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When quacks get frightened ...

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Supporters of not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark became very concerned that an article which was about to appear in the San Diego Union Tribune may not have been as favourable to their cause as they would like. The process of threats and vilification started straight away. People were asked to write to the reporter's superiors complaining about her and her journalistic skills and ethics. Here is my contribution.

To: penni.crabtree@
Subject: Not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark
Cc: todd.merriman@, jim.watters@, laura.coffey@, ray.tressler@, susan.doerksen@, cheryl.clark@
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 23:41:00 +1100

Dear Ms Crabtree,

Congratulations. A day spent exposing cancer quackery and annoying the people who promote it and profit from it is not a wasted day. Your upcoming article about not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark has obviously struck a nerve and it seems that the Clark camp is reacting in its usual style – with innuendo, half-truths, lies, character slurs and threats. They are very good at producing all these. What they are not good at is producing people cured of cancer.

I've been on the receiving end of attacks from the Clarkists myself, so I know how they work (I am mentioned in Nuremberg 2001 – the suit brought by Clark's publishing company against several people plus a couple of domain names and a mailing list – see I have also been subjected to a campaign of abuse and vilification by another cancer "curer" for almost two years. Despite this, I am still gracious enough to maintain my offer to facilitate Nobel Prize nominations for these people as soon as they can show evidence for their claims.

In the nonsense quoted below from Clark's publicist, Tim Bolen, he mentions people being asked to sell their homes. You may also be interested in an organisation called the Medical Escrow Society who can be found at It seems that not only can you sell your house to pay for a fraudulent cancer "cure" but you can sell the kids' inheritance too.

The front page of my web site, The Millenium Project, has an emphasis on cancer quackery this week. Apart from the anti-vaccination liars, there is nothing in the world of health fraud and misinformation that annoys me more than these parasites who prey on the emotions of frightened, desperate, sick people.

I have copied this email to several other people at the Union Tribune as people have been asked to contact them to complain about you and your work. I would hope that the executives and senior editorial personnel of the paper would act in accordance with the principles of free speech and a free press and support your desire to publish the truth despite the objections of those about whom you are telling the truth. I will also publish my support for you on my web site as well as on Usenet newsgroups and relevant mailing lists. The press has ignored these scandalous quacks for too long.

There has been publicity on the Internet about Mr Negrete's letter to you, but you may not have seen the comments by not-a-medical-Dr Clark's publicist, Tim Bolen, as posted to a Clark supporters' mailing list this week. I am banned from the list, but a friend of mine told me about the message at It contains the normal type of drivel everyone has come to expect from Bolen. I have quoted it below so that both you and the people to whom Bolen wants his friends to complain can see the real face of those who speak for Clark.

Again, congratulations.

And here is what Tim Bolen, spokesidiot for Hulda Clark, had to say"

Clark supporters: Call to arms...

Opinion by Tim Bolen

December 7, 2001

Dr. Hulda Clark needs you to do something for her. She needs you to write a complaint letter to the Senior Editor (Todd Merriman) of the San Diego Union Tribune complaining about the unethical behavior of one of it's reporters – one whom it looks like is planning, a "hit piece" on Dr. Clark. At the bottom of this message you'll find his name, address, e-mail address, FAX, etc.

Many of you have followed the exploits of the "quackbuster's" favorite San Diego reporter Penni Crabtree, of the Union Tribune, when she covers a story about Mexican clinics. In her so-called reporting, Crabtree doesn't much resemble a journalist – she looks more like a PR person for Stephen Barrett – she wouldn't know a balanced story if one bit her on the nose.

We've recently uncovered what is probably the reason for Crabtree's position on Clark's theories. Penni Crabtree's husband, one Richard Pittner, is the Senior Director – Cell Biology, of Amylin Pharmaceuticals in San Diego ( They (Amylin) seem to be in the business of developing DRUGS to combat diabetes. It looks like they already have a fortune invested in the process, and they are not even close to marketing a product. It, also looks to me that Clark's research, and findings, might just take a big bite out of their future income. Is it Crabtree's job to sabotage Clark? Sure looks that way to me...

Crabtree told Clark supporters, at an interview situation, that her husband's company was in financial trouble, and was trying to get more funding.

I'll be forwarding my findings, and concerns, to Crabtree's boss (three levels up), one Todd Merriman, the Senior Editor, right after I've broadcast this message... And, I'd like YOU to do the same.

You can read what Dr. Clark's attorney, Carlos Negrete, had to say to Crabtree and her editors, by going to, and clicking on "Penni Crabtree Letter" on the top bar.

Penni Crabtree is NOT a Medical Writer for the Tribune. She is in the Business section. She writes about the biotechnical industry (DRUG MAKERS). There is, in fact, a Medical Section, with an editor that has two Medical Writers assigned at the Union Tribune. Why then is Penni writing about Clark?

Maybe we ought to ask her husband... For sure, we need to ask her editors.


Crabtree got the phone number of an ex-patient of Century Nutrition in Mexico, and contacted them. She claims she got that phone number of the ex-patient from an anonymous phone call (but I suspect she got it from the "quackbusters"). Apparently, from this contact, and judging from the questions Crabtree has been asking (both verbally, and in writing) she has concocted one of the most FANTASTIC story lines about someone, anybody could ever invent. It'll read something like "quackbuster" Bobbie Baratz's resume – only in reverse...

And, apparently, she's not going to let facts get in her way. In fact, she refused to even listen to them.

Crabtree was so obnoxious, interviewing Century Nutrition's patients, that three of them hung up on her. The patients' general complaint was that "Crabtree wouldn't listen to what I had to say about Dr. Clark. She kept trying to put words in my mouth."

Crabtree's general article premise, judging from the written questions submitted to Clark, is in two parts: (1) that Hulda Clark supposedly demands that patients sell their homes and give her the money – something so uncharacteristic of Clark, I laughed when I first heard it. (2) Clark is "diagnosing and treating patients, and is therefor in violation of California law (practicing medicine with out a license)." The words "diagnosing," and "treating," that Crabtree keeps trying to get Clark supporters to say are specific only to MDs in California... Most people don't know this – and I think Crabtree is trying to get people to say those words on tape so she can turn those tapes over to the Medical Board as "evidence." It IS LEGAL for Clark to practice as a Naturopath, both in California and Mexico.

Crabtree, who has written about Dr. Clark several times seems to intentionally skew stories to make to make Clark look bad. Crabtree once wrote, without bothering to check the facts, that Clark was fined $166,000 over her clinic in Mexico. That NEVER happened. And, Crabtree SIGNIFICANTLY failed to do the follow-up story that the Mexican Health Department officials that harassed Clark were THROWN OUT OF OFFICE BY THE GOVERNOR not long after they were accused of CORRUPTION by an influential Mexican Hospital.

I don't believe Penni Crabtree could EVER be called an un-biased journalist...

But then, ON THE OTHER HAND, the journalism industry prides itself on it's objectivity. That's why YOU need to write to Todd Merriman (todd.merriman@u...), the Senior Editor about your concerns. Tell him the TRUTH about Clark.

While you are at it – send a copy of your e-mail to Crabtree's bosses: Her Business Editor is Jim Watters (jim.watters@u...), and the associate editor is Laura Coffey (laura.coffey@u...). And while you're at it you might as well send a copy to the Editor for Medical named Ray Tressler (ray.tressler@u...). And there are two medical writers, Susan Duerksen (susan.doerksen@u...) and Cheryl Clark (cheryl.clark@u...) who ought to be aware of what Penni is up to.

Do this right now, please. We think Crabtree is planning her assault for this Sunday's edition.

Tim Bolen JuriMed – Public Relations and Research Group


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