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The Canary Party

Canaries. They are yellow and not smart (28/5/2011)
A new political party has been proposed for the USA. It is the Canary Party and wants to campaign on the platform of denying good health to citizens. No, not opposing a universal health care plan like the Teabaggers do, but all good health for all people. They have a particular hatred for children, as they are opposed to vaccines. And who are the people behind it, you might ask. Well, here is what they say:

You have probably never heard of any of us.

We are a group of citizens who are disturbed by the increasingly failing health of those in our society. Among us are those who have been injured by the medical industry, those with children or loved ones who have been harmed and killed by the medical industry, medical professionals who are upset with what is happening in their field and those who endeavor to preserve human health in spite of increasingly corrupt and failing medical establishment.

It's a bit hard to know whether we have ever heard of any of them, because the decline to tell us who they are. This is obviously why they have chosen yellow, the colour of cowardice, as the background colour for their web site. I am not surprised at this cowardice, as you only have to read the words above to see that they have paranoia as one of their mental illnesses.

As well as being yellow, they share another cultural meme with canaries. Just think of what it means to say that someone is "bird-brained", and then you will get it. A bunch of yellow bird-brains. I couldn't have put it better myself.


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