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Century Nutrition's Tijuana Clinic

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The following photographs were taken on Sunday, January 11, 2004. They show the sort of place that Hulda Clark was charging people tens of thousands of dollars per week to attend. Compare it to your local hospital and then tell me that Clark is not a disgusting cheat.

The streetscape. Clark's clinic is the pink building on the left.

Note the high-quality tape used to hold up the sign.

The building in all its glory. No, that is not Clark, it is a lady.

A car in the street outside. Note the chain holding the bumper on. Note the sign in the window. Does Clark need a (very cheap) funeral director to be on hand at all times?

Hulda's 'hood (30/10/2004)
I was veging out in front of the television a few nights back when an episode of The Shield came on. I don't particularly like this show because I think it stretches the "cop with heart of gold who bends the rules to get results" genre a bit too far, but I couldn't see the remote control and I couldn't be bothered looking for it so I sat back and waited to be entertained. In this particular episode, head rough cop Vic and his team have an immediate and pressing need for some cash so they go to Tijuana to roust $400,000 out of a drug dealer. They get his attention by hanging a tyre around his neck, splashing petrol over him and threatening to set him alight. When they get the money, the dealer's crew shoot a lot of holes in the cops' car but they get away successfully. As the LA Police want to talk to the dealer and extradition is a nuisance, the cops decide to take him back home with them. A quick trip to a pharmacy to get some Rohypnol PB and companion make a discreet keep the dealer quiet and they are on their way. The only tense moment comes when they arrive at the customs and immigration station at the border with a kidnapped, petrol-soaked, unconscious, drugged, bound and gagged drug dealer and a sports bag containing $400K in the trunk of a car which has lots of tourist stickers on it to cover up the bullet holes, but a bit of light-hearted banter gets them past the inspection. Did I mention that this show challenges the suspension of disbelief a little?

I've spent a couple of days in Tijuana and I am sure that I am not the only tourist who looks for familiar sights and landmarks in films and television shows set in places I have visited. One scene of a battle between the cops and the robbers was filmed in a spot which very few tourists to Tijuana would recognise, but I had been there. That's right, folks – when Hollywood wants a location which epitomises the sleazier parts of Tijuana, the sort of place where a gunfight between cops and a drug gang might not raise an eyebrow, they set up the vans, lights and cameras in the street outside Hulda Clark's salubrious cancer treatment clinic. As my travelling companion commented at the time, you can buy all sorts of prescription drugs from shops in Tijuana but in Hulda's part of the world drug sales are made through the windows of cars. And remember – it can cost up to $15,000 per week to attend the clinic to have your cancer or AIDS "cured".


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