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Encouragement Award  2019Comment and Opinion

Crazy Mothers
[It didn't take long, but the Crazy Mothers web site disappeared in July 2020. Maybe they don't allow Internet access in the asylum.]

This site was Highly Commended in the 2019 Millenium Awards. The citation read:

I was originally going to just give this site an Encouragement Award, but on closer examination it warranted something more substantial. Encouraging its owner to tell more lies would be pointless, because it looks like they are all there already.

How could I not encourage an an anti-vaccination liar web site calling itself "Crazy Mothers? On closer examination it appears to be only one crazy mother who started the site because of some perceived "vaccine damage" to one of her children. The particular mother who owns the site is very proud of her work but apparently not proud enough to identify herself beyond being a "loud redhead", so I would encourage her to tell everyone her name and also say where the profit from her "non profit" company goes. (There is a shop, of course.) Another thing she should be encouraged to do is to provide some truthful information. After all, part of the site's mission is "We work with mothers to help them gain true informed consent, so the decision to vaccinate (or not!) comes from a place of knowledge as opposed to fear" so it might be useful to drop the fear mongering and lies and actually say something that might help a parent make a "decision to vaccinate". Yes, I know that any suggestion that the site might contain anything that would help someone make an "informed consent ... to vaccinate" is itself a lie, but lying is what anti-vaccination liars do. It's their raison d'Ítre.

I do approve of the name Crazy Mothers though. It's rare to see someone so open and almost boastful about the insanity of their ideas and actions.

How not to achieve your aim (14/12/2019)
Imagine that you were offended at what people called you, so you asked them to use different words. Imagine if the response was ridicule that went viral all across social media. Well that's what happened when Crazy Mothers (yes, that was the name) asked for anti-vaccination liars to be treated with respect. The response was universally of the "plague carriers", "child killers", "disease lovers" kind. Some people even used rude words, which are of course totally appropriate when referring to these vermin. The name "Crazy Mothers" caused much amusement by its self-referential quality.

I consulted a couple of online thesauri (my old Latin teacher would arise from her grave and beat me around the head if I wrote "thesauruses", except when I did it just there for a good reason) and found that apparently there is no synonym in English for "arsehole" so I guess I'll have to stick to "anti-vaccination liars". Someone emailed me once to complain about her web site being listed under that category here and asking why this had happened. She wasn't happy with my answer, which was that she told lies about vaccines. My contrition level was down there at the Planck length.


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