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Medical Defence Conspiracy
United Medicolegal Remedies

These sites are included because the doctor who owns them is a supporter of murderer Alan Yurko. That in itself is not exceptional as there are several misguided doctors who have lent their names to the murderer's get-out-of-prison campaign. What is different here is that this doctor is a member of Defence for Children International and Amnesty International, and was awarded an Australian National Child Protection Award in 1999. These are inconsistent with his support of people who actively work to harm children and deny them the basic human right of good health.

The citation for Dr Ooi's 1999 award said:

Dr Ooi is recognised for his long-term commitment in the area of developmental delay and child abuse. He has worked in community education on these issues for many years and has successfully raised awareness among the general population as well as the medical community. His personal and professional commitment to child abuse prevention is exceptional.

"Dr Ooi's drive and determination in his work to prevent child abuse and educate the community is outstanding. His special interest in, and commitment to children has had a sustained and positive impact on the quality of their lives."

How anyone whose "commitment to child abuse prevention is exceptional" could even dream of associating with anti-vaccination liars and shaken-baby killers is beyond my comprehension.

And are they hypocrites? Well, of course they are. (26/10/2002)
One of the handouts we received at the seminar contained a suggestion for an agreement that people should get doctors to sign before they gave vaccinations. The conditions are ridiculous and no sane doctor would even consider signing it. To equalise things, a similar agreement to be signed by anti-vaccination liars has been proposed. You can see both agreements here. I don't expect any vaccine opponents to be signing anything in the near future. In another case of hypocrisy, a doctor who has a practice near my home is being touted as the latest supporter to sign up for the free Alan Yurko campaign. This doctor claims to be a member of Defence for Children International and also won a prize in 1999 for his work against child abuse. I sent the following email to Dr Ooi, but I have not yet received a reply:

Subject: Yurko atrocity
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 19:08:01 +1000

Dear Dr Ooi,

I see from the latest newsletter from the Yurko Project that you appear to have signed on in support of the murderer. I was surprised by this as you state on your web site that you are a member of Defence for Children International and that you received a child protection award from the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

It would seem to me to be highly inconsistent, if not hypocritical, to knowingly associate with the anti-vaccination liar movement while simultaneously claiming to be concerned about child abuse and neglect. Killing a child, as Yurko did, must be the ultimate form of abuse, and there is no doubt that denying children the right to live their lives free of vaccine-preventable diseases is both a form of abuse and the epitome of neglect.

Have you thought of renouncing the 1999 Child Abuse Prevention Award?


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