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Sent by email by Tim Bolen to someone who asked for evidence of not-Dr Clark's cancer cure claims
(about) 6 January 2000

This is a message from Tim Bolen whose main job seems to be frightening people on behalf of renowned cancer quack not-Dr Hulda Clark. This message fell off the back of a truck passing my place. I have no qualms about publishing it here even though it was sent to someone else (it is on a public archive on the web). The recipient was a person who had a legitimate interest in what Clark is doing because his mother died from cancer recently and he had become interested in cancer quackery as a result. It is said that playing the Nazi card is usually a sign of a losing argument, but in this case the idiot's deranged nonsense about armbands, jackboots and ovens makes no sense at all.


In response to your poorly written, whining, e-mail...

I'll bet that last week you wrote to the Pope and demanded proof of God, right? And the week before that you wrote to NASA for proof there is a moon, right?

Why don't you write to the UN and demand proof that the world is round? Or, why don't you write to the internet, and demand proof that there really is a world-wide web? Or maybe you should write to your mother and ask her...

Gee, what a great organization the NCAHF is. It certainly is democratic. It's a place where a house painter with a grade school education, and an IQ of 52(?), can set himself up as a judge of world renowned research scientists, and health humanitarians. Congratulations! Long on ego, short on reality.

Go iron your armband, you might get a chance to goose-step this weekend.

Quackpot, you're wasting your time. They lied to you. There's not going to be a Fourth Reich... and this is still America. As I recall, the last time you people came forward with your attitude problem, we bombed your cities flat (Dresden), and when we hit the beach June 6, 1944 it only took us eleven months (May 8, 1945) to shake hands with the Russian forces at the Elbe river, and you people had been begging for surrender terms for months before that. It seems that your group was too busy shipping Jews to the ovens to come and fight.

You want it your way? Go to Burger King.

Nobody worries about you... (except possibly the mothers of small children in your neighborhood?).

Get a life. Get treatment. Can you provide us with verifiable proof you haven't been eating lead paint chips?

Tim Bolen


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