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Transcribing with Dragon

On September 18, 2014, I recorded an interview with James Randi. I used it to test the limitations of the transcription facility in Dragon Naturally Speaking, a program which has given me excellent results when used to accept dictation. The result was amusing, but of little use to anyone wanting to write an report of the conversation.

Thank you very near and now I will go yeah thanks dear me in your letter working and great are only and wrap on the okay to get using the CES will the is only the size of the space I am here it was good to see you again we met the three previous occasions so I I met you in 2000 Sydney 2004 at the speaker team in Las Vegas and again in 2010 when you are in Sydney but am asking I was yes very WI Zoom button are quite how haven't on backing it so I haven't seen the film so that was some questions which may be answered in so I apologise for that but that's just the way things I try to get a copy but apparently they're not giving it away all I by the I would admit I that that's perfectly reasonable they are leading at least of the world so I put the questions that you've been at the forefront of the fight against nonsense for a long time what inspired you was an epiphany no use or something that annoyed you and your ability to conjuring skills could be used to fight what use of the drift into it while I do it was more or less timely because of other Professional Edition travelling around the world and I have been in most countries in the world are and in Australia balance but was getting close of the questions people who had would see the show about can sometimes backstage is our question from the edge of they describe something they have done and out across a document where the solutions to the scene of the are in desperate purposes under the shade or something similar they describe the validator was on so-called psychic claim of our garden.

They should have some knowledge about they I know we try to explain to give them and that in many cases only published Anderson generally are would give you a was the the impossible because there are several very important things in the description you are and if you remotely important things at the watch you to know about and why generally only distributed and I would have to that I think you know he humiliated all the time shall be ability to use a man looking at the last is very pleasantly and regularly locate and back even lockout in which you are aware they may make excuses because they only tell stories I think I see little of its people just don't they don't pay attention and that is have a regular letter when you are likely to vary greatly to the growth in a term longer conferences we had in Sydney had a magician performing and up the role of suits was curved in the auditorium and I was the Aussie and Seaside soldier sings of just one end and he stood with side onto me and it a trick that the monarchy was I saw how we did it only for it but I will he will expect to be sitting at the side of him so I will about with and said I notice how you do that is like our make sure in future stand further back and in the case will thing that I am to and pay attention to just the fact that where I was sitting with ice routines were resealed instantly at the table with English rule is you don't it so that I I can see that the devil will see something and I like the idea of calling is often honest liar because that's what magic's about it about deceiving people lying to people so great but the other however will be under the barn to the plane were the way people are to be changed to go to the knowledge of the real world being Jan that what I I think you should I lie like a magic shell as much as anybody but I got to know to what the mind body spirit Festival I see people doing pathetic conjuring tricks if they can get away with this will be when I critical in I did a and a dinner one night I did a young apply can theology thing that I got to the whole packet of sugar and a packet of a smart home and I'm the person I did it to claim that he detected I pushed a lot harder on his arm the obvious last he was in I saw the video when held the sugar I put his arm lightly when Elisabeth was a bit of the grout and didn't notice that but I just don't pull the ball differently only llama that is at a standard public trick the person in that he was the person I was actually working wasn't aware what I was doing and that that you in many ways they are very convincing people who don't have clerical and boldly with the presence of the appropriate in this case I saw a video later and when it when I had his arm was really strong at my feet off the ground is when it when he was at the other, just like you walk up and put his arm in arm I see people do this not obvious in fact chiropractors your prolific that are easier to list and observe what is happening or less against and so it's a Denise question from the outside Australia like the sceptical movement in the United States is broke up faction fighting manuscript the Monty Python's life of Brian the new names today and people from the big front of Judaea to think this could cause permanent damage to the cause or is it just everyone's finally grow up and get on the are you the damage to whether there have been some problems that were looking into now that you are seriously some repair work on the and the around the I reassure you that it is framed you bring your brokerage and get you in life are slowly running on a mission will have time only when it comes to running at conferences and like knife and that and actually doing our control so-called shaking abilities solar were very well in the running were growing to improve Dan and things are looking up have been some problems is legally lucky here are our disagreements tend to be starts the trivial admit and get back to have a beer afterwards and posses literary vicious stuff coming out of the US over the last two or three years and Delia is telling people that if something to say other than that event if they go on with what they really should be doing your ability benefit rivals turning and shouting at each other and Goldstein I'm in a litigant you told disagree with people the devil by Richard Dawkins office in the middle of all this I see things a thesis I disagree with the basic food web is going to agree with and so you do not forgetting the occasional flailing we know that is that sometimes that types without thinking but will do that midnight are to sort of arm that the clearly should be thrown out of the movement arm is really crazy because and is not think that our had over the years and Bob's members many years in fact meeting my brother to me this morning and email when she died 40 something years ago chose were both filed are ideal what you think the new greatest achievement or library regarding the robbery near the and like you found the negotiators are available people are very well I will be due and the approval of the is that the will me that were showing an honest liar get people still emotionally involved that are you coming to be the only question is very accurate that yours running down their faces saying while I ate in August I did know about thank you for being here and me a good bench in my way that you can buy that you can usually get people close and are they located the right way you dog and a positive change under I find that increasingly I studied a silver night I was you might have made an impact on my life and what the LT lavish arm because I think that notes your example of people are and you been saying the things that other people might have thought about same but haven't got around doing through there I think is I think that the chariot is obviously of a major achievement because it's arm a significant organising run one the best conferences in the world and we also got the other outbreaks of operation so it's definitely what has been your greatest disappointment in the arm we have done well actually and that is with a variety negative area of economic growth very well all around the world are and their the feedback I'm getting from people and the and just: to be welcomed by the house that there are people that call me and eaten frequently revenge gave me that he went to the goal and abrasive that parents are the reaction of the people surely J and achieving its call and the really have a don't have any group is and are in the scope of movement under) the waking that are socially very encouraging I think because most of them do some state try something hasn't quite worked but generally overall this thing work themselves out the girl going very well so on on that following up on that link if you could wipe out today just one form of irrational thinking is one of them what would I do if you can if today you could wipe out the existence just one form of irrational thinking what would that be the boundary of the obviously hopeful you are those long miracle worker/B but because it is so deliberately believed then all around the world inside of people in Canberra arrived and an illness strictly user the broker again like using that goal very I have to agree with you totally on that one shifts it safely quite bizarre because you can explain it to people and that I have at my Yarm fundraiser is how do I put development are challenged not really just a little bit behind police catch up with bright eyes set up a demonstration was only did imitate this at a sharp eyed home just a test at my motor 12 C preparation of ink greatest technology including ability is about seven at the time I got the end of I said when you think there's any interest in that are used that tone of voice that kids use when the speaking to really really dumb adults he went for it explained that just devastated it was so obvious to him that it was nonsense and it happened and Oxley gone to school education is somewhat higher education can't see this or that of the light the total fraud on it there is a behaviour pattern Australia sells a little pills up hundred thousand they call think the common parallels in the US put on top of cakes which is a $.15 each day to $20 a kilogram the gun by the cane at the cake catering places and people look at what that's what they said the doing this no possibility that she could have done what she said she does the make is a and I've seen people with some 200 C preparation of something such that 800 manufacturing steps in personal counting labelling are the kind on will without it you are at one stage someone was promoting a yup homeopathic vaccine in Australia and it was a viewpoint of was so magical a mix I worked out if they use this to replace all of the arm all the axes are being used the real ones that require three quarters of the amount of water that Coca-Cola use of a year in Australia and had capable coat put a lot of water in bottles are thinking would be greatly relieved the copper caller that updated the seller here and is bizarre that something simple is that you can say will look this is an all that was one of waste water bottle by heady dispose of in a bottle little bottle required 495 L of wastewater and you can explain this incredible and it was our but that may be is something to note is not as everything arm only when you do the investigation with nature of junk that Lucy's laboratory wave our the old days I from Bend it is the end and that 2000 and the spirit of a few QE died and he was pretty Becky predicted then that within the next year they would publish the evidence and I'm still waiting that I think you wrote me to someone also commented night and an intake of and email them to lift himself he was promising that all this research will be there or be published in one of the problem is that it to overthrow everything we know about physics everything we know about chemistry everything about mathematics and its total revolution everything if some other forms of alternative medicine if they worked that I wanted that is the plausible we just cannot how they work and some are plausible but may be at an acupuncture might work some of the placebo effect but homeopathy just denies all form of knowledge this is bizarre so that we agree on that one Aurea but that's really all I want to ask you only pump just writing up a magazine or across related science magazines are are that day I hope that he would have you are you she jump into to me which – are so I'll still see you in December for a greater I think it's a busy time but I think could be worth it in silly looking forward to seeing you and thank you for and they do not and a


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