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MagnaBloc Therapeutic Magnets
A link check in 2019 showed that this is now Quadrabloc. Still the same claims to cure all sorts of things, but now apparently a real business, not part of Amway or any other pyramid, sorry, direct marketing scheme.

This site received an Encouragement Award in the 1999 Millenium Project Awards. The award was announced in the following words:

The first Encouragement Award goes to Amway for their MagnaBloc site. This combines the financial and mathematical fraud of multi-level marketing with the medical fraud of magnetic therapy. Many useless medical treatments are distributed through multi-level marketing, but this site exemplifies the genre – useless product, useless marketing model, fancy web site, catchy name not associated with an existing brand name. I am surprised the lawyers let the name "Amway" stay on the site. Surely lawyers who can argue that a solid shape made up from one square side and four isosceles triangles is not a pyramid could have done better. If Amway want some better lawyers, I have a system of legal advice where you buy some advice for yourself, but you can reduce the costs by getting your friends to buy as well. If your friends can get their friends to join, you could even get an income for life. It's not a pyramid scheme. I asked my lawyer.

Update – The name Amway has been removed from this site and it now refers to Quixtar, but we all know who that really is. PB 1 June 2001

From: "tony"
Subject: magnets by magnabloc
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 08:55:54 +1000

I have recently purchased Magna BLOC theraputic magnets. How long do these magnets remain effective. Do you have to remove and reset.and any information to get the most effective use from them.

Yours faithfully
Heather Pocock

As the magnets do nothing to begin with they will remain at 100% effectiveness forever and therefore never need any maintenance.

Ask for your money back. I am sure that Amway have a full refund policy.


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