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Health Fraud

Health fraud falls into two broad classes – telling people lies that may kill them or someone else, and stealing from people by selling bogus medicines. The sites listed here provide useful information in the battle against quackery and for people just wanting to find out more about how real medicine works. (A list of sites offering suspect or fraudulent medical advice, products and services can be found at The Millenium Project.)

Articles and other comments in The Millenium Project relevant to health fraud and quackery.

Some articles by other people.

books about Health Fraud.

Books with reviews:

Books relating to other categories can be found here.

My state government has set up a committee to look at medical quackery. You can see some of the reactions here.

There are sites listed in this category. Please click here for a listing with brief descriptions of the entries.

125 Fake Cancer 'Cures' Consumers Should Avoid
The 22 Best Ways to Quit Smoking
90% of all claims about the problems with medical studies are wrong (Scott Alexander)
About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)
Advocates for Children in Therapy
Alternative Medicine and Cancer (Peter Moran)
Alzheimer Myths (dental amalgam, aspartame, ...)
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Council on Science and Health
American Medical Association Journal of Ethics
Americans for Medical Progress
Are you a quack?
Are Your Kids Protected from Cancer Caused by HPV?
The Aspartame Home Page
Australasian Science magazine (Peter Bowditch)
Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Australian Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System
Australian Clinical Trials
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
The Australian False Memory Association
Australian Family Physician
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry
The Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc (Nutrition Australia)
Australian Prescriber
Australian Skeptics Blog at Yahoo!7 (Peter Bowditch)
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
Bad Science (BG) (Ben Goldacre)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Biomedical Search – Medical Research and Health Resources
Blue Mountains Critical Thinking Group
British Medical Journal
CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD, Inc.)
Chirobase (Stephen Barrett)
Clinical Trials – TGA
Clinical Trials Register
The Cochrane Collaboration
The Cochrane Library
The Cochrane Library (Australian access)
Code of Conduct for health providers in NSW
The Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health
Communicable Diseases Intelligence
Complaining to the HCCC
Concerns about practitioners (AHPRA)
Current Issues in Alternative Medicine
David Ramey, DVM
DC's Improbable Science (David Colquhoun)
Debunking Thought Field Therapy (Brandon Gaudiano)
Diet and Cancer Prevention
Diffusion Radio
Diluted Thinking in Australian Health Care (Christine Bayne)
Directory of Open Access Journals
The Drug Industry Document Archive
Edzard Ernst (Dr Edzard Ernst)
Evidence, Please. (Jo Alabaster)
Facts Versus Fears (ACSH)
Federal Trade Commission
Fighting Spurious Complementary & Alternative Medicine (SCAM)
Food and Drug Administration
Fragrance Allergy & Sensitivity: Symptoms Prevention and Treatment
Free Medical Journals
Friends of Science in Medicine
Good Thinking (Simon Singh)
Hahnemann's Organon Of Medicine
Health Care Complaints Commission (NSW)
Health Fraud Scams
Health Information (Loretta Marron)
Healthwatcher (Terry Polevoy)
Healthy Children (American Academy of Pediatrics)
Healthy Skepticism
Hell's News Stand
How does homeopathy work?
The Infectious Diseases Society of America
Information for Consumers (Drugs)
International AIDS Society
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
Keeping Kids, Pets, and Seniors Safe from Cigarette Smoke at Home
Kids Health
Kimball's Biology Pages (John Kimball)
The Lancet
Levels of Evidence for Human Studies of Cancer – Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The LymphoSite (Tom Sidwell)
Magnet Therapy: A Billion-dollar Boondoggle (Bruce L. Flamm)
The Measles & Rubella Initiative
The Medical Journal of Australia
MEDLINEplus: Medical Encyclopedia
The Merck Manuals
Metaphysical Dictionary Contents (Jack Raso)
The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices (Bob McCoy)
Narconon Exposed
The National Cancer Institute
National Cancer Institute – News releases
The National Council Against Health Fraud
National Fraud Information Center
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Library of Medicine, Medlineplus Health Fraud
National Prescribing Service
The New England Journal of Medicine
NIAID Division of AIDS
Nonrecommended Periodicals (Stuart Adams)
Nutrition and Lifestyle for Mesothelioma Patients
Operation Cure.All (US Federal Trade Commission)
PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health)
Persiflagers Annotated Compendium of Infections Disease Facts, Opinion and Dogma (Mark Crislip)
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Potential Forensic Significance of Traditional Herbal Medicines
Probability and Statistics -- from MathWorld
Pseudodoxia Epidemica : or, Enquiries Into very many Received Tenents And commonly presumed Truths. (Sir Thomas Browne)
Public Health Reseach & Practice (NSW Health Department)
The Quack Doctor
QuackCast (Mark Crislip)
The Quackometer (Andy Lewis)
Quackwatch (Stephen Barrett)
Quantum Quackery (Victor J. Stenger)
Recovered Memory Therapy in Australia
Regulation of advertising of therapeutic goods in Australia
Reporting a criminal offence (AHPRA)
Respectful Insolence (David Gorski)
Rosemary Jacob's argyria introduction page (Rosemary Jacobs)
Science at Home (Deb Hodgkin)
Science Based Medicine
Science Business (David Shaywitz)
Science, Reason and Critical Thinking (Crispian Jago)
The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice
Senior Care Resources – Cancer
Sense About Science
The SkepDoc (Harriet Hall)
The Skeptical OB (Dr Amy Tuteur)
Skeptical Raptor
The Skeptic's Dictionary – Alternative Medicine (Robert T. Carroll)
Skeptics' Stack Exchange
Skin Cancer Awareness Guide
Sleep Health Information
Steelclaws on Snake Oil
Stuff and Nonsense
Taubman Medical Library Homeopathy Collection
Terra Sigillata
Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)
Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (Australia)
The Toadstool Millionaires: A Social History of Patent Medicines in America before Federal Regulation (James Harvey Young PhD)
The Truth, Myths and Lies About the Health and Diet of the "Long-Lived" People of Hunza, Pakistan, Hunza Bread and Pie Recipes
Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments (Justin Kruger and David Dunning)
The View From The Hills (Rosalie Hilleman)
What's The Harm? (Tim Farley)

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