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ASPARTAME DISEASE: An Ignored Epidemic

This site belongs to a Dr H J Roberts and the vanity press operation which publishes his books. The heading above is the title of one of his books which is regularly cited by the opponents of the sweetener Aspartame. On this page you are told that:

"Dr. Roberts has been knighted by the Order of St. George for his professional and humanitarian efforts."

It also used to say:

"He is a three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee"

The Order of St George was a Russian Imperial military honour. It is reasonable to assume that none of these awards have been handed out since 1917.

Unless Dr Roberts is a British citizen or a citizen of a Commonwealth country, he is unlikely that he would receive a knighthood from the Order of St Michael and St George. He could be made an honorary member of the order, but that isn't a knighthood. If he were a knight of the order, he would use the initials KCMG or GCMG after his name. (I cannot imagine someone holding this honour who would not do this.) Outside of the UK, the honour is usually reserved for people who become Governors General, that is, the local representatives of the Crown. It is not awarded for "professional and humanitarian efforts".

The Knights of St George is a social group who get together in fancy dress and play at being medieval knights. It is probably a lot of fun. There was a Star Trek conference near my place recently where similar activity took place, although I suspect the Trekkies take what they do much more seriously. and

The Order of St George of Alfama has not been awarded since 1399.

Then there is the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, although there may be some problems if Dr Roberts has a son (or stepson?) who is a Rabbi, because "The Order is dedicated to propaganda of the Faith, Defence of the Church and support of the Holy See; the members owe a particular duty of loyalty to the Pope and to support the teachings and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church".

Here's a likely one, though. The Kingdom of Landreth has a knighthood in "The Order of Saint George the Dragonslayer" which is conferred on "workers within the health care profession". I don't know whether you have to pay the $150 to become a citizen of Landreth before you can be knighted. [dead link]

Update: It looks like the Kingdom of Landreth has sunk beneath the waves, has been conquered by an enemy, or didn't have enough credit on the treasury Visa card to renew the domain name and hosting. Perhaps it will come back some day. PB 15 December 2001

A supporter of Dr Roberts gave me a list of people claiming to have knighthoods in the Order of St George in an apparent attempt to convince me that if something is possible then it must have happened. Most of the people in the list were claiming the award as being something to do with the US Armor and Cavalry service, but that is irrelevant here as Dr Roberts is not claiming to have a military award but one for "professional and humanitarian efforts". As the claimants couldn't seem to agree on the name of the knighthood and the United States Cavalry & Armor Association only talks about medallions, not a knighthood, I wrote to the Association for clarification. They replied: "The only award we have are the Bronze Silver and Gold levels of the order of St George. We also have a Noble Patron of Armor award. Do not know what you are talking about".

It seems that doctors who are US citizens can receive knighthoods in an Order of St George from the Greek King. Well, they could in the early 1920s. The current King of Greece lives in England and probably doesn't do much Greek ceremonial work these days, what with the sailing and the International Olympic Committee taking up so much of his time.

The mystery has been solved! I asked Dr Roberts about it and he replied: "I was knighted at a formal ceremony of the Constantinian Order of St. George in April 1993, personally by Prince Henry Constantine Paleologo. (The address is 126 Cross Road, Marsa, Malta.)".

Here is some information about Prince Henri. His official web site has disappeared.

Update 21 September 2002: A supporter of Dr Roberts claimed that I was a bit harsh on him because the fact that his name was not mentioned on the Pulitzer web site did not prove that he had never been nominated. My view is that filling in the forms yourself and sending in the $50 entry fee does not entitle anyone to claim that they have been nominated. All this is moot, however, as the reference to the Pulitzer Prize has been removed from Dr Roberts' site. Dr Roberts has told me: "Several of my books were accepted for consideration for Pulitzer Prizes (in different categories) by the department at Columbia University".

All nominations for the Pulitzer Prize can be found on the prize web site. The only occurrences of the name "Roberts" are:

So – Dr Roberts has a pretend knighthood and his only connection with the Pulitzer Prize is that some of his works have been entered for consideration. What else does he say that is not true?


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