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Del Bigtree shared an Encouragement Award in the 2020 Millenium Awards. The citation said:

It was a slightly discouraging year in 2020 for prominent anti-vaccination liars ex-Dr Andrew Wakefield and yellow-star-wearing Del Bigtree.

The year saw the publication of a book about the ex-doctor, setting out in some detail his path from obscurity to very well paid professional liar and Del had his channel of lying videos DELeted by YouTube.

This award is to encourage both of them (they worked together to create the vile Vaxxed movie) to go away, disappear and never come back to endanger people with their insane opposition to vaccination.

Informed Consent Action Network
(This is one of several web sites associated with champion anti-vaccination liar Del Bigtree.)

Those whacky anti-vaxxers (30/3/2019)
Anti-vaccination liars would make us laugh sometimes if they weren't making us vomit at their callous disregard for the lives and feelings of sane people. I've seen them compare themselves in the past to the victims of the Holocaust, but now they have cranked the offensiveness up to 11. Here is Del Bigtree, one of the producers of the lie-filled film Vaxxed, wearing a yellow star. The difference is that during the Holocaust the people who wore the stars were the victims, but it's vermin like Bigtree who want to do the killing of millions today.

YouTube applies DEL command to Del (1/8/2020)
The more elderly among us might remember the DEL command in MS-DOS (and yes, I know it's still there hidden away in Windows 10) used to delete files and directories.

It has assumed a new coincidental relevance now that YouTube have decided to delete all the videos made by champion anti-vaccination liar Del Bigtree, he of the yellow star and the film Vaxxed.

I'll let the pictures do the talking to show the progression of looking at Bigtree's channel a few days ago.

And are the anti-vaccination liars upset about this? What a silly question. They are shrieking to anyone who will listen about censorship and free speech and probably Bill Gates for inventing the DEL command. But as I have often said, cries of disappointment and sadness from anti-vaccinationers are like the sound of angels singing and their tears taste like the finest wine.

DELicious news (5/6/2021)
Another old friend popped to the top of the swamp this week. Del Bigtree, champion anti-vaccination liar and wearer of yellow stars, suffered from bleeding hæmorrhoids and needed attention from real doctors. He required a blood transfusion and insisted that any blood put into him had to come from donors certified to be free of any COVID-19 vaccines. As blood collection agencies aren't part of any conspiracy thinking there is no way of making such a guarantee. (When I give blood they only ask about vaccinations in the previous two weeks, not because they are worried about vaccines polluting the blood supply but because that time limit ensures that the donor is past any adverse reactions. No record is kept of any vaccinations I might have had prior to that.)

He initially thought that sudden shortness of breath and tiredness might be because he had contracted the non-existent (according to him) COVID-19, but this didn't stop him travelling around and possibly spreading the infection. He had it treated with a medication for head lice, something which is always a good idea when a viral infection is suspected, but he finally had a test and it turned out negative. When he consulted a real doctor he was told to get to hospital immediately because it was obvious that he was suffering from extreme anemia that had come on suddenly, and this usually means internal bleeding.

Then the fun started. Bigtree refused a blood transfusion and after consultation with a cancer quack from Tijuana he was advised to go to a hospital in Cancun, Mexico, where he could get unpolluted blood because nobody was vaccinated.

A couple of elderly but relevant jokes:


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