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Dentistry Fraud

Fraud in dentistry differs from most medical fraud in that it is often carried out by qualified dentists. Most of the fraud is based on frightening people about two chemicals - fluoride and mercury - and the horror of root canal therapy.

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Affinity Laboratory/Labeling Technologies – Boyd Haley
Amalgam Mercury Poisoning Sufferers – Lyn Rennick
Australasian Society of Oral Medicine And Toxicology
Australian Fluoridation News – Glen Walker
Australian Fluoride Action
Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry
Canada Homeopathic Dental Health & Research
Consumers for Dental Choice
Cure Tooth Decay – Ramiel Nagel
DAMS Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions
DAMS: Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome Support Group – Bernie Windham
Dental Disease Prevention and Resources – Mark Gold
Dental fillings, root filings, amalgam and health risk
Dental Wellness
Eric Davis Dental
Fluoridation / Fluoride Toxic Chemicals In Your Water – Mark Gold
Fluoride Action Network
Fluoride Information Australia – Diana Buckland
Fluoride Issues
Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea?
Fluorides and Fluoridation – Darlene Sherrell
Heartland Healing
Holistic Dental
Huggins Applied Healing – Hal Huggins
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research
Mercury Free Now
Mercury Poisoning – Marie's Story
Mercury Safe Dentists – Tom McGuire
National Integrated Health Associates
Positive Health
Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
St Leonards Holistic Dental Care
Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity – Rachel Hall
Talk International – Wayne Obie
The Toxic Exposure Study Trust (TEST) Foundation – Boyd Haley
Water Fluoridation in Pennsylvania
Wholistic Dentistry – David Howard
World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry


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