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Disreputable Publications

One of the tests for validity of scientific information is if it has been published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. In order to legitimise nonsense, people create journals which are far from reputable. Some will print anything that fits a certain ideological viewpoint, some specialise in publishing papers that have been rejected by places which have high standards, some will publish anything provided a fee is paid, some pretend to do peer review but allow the authors to nominate their own reviewers. Some do all of these things. This is a list of journals and publications where the contents should be taken with a grain of salt. Or even a bushel.

See more of Cectic here

books that you shouldn't buy but I'll get some money if you do.

Books with reviews:

There are journals listed in this category.

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The Chronicle of Chiropractic
Health News
Journal of the American Physicians and Surgeons
Living Wisdom Magazine
Medical Veritas International Inc
Nexus Magazine
Vertebral Subluxation Research

I have other things to do, so you can find really comprehensive lists of bad journals at these two places. What is disturbing is how many of them there are.


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