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The Discovery Institute

This site was Highly Commended in the 2005 Millenium Awards.

The award citation read:

You might think that something named "The Discovery Institute" might be somehow involved in the process of discovery. In this case you would be wrong, because this "discovery" institute is committed to the propagation of received wisdom and dogma. The purpose of this organisation is to get biblical creationism taught in schools in place of science. To get around the inevitable problems created by constitutions and courts which forbid (or at least inhibit) the blurring of the lines between religion and reality, the link with Genesis and creationism is denied and something called "Intelligent Design" is offered in its place as some sort of scientific theory. The fact that this supposed theory makes no testable predictions and can therefore never be tested is (deliberately) overlooked on the quite reasonable assumption that most people are unaware of what it means to talk about the methods and principles of scientific knowledge. The fact that the only possible "Intelligent Designer" is the God of First Cause is denied on the quite reasonable assumption that most people are unaware of the writings of St Thomas Aquinas. Like the more common and familiar version of creationism peddled by outfits like Answers in Genesis, this version relies on an ignorance of both science and religion. At least AiG is honest about what they are doing.


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