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Alternative Medicine by Dr. Bertha L. Veronneau

Dr Veronneau has occasional periods of Missing In Action, and in 2010 I finally gave up trying to track her movements from one free hosting service to the next. This lady can see molecules through a microscope (metals are black). She is an example of how mad something can be and yet still have people believe in it. She was too good to lose, so I captured a couple of her pages from the Internet Archive.

Dr Veronneau made an appearance at Quintessence of the Loon in October 1999.

Alternative Medicine by Dr. Bertha L. Veronneau added 6 October 1999
Do you remember the science you learnt at school? It doesn't matter if you have forgotten it, because it was probably all wrong. For example, did you know that the heart has seven ventricles and pumps air? I'll bet you thought those models of molecules you see in museums are just metaphors, but if you look through a microscope you can see real molecules, and they have little red, blue and black dots in them. The black dots are metals. Did you know that the liver chews things and then sends kelp or alfalfa to the thyroid gland and penicillin to the I know this one – it's a hibiscus.salivary glands?

I could go on and on with these revelations, but it is better if you read it yourself. I thought of highlighting the best parts but there are just too many. Dr Veronneau was awarded a prize named after Dr Albert Schweitzer for a lecture she gave on "The DNA of Blood", but I can only assume she spoke in Finnish and they listened in German. She does approve of coffee, though, so I will go and make a cup. My ventricles could do with a jolt to get them breathing and purifying again.


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