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Hindu Unity

Hindu Unity was Highly Commended in the 2001 Millenium Awards. The award was announced in the following words:

This image of dripping blood is from the "Hit List" page of a web site belonging to a group called Hindu Unity. The hit list is of people who have committed crimes against the Hindu religion, and includes such diverse people as Pope John Paul II, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Osama Bin Laden and David Duke. Apparently, Robertson is especially disliked because he doesn't want people to convert from Christianity to Hinduism. The odd thing is that I thought it was impossible for anyone to convert to Hinduism. What makes Hindu the most ridiculous of all the world's major religions is the caste system, based on reincarnation and the predestination dictated by birth. If people could convert to this nonsense, wouldn't they all choose to be Brahmins so they could lord it over all the lower forms of humanity? I suppose I will get added to the list now, and if I am I will celebrate with a barbeque. There's nothing I like more to eat than a steak, especially when I remember that steak is made from a cow.


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