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Racism takes many forms and points in many directions. The sites listed here provide a balance to the racist sites listed at The Millenium Project. This is a difficult category, because it is easy for the pendulum to swing too far and produce unrecognised racist views in the opposite direction to the conventional idea of what racism is. If the principle is equality then equality needs to be observed, and discrimination in one direction is never better than the same thing in the opposite direction.

Articles about racism from The Millenium Project:

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books about racism.

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Amnesty International

Amnesty International Australia

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

"Does segregation of children in public schools solely on the basis of race ... deprive the children of the minority group of equal educational opportunities? We believe that it does." -U.S. Supreme, Court, May 17,1954

A Cybrary of the Holocaust

The Forgotten Camps

The Hate Directory – Hate Groups on the Internet The Hate Directory - Hate Groups on the Internet

H-Holocaust Discussion Network

The Holocaust Chronicle

This web site contains every word and image that appear in the print edition of The Holocaust Chronicle, published by Publications International, Ltd in April 2000

Holocaust Denial On Trial

David Irving, a British Holocaust denier, sued American professor Deborah Lipstadt and her British publisher, Penguin Books, for libel in a 2000 London trial that made headlines around the world.

Learning For Justice

"Founded by the SPLC under the name Teaching Tolerance in 1991, Learning for Justice was originally created to prevent the growth of hate by reducing prejudice. In the last 30 years, our work has evolved to center justice and the action that students and educators can take to realize change"

The Nizkor Project (Ken McVay)

Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims – the Five Million Others (Terese Pencak Schwartz)

"But what about "the others"? There were five million of them. Who were they? Whose children, whose mothers and fathers were they? How could five million human beings have been killed and forgotten?"

Shoah Research (Holocaust) Resources

Simon Wiesenthal Center

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Center began as a small civil rights law firm in 1971. Now it is internationally known for its tolerance education programs, its legal victories against white supremacist groups, its tracking of hate groups and its sponsorship of the Civil Rights Memorial.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, and literature

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

"A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity."

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What's The Harm? (Tim Farley)

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