit in the deaths of those who don't get effective treatment or who believe the lies. To allow your ignorance to kill your own child and to continue the denial after the child's death indicates the kind of psychopathology that should never be seen outside a very secure mental institution or a cell on death row.


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