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Royal Rife Research Society

When I did my regular link check on 6 December, 2002, I found that the site belonging to the Royal Rife Research Society had disappeared. Because the Rife machine is a classic in medical quackery, I went looking to see where this site had gone to. Imagine my surprise to find that the owner of the site was spending some time as a guest of the government. John Bryon Krueger is spending 30 months inside for selling fraudulent medical devices, although he probably won't notice the sentence because he is doing it concurrently with 12 years for conspiracy to kidnap and murder someone. This is consistent behaviour, because anyone selling or promoting the use of Rife machines is actively participating in an activity which has the potential to deprive people of their liberty (by keeping them sick when they could be well) and to kill them by convincing them that useless treatments can work for terminal diseases.

See the John Bryon Krueger story here.

See a review of a book about the Rife Machine here.


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