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Asking Len Horowitz

The context for this page is "Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection".

The following exchange of correspondence appeared on the web page This page is no longer available, but the following was extracted from the page history stored at the Internet Archive Wayback Project.

E-mailed Question:

Dear Leonard Horowitz

Alan Yurko has referred me to you as possibly being able to help. A group of families in Canada are initiating the beginnings of class action suits for vaccine victims in Canada. The first Canadian class action filed against Aventis Pasteur for DTP was limited to children vaccinated under age 2 and before 1994. We are in the process of initiating a second class action against the Canadian government as well as Aventis Pasteur. We are also working with a political attorney challenging the Canadian laws that require us to prove causality as well as negligence in Canadian courts and review of the wrongful death laws in this country. We are reaching out to the vaccine community for experts and possible plaintiffs. Can you please help?

Sincerely Christine Colebeck

Dr. Horowitz's Answer:

I have been asked, on several occasions, to be a legal consultant and expert witness in vaccine injury cases. I will be please to help. Just let me know what you would like to have me do.

Best wishes,
Len Horowitz

E-mailed Question:

Dear Dr Horowitz

Thank-you so much for your response and support. We are living in the dark ages over here in Canada. Vaccines are not even a recognized cause of injury or death yet. We still go about pretending it doesn't ever happen. Our vaccines are pushed on parents as a requirement of attending school, but our reporting system is passive and voluntary. Adverse reactions are severely underreported and these stats are used to reassure the public that vaccines are safe. We also do not have "informed consent"

The two class actions we have now are Canada wide and against several pharma companies. We are also starting up another law suit against the Canadian government,(who licenses vaccines and pushes them on the public, the physicians (who administered the vaccines) as well as the pharma companies (who produce vaccines.)

My daughter died a few hours after her first DTP OPV vaccine at the age of 3 months. The cause of death was listed as "SIDS" and no adverse report was ever filed. My son had an adverse reaction to DT IPV and MMR, he was diagnosed with PDD/aspergers a short time later. No adverse report was filed on his behalf either. My son was never given pertussis, as the doctor's felt that my daughter "may have" reacted to live cell pertussis. (although the vaccine didn't cause her death according to them) We immediately stopped vaccinating our son and he stopped regressing.

It is not money that we hope to gain from these legal actions. It is informed consent, mandatory reporting of reactions, acknowledgement that children CAN and ARE injured by vaccines and accountability by our government (in the way of treatment for our brain damaged and autistic children) that we are truly seeking.

We need expert witnesses when this goes to court and to help us prepare for one of the largest legal and political battles this country has ever seen. After careful research, I and am confident that you are the best. We desperately need the very best to represent our most valuable resource, our children.

Christine Colebeck

Dr. Horowitz's Answer:

I will be glad to help. Please let me know what you need from me.

Much love,
Len Horowitz

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