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Simply Healing
This site was vapourised in December 2020

In 2019 a quack named Aleksander Strande was shut down by the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission. It's a very unusual name, especially when two people in the same business have it.

But wait, there's more. Or maybe just a coincidence (28/9/2019)
Is it possible that there are two naturopath quacks in the world with the same name – Aleksander Strande? It does seem unlikely, doesn't it, but there was another of these creatures operating out of Texas, USA, in 2011. That one now seems to have morphed into a service offering marketing and search engine optimisation advice to the quackery industry under the business name of "Simply Healing". Maybe it got too warm in Houston and Mr Strande thought that Kogarah might have better weather.


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