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Western Herb & Dietary Products (site disappeared some time in 2007)

This site used to have the title "Safe and Effective Cancer Treatments from Western Herb & Dietary Products, Inc" and operated with the domain name "", selling the quackery products of not-a-medical Dr Hulda Clark. In June 2001, the scamsters came to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission and agreed to a temporary injunction to stop pretending that they could cure cancer, AIDS, diabetes and Alzheimers among other things,. (See the FTC report here.)

The site went away for a while, but now it is back without mentioning cancer in either the title or the domain name. The suggestion of possible cures is still there, but it is done in the clever way of just showing the covers of Clark's execrable books, quoting from them, and publishing a disclaimer which says that it is nobody's fault if the stuff doesn't work. Any good lawyer should be able to argue before the FTC that the site is no longer offering cures or treatment (it is just selling books), isn't promising to provide these in the future (just look at those disclaimers on every page), and is only offering herbal formulas (eg HIV & AIDS Formula $1176.90) without saying what these formulas do.

What a clever pack of liars they are.

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