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(In 2021 this site turned into some sort of casino or online gambling site. My experience with such places suggests that there isn't much truth there either.)

I have found it a useful practice to assume that any web site with "truth' in its name is devoid of anything looking like truth. This site did nothing to persuade me I might be wrong.

Kind And Gentle kicks off for 2019 (28/1/2019)
The very first Kind and Gentle email for 2019.

Subject: Welcome!
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 14:47:15 +1100

Hello Bernie,

I'm in the process of resurrecting my Millenium Project site at and of course I am eager to find new sites to add to the various lists there. Truth Library has been added to the lists for medical fraud, anti-vaccination liars, pseudoscience, buffoonery and general liars (I have found it a useful heuristic to assume that any web site with "truth" in its name will contain little of it).

I might add a commentary about your site one day, but for the meantime inclusion in the various lists will have to suffice.

Thank you for your efforts.

And he replied:

Wow Peter great to see you haven't died yet. Good luck with your endeavours. I'm sure that the many brainwashed maniacs that you have as a following will enjoy that new gem for the internet. It will be a good addition to the Murdoch media dominance in Australia. Why don't you add a section about Trump. That must be satisfying for you as well. Anyway, don't really care how you get off. And have no idea why you would think I would care for one second about you mentioning me or my website on another website. The more you mention the website. The more it will be viewed. I just pay now to keep it online and will do so for the future. I'm over writing stories. But if you ever have any aspiring writers who want to publish their garbage. Why don't you give me a shout out. Thanks for writing about me. In the future when the truth comes out this will be brilliant and lovely.

Please don't hesitate to mention me multiple times. Enjoy your life.

I know I am.


Apparently I work for Rupert Murdoch. Payments from him must be going to the same place as my Big Pharma shillbucks, because I never see them.


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