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Hulda Clark Supporters: In Their Own Words

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The Millenium Project has paid a bit more attention to Hulda Clark than to other medical quacks. This is partly because she epitomises quackery – untested methods, ridiculous theories and claims which, if true, would mean the abandonment of almost all conventional medicine, and an arrogance and contempt for others which says that she not only can ignore the words and works of true scientists but also of the law if required. Another reason I don't like her is that I don't like the company she keeps.

The messages below were sent to the DrClark mailing list at eGroups. I have no ethical problems with reproducing them here as, at the time of writing, the list archive was public (although you have to be a member of the list to send messages to it). (Update 18 November 2000 – The DrClark list archives are no longer publicly available. There has been discussion on the list about removing "spies". Barricades are going up. You can see what I think about this paranoid behaviour here.)

These messages give a good example of how people who disagree with Dr Clark can be treated. The "Bill Ross" mentioned is a person whose mother died of cancer in 1997. The family considered alternative cancer cures (including Clark's) but were not convinced that any of them would work. As most people would, Mr Ross still wonders whether more could have been done for his mother and is worried about the options offered to others in the same situation. In my correspondence with Mr Ross he has shown himself to be genuinely concerned with the way alternative medicine practitioners hold out false (and expensive) hopes to people with serious illnesses. The response from some high-profile Clark supporters to Bill's concerns has been to ridicule him, sneer at his occupation, suggest that he let his mother die to collect an inheritance, claim that he is responsible for his mother's death, and even to suggest that he is lying about her illness. These people are beneath contempt, and their actions only reinforce for me the worthlessness of Clark's ideas. If she had something worthwhile to offer sick people she would not need goons to abuse those who questioned her actions.

In case you think that the writers of these messages are loose cannons or are just people talking without authority, Tim Bolen handled the official public relations for the "free Clark" campaign (you can see a previous message he sent to Bill Ross at Full Canvas Jacket). Leo Regehr is Hulda Clark's brother.

From: Tim and Jan Bolen
Date: Fri Apr 28, 2000 3:19pm
Subject: Re: Re: Bill Ross's Websites


More Opinion from Tim Bolen...

About Bill Ross's (the house painter) website:

In my research about "who exactly the quackpots are," I would have to say that Bill Ross is typical, and could represent the epitome, of ONE of the types I call "Barrett's parrotts."

The two types I've identified are, "dumber than a stone (like Ross) " and, "Fourth Reich." There doesn't seem to be much else.

Bill Ross will never accept the fact that he not only let his mother die horribly (by not helping her), but with his overall attitude thrust in his mother's face, he removed all hope for her, and from her. All of us know, that with help, and a care-giver, Mrs. Ross would, likely, be alive today.

Did everyone notice that according to Bill Ross's own website statements, neither he, nor his mother, ever tried any of the things that Frank Weiwel, and People Against Cancer, recommended?

Typical quackpot thinking?

Or should I be asking the obvious question, "did Billy inherit Mom's house?"

Tim Bolen

From: Tim and Jan Bolen
Date: Sat Apr 29, 2000 12:29pm
Subject: Re: Re: Burned by Bill Ross


More opinion from Tim Bolen...

It is the dedicated quackpot's job to dis-inform.

Barrett's pathetic parrott, Bill Ross, wants us all to believe that someone other than he, himself, is resonsible for his mother's death – because he didn't believe in "alternative methods" and wouldn't act to help, or support, his mother in her time of desperate need. Even though his mother was trying desparately to get that help. Somehow, in his strange, twisted, logic, that makes Hulda Clark, to him, a "quack."


Dump this jerk from the list. There is an old adage -"If someone hears you arguing with a fool, they may not be able to tell which is which." That applies here. Don't give Ross any of your time.

To me, Bill Ross is a man who can't accept resonsibility for his own actions (or lack of actions).

I'm not his priest – and I'm not forgiving of him. He's the one who has to live with what he did.

Tim Bolen

From: Tim and Jan Bolen
Date: Sun Apr 30, 2000 2:57am
Subject: A good laugh, for all...

Herr quackpot:

With your usual intent to mislead, and mis-inform, on behalf of your paymasters(?), you sent the following message allegedly "permanently blocking" me from your list. What a joke! Who are you trying to impress, "has been?"

Reichsmarshall, I'm not on your list – never have been, and don't care to be...

But Stevie boy, you're on mine... And, you won't be off it until I hear the judge's gavel come down on your sentence, and I see the Marshall's take you away in shackles. Of course, I'll have the media present for that occasion.

Tim Bolen

This message does not relate directly to Bill Ross, but was sent to the owner of the Healthfraud mailing list. Bill Ross and I are both members of that list and there are rules about politeness that messages from Tim Bolen had infringed. Bolen says he was not a member of the list. I don't know who was posting to the list under Tim Bolen's name, but I know that any mention of him on the list very quickly generated a reply. Note how Bolen plays the Nazi card.

From: Regehr
Date: Tue May 2, 2000 6:24am
Subject: Re: Re: Bill Ross's Websites

My fellow listers, if Bill Ross were not here to play games (on us) he would not use a reference to his own name which he has objected to before. Second, he would get busy and give us a convincing explanation as to why the three people that he interviewed, are in such good health today. I am personally not convinced that his mother died, nor that she died of cancer, as he expects us to believe.


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