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Dürer - Adam and EveCreationism

The illustrations are The Creation by Michelangelo and Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer. Click on the images to see larger versions of these works.

Michelangelo - The CreationSaying that chapters 1 to 11 of Genesis make up a science text book is not only an affront to scientists, atheists, non-Christians and non-believers, but is deeply insulting to the intellect of the many theologians and believers who see the Bible as an inspired work of literature that explains the relationship between God and Man.

The Green Light See some answers to creationist nonsense here.

Evolution is a fact!You can go here to see  articles I have written about creationism, and here to see  articles by other people.

The Millenium Bookshop has  books about creationism.

Books relating to other categories can be found here.


Intelligent design

There are sites listed in this category.

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Access Research Network
Alien Intrusion
Answers in Genesis
Apologetics Press
Center for Scientific Creation
Christian Geology Ministry
Conservapedia – The trusted encyclopedia – Andy Schlafly
Creation Facts – Malcolm Bowden
Creation Ministries International
Creation Research – John Mackay
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Association of Alberta
Creation Science Evangelism – Kent Hovind
Creation Science Resource
Creation Studies Institute
Creation SuperLibrary
Creation Today
Dinosaur and Human Footprints Together
The Discovery Institute
Evolution News from The Discovery Institute
Gospel Answers – Arthur Daniels
Institute for Creation Research
Things that Never Could Have Evolved
True Blue Healer
The TrueOrigin Archive
The Van Andel Creation Research Center

A new theory of synthesis


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