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Proof for Homeopathy
Psychic Challenge

(Sadly, John Benneth's web sites seem to have shrunk to homeopathic proportions.)

But now he has a new site:

Science of Homeopathy
Which has itself succussed away to 300C PB January 2019

These two sites are listed together because they have the same author. Normally an author would only have one entry in The Millenium Project (there is no shortage of candidates, so I don't need to pad the numbers), but Mr Benneth is famous for two reasons. The first is that he claims to have found a proof of homeopathy. This would be enough to get him into the list, but he has compounded the error by claiming that he has won the James Randi $1,000,000 Challenge and that Randi will not pay him. The facts are that Benneth refuses to comply with the rules for the challenge. He seems to be under the misapprehension that the challenge should be run with Benneth's rules and Randi's money (and my money, because I am one of the people who have pledged to contribute towards the prize). The "Psychic Challenge" site gets listed in the Liars category because of the spurious claims about Randi and the challenge.

Strait jacketJohn Benneth has another life as a certified netloon and has twice won a Full Canvas Jacket Award for Unhinged Lunatic Rants. You can see his contributions here and here.

Scum rises to the top again (14/7/2012)
In 2000 a piece of filth named John Benneth was defaming James Randi by accusing him of being a pedophile who solicited young boys for sex. Benneth's problem was that he had failed to fulfill the conditions necessary to win the James Randi $1,000,000 Challenge and Randi had therefore not paid him. In the long tradition of people whose magic powers fail when put to the test, Benneth thought that the correct response was not to admit defeat or try to do better next time but to attack the competition and everyone associated with it. Benneth is still out there throwing abuse at anyone who dares to think that homeopathy is the useless fraud that it is, but as far as I know he hasn't mentioned Randi for years.

Update to this week and the tape that Benneth had claimed as evidence of Randi's perversion in 2000 has resurfaced. And would you like to guess who has revived it? Why, it's our old friend Patrick Timothy Bolen, spokesrectum for cancer quacks, insurance fraudsters and pervert dentists. In his latest email to his "millions of health freedom fighters", Bolen has this to say in his discussion of his disappointment that he isn't the keynote speaker at this year's Amazing Meeting.

July 12th, 2012 – Every year, for several years now, James Randi, he who calls himself "The Amazing Randi," and his James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) puts on a so-called "skeptic" (pseudo-skeptic) event in Las Vegas, where he invites, and gets, a coterie of weirdos slithering into a four-day meeting where they can lick his feet.

This year's event happens July 12th through the 15th.

The event program shows that the meeting has three purposes: (1) recruiting new soldiers, (2) training the underlings to function on the internet, and (3) establishing authoritarian roles.

Certainly it gives a new, unwanted mind-picture of the phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Kind of makes you want to know how strong a soap they use to wash the sheets in the hotel rooms after these entities slide back into the underground.

Who does the event attract? Well, listen, perhaps once again, to the audio tape, here, of James Randi soliciting sex from a young boy, and all will be revealed to you.

But I will be blunt. This whole "skeptic" (pseudo-skeptic) thing is a bought and paid for misinformation campaign making use of society's dregs.

Of course, if Pat was as brave as he pretends to be he would have gone to Las Vegas himself and made his announcement from the stage. I'm sure he would have been welcomed and given the opportunity to tell all the weirdos and slitherers where they are all going wrong.

Patrick Timothy Bolen is a liar. Patrick Timothy Bolen deliberately invents stories to attack people he doesn't like and has no concern for the truth. In fact, he wouldn't recognise the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the face. He has threatened to sue me in the past and I invite him to threaten me again any time he likes. I am absolutely confident that he will not go through with any threat, just as he failed to hand me all the promised legal papers when I visited his post box "office" some years ago. Blowhards never do.

Amusement time: Bolen once asked me for the name of my lawyer so he could serve something or other. I referred him to my in-house counsel, Messrs Farr, Gough & Dye. Like all self-important clowns he didn't get the joke.


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