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Did the universe and life evolve, or was it specially created in 6 days?

The BookIn June, 2005, Australian Skeptics participated in an online debate against the creationists at Answers in Genesis. The debate took place on the Sydney Morning Herald's Webdiary site and was conducted along the lines of a normal spoken debate, but done in writing with each team producing three papers over a week. Our three presentations are listed here, together with a request for the creationists to actually produce some evidence

The full debate, including comments from members of the public, was published on the Herald's Webdiary site. Some time after the debate took place the journalist who ran Webdiary, Margo Kingston, left the newspaper and started her own blog to carry on what she had been doing as an employee. Around the end of March 2007 the archives of Webdiary were removed from the Herald web site. It appears that at least some of the archives were reproduced on Ms Kingston's new site, but the site search facility there is pathetic and I was only able to find one round of the debate (without the public comments) and all the links on that page to other parts of the debate went to the no-longer-existing Herald pages. I gave up looking.

You can see both sides here.


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