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Pope Urban preaching the first CrusadeReligious Bigotry

The illustration is "Pope Urban preaching the first Crusade" from the book by Charles MacKay, 1841.

Religion, unlike skin colour, is a matter of choice, so criticism of others' religious beliefs is legitimate. The sites here go beyond that by substituting abuse for criticism or by being gratuitously offensive.

For the special case of religious idiocy called creationism, please click here.

The Green LightSee some answers to religious bigotry here.

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You can go here to see  articles I have written about religion, and here to see  articles by other people.

The Millenium Bookshop has  books about religion and its effects.

Books relating to other categories can be found here.

Imaginary friendThere's probably no god


There are sites listed in this category.

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A.B.L.E – Association for Better Living and Education
About L. Ron Hubbard
American Family Association
American Life League
American Pie and the Armageddon Bible Prophecy
America's Promise Ministries
Apologetics Press
Army of God
Australian Christian Lobby – Jim Wallace
Benny Hinn Ministries
Bible Believers – what Jesus is doing NOW
Biblical Health TV – Jeff Hazim
Bob Larson Ministries -- DO WHAT JESUS DID
Bridge Publications (Scientology)
The Catholic League
Chalcedon Foundation – The Bible, reformed theology, and Christian reconstruction applied to life
Chick Publications – Jack Chick
Children of God for Life
Christian City Church
Christian Coalition – Pat Robertson
Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Citizens Commission on Human Rights (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania)
Conservapedia – The trusted encyclopedia – Andy Schlafly
Conservative Bible Project
Daniel Bible Prophecy – Allen Roy
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard
Eagle Forum – Phyllis Schlafly
End Times News & Bible Teaching – Now The End Begins
Exposing the Atheist
Family Radio – Harold Camping
Focus on the Family
Freedom Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest
Ganeshjii – Sai Baba
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing
God Hates Fags (Westboro Baptist Church) – Fred Phelps
Gospel Answers – Arthur Daniels
Gospel Broadcasting Association
The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
Hal Turner Show
Hallelujah Acres Present the Hallelujah Diet – George Malkmus
Hillsong Church
Hindu Unity – Soldiers of Hindutva! Awake Hindus!!
The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)
Jehovah's Witnesses: Watchtower Society Official Web Site
Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God
John Edward – Psychic
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Kingdom Identity Ministries
Living waters – Ray Comfort
Living Waters Down Under – Ray Comfort

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(The symbol Comment shows that there are some comments here about the site.)


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