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Australian Vaccination Network

Recycled sewage (2/5/2015)
In 2011, Meryl Dorey, then President of the Australian Vaccination Network, likened vaccination to "rape of a child".

Court orders rape of a child. Think this is an exaggeration? Think again. This is assault without consent and with full penetration too. If we as a society allow this crime to take place, we are every bit as guilty as the judge who made the order and the doctor who carries it out If anyone knows this family, please put them in touch with me – 99 9999 9999 – I would like to see if there is anything the AVN can do. MD

When challenged on this obscenity, she offered the following reply:

To anyone who was insulted or hurt by my comparing the forced vaccination of a child against the custodial parent's wishes with rape, I do apologise wholeheartedly and without reservation.

I looked up the definition of rape prior to posting that comparison and in the dictionary sense of the word, it is accurate. But I do understand that this is a vexed issue and for those like the two who are dose to me and who have been victims of rape, the last thing I would want to do is cause them more pain.

Perhaps the term violation would have been better and in future, I will use that word. Because this mother and her child are being violated In so many ways if s hard to know where to start

Just before she tried to get a court to silence me in 2012 she exploited a suicide attempt by a minor celebrity who had been having a hard time on Twitter.

No Mary Jane Healey – I will not stop using the word rape if it fits the sentence. And it did in this case. I was talking about how victims are blamed instead of the blame being placed on the perpetrator which is exactly what happens with many rape victims and I know this to be the case. If you are not happy with my use of the word in this sentence, I'm sorry you feel that way but I will not change the words and I do not feel that my use of them is in any way inappropriate. MD

If you thought that you would never hear anything as offensive again from the anti-vaccination liar community you seriously underestimated their venality. This graphic appeared on the AVN's Facebook page a few days ago.

The President pro tem of the AVN immediately denied responsibility and claimed that the Facebook page had nothing to do with the AVN, that the offensive image had been posted by someone with no connection with the organisation, and that she didn't know who the administrators of the page were so she couldn't ask them to remove it. It is only a minor thing that the "About" page for the main Facebook page says:

That's a familiar web site address. And "Benjamin Rush" with the gmail address who apparently owns the page? Nobody has ever managed to find him or engage him in conversation. Possibly because he died in 1813. The image was grabbed by the disgusting "Dr" Sherri Tenpenny and published on her Facebook page, but we have always known that these vile creatures always offer mutual support to each other.

One good thing to come out of this is that the image was picked up by responsible media outlets around the world and used to demonstrate the depths to which anti-vaccination liars will descend to further their perverted agenda.

I don't think that the adverse publicity will affect them though. Their lies are immortal. While reshelving my book collection after the move I had to find a place for a book co-written by Meryl Dorey in 1998 which contains most if not all of the lies that they tell today. Luckily I had some antiseptic handwash available after I touched the thing, because I would have felt less queasy picking up a turd.

Here's another example from the past from when Edward Jenner was preventing smallpox by using cowpox. There was never any possibility that the vaccine could cause people to erupt in cow parts, but any lie is good enough. Some things never change.

AVN! Stopped! (23/5/2015)
The impetus for starting this site in 1999 was that I found a group of child killers called the Vaccination Awareness Network had changed its name to the much more inoffensive and deceptive Australian Vaccination Network. For the next decade I battled along by myself fighting this organisation, and then Facebook happened. In 2009, appalled by vicious attacks by the AVN and its supporters on the parents of a child who had died of whooping cough, my friend Daniel Raffaele created a Facebook group called "Stop the AVN". This brought together a large number of people with diverse skills and backgrounds who committed themselves to driving this vile organisation into the ground.

It now looks like we have succeeded, and all that is left is for a priest to perform the Last Rites and for dirt to be shovelled into the grave on top of the coffin.

We've had some success over recent years in forcing a change to a less deceptive name and having the AVN's deceitful charity status revoked. Prominent figures in the organisation seem to have disappeared (generally by having their real names hidden behind sock puppets). Now, however, it looks like the implosion is almost complete. This is the current situation:

The following piece of drivel appears prominently on the AVN's web site:

No, the debate is polarising because one side uses science and the other just makes up lies. There might be doubt, but there is no reasonable doubt.

It makes me feel so good that I think I have to say it again. In big letters.

AVN! Stopped!

The Millenium Project had a holiday from 2016 to early 2019. I assume that Meryl Dorey and the AVN continued to carry on in their usual despicable fashion during this time, but I wasn't paying much attention. I'm sorry.



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