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The set of categories for listing sites parallels those used in The Millenium Project. Sites may appear in more than one category.

The Green Light Bookshop has some books that deal with the topics covered here. If you click on the picture of a book next to a category, you will be taken to a list of relevant books.

Health Fraud ( sites )

Health fraud falls into two broad classes – telling people lies that may kill them or someone else, and stealing from people by selling bogus medicines. The sites listed here provide useful information in the battle against quackery and for people just wanting to find out more about how real medicine works.

Vaccination ( sites )

It is almost beyond the comprehension of sane people that there should be organised opposition to vaccines. A special place should be reserved in Hell for the people who want to kill or maim children by preventing them from receiving vaccinations. This is a special case of health fraud, because most of the other sorts at least pretend to cure something. The sites listed here provide factual information about the benefits and risks of vaccines.

Dentistry Fraud ( sites )

Fraud in dentistry differs from most medical fraud in that it is often carried out by qualified dentists. Most of the fraud is based on frightening people about two chemicals – fluoride and mercury – or by talking nonsense about root canal therapy. The sites listed here provide factual information about these concerns.

Racism ( sites )

Racism takes many forms and points in many directions. This is a difficult category, because it is easy for the pendulum to swing too far and produce unrecognised racist views in the opposite direction to the conventional idea of what racism is. If the principle is equality then equality needs to be observed, and discrimination in one direction is never better than the same thing in the opposite direction.

Religious bigotry ( sites )

Religion, unlike skin colour, is a matter of choice, so criticism of others' religious beliefs is legitimate. The sites here provide some answers to the religious bigotry listed at The Millenium Project.

Creationism ( sites )

Saying that chapters 1 to 11 of Genesis make up a science text book is not only an affront to scientists, atheists, non-Christians and non-believers, but is deeply insulting to the intellect of the many theologians and believers who see the Bible as an inspired work of literature that explains the relationship between God and Man.

Sexuality ( sites )

The sites listed in this category at The Millenium Project attack someone because of their sex, gender or sexual preferences or are offensive because of the message they convey about sexuality, and include the work of feminists, misogynists, gay bashers, straight bashers, paedophiles and other vermin. The sites listed here offer alternative views, rebuttals and factual information.

Pseudoscience ( sites )

Much of the idiocy on the web is supported by an appeal to misguided or weird science. The sites listed here provide an antidote to the pseudoscience and junk science that threatens to deceive us and rot our brains an a daily basis.

Buffoonery ( sites )

There are many sites on the web which amaze visitors because of general stupidity, lack of logic, or just plain detachment from reality. The sites listed here provide some sensible answers to the craziness.

Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid Schemes, Scams and Frauds ( sites )

Get rich quick, just forget about things like mathematics, the population of the world, and how many friends you would like to still have at the end of the year. A pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme, even if black-letter law pretends it is not. Pyramid schemes aren't the only way fraudsters try to empty wallets. The sites listed here explain the traps and the fraud of many methods of making you poorer.

Cults ( sites )

"A destructive cult is a pyramid-shaped authoritarian regime with a person or group of people that have dictatorial control. It uses deception in recruiting new members (e.g. people are NOT told up front what the group is, what the group actually believes and what will be expected of them if they become members). It also uses mind control techniques to keep people dependent and obedient". Steven Hassan

Logic, Critical Thinking and Scientific Methodology ( sites )

Many of the sites listed in The Millenium Project are there because they are based on a faulty understanding of how science, logic and the universe work. The sites listed here provide some of the tools needed to expose and cut through the nonsense.

Useful Blogs ( sites )

Here are some very useful places where you can find regular musings by people who agree with the principles which drive The Green Light.

Other Categories ( sites )

Some sites do not fit into any particular category, but are essentially general reference sites.

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